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Opinion | Hello, Stranger

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Individuals and governments pour money into making commutes slightly more bearable by investing in everything from noise-canceling headphones to more spacious seating. But what if the research showed that we would improve our commutes more by investing in social capital — interacting with the strangers sitting all around us? 753 more words

Money Matters

thought #16:

Not setting boundaries early on in a relationship – does it mean you are weak?

A discussion brought this to mind:

“It’s not that we are weak, rather that we are strong and optimistic if the partner loves us we can handle their toxic events. 37 more words


Beautiful war

Tell a lie
Fake a smile
“You seem sad”
Push deniel
“I’m alright”
“I’m fine”
Choose your weapon
Carve a line
Tie a knot
Pull the string… 9 more words


I Corinthians 1:27-29

Are Christians weak? Is following Jesus the same thing as assuming a defensive posture of inactivity or defeat? This may seem like a ludicrous question because of course it isn’t, but the truth is that God’s ways are not human ways and following Christ simply makes no human sense at times. 933 more words


There is one thing I know, the words we speak has powers, which means there is high percent of the words we speak to actualize.. 355 more words


Helpless Dreams

Who likes to feel helpless and weak? Not me! How did I start my day today? With helpless dreams….

The first dream was about my mom, I had a lot of these kinds of dreams after she died. 529 more words