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I follow several other survivors working towards healthier living.  Their posts inspire, encourage, and sometimes trigger me.  I am sharing a link to Roots to Blossom.  244 more words


BeaverTails Poutine

Once the wife and I arrived in Victoria we settled into the hotel room and assessed our situation. It was 3 o’clock in the afternoon, we had dinner reservations for a fancy place at 8 o’clock, but if we didn’t eat something soon we might kill each other. 436 more words


Guilt to Gratitude

Growing up I had the rules, but lacked the relationship. I felt like the only way to earn and stay in God’s favor was to do or not do certain things. 930 more words


Album Review: WEAK by Terrible As The Dawn

WEAK, the debut EP from Terrible As The Dawn, kicks off with ‘Stains’, a song full of screeched vocals and atonal guitar work that is very reminiscent of the bands I loved (and still do) from the late 90’s/early 2000’s hardcore scene. 382 more words


2016, August 22 - 1797 - depression 16

a flood of darkness (5)
sweeps over my weary mind (7)
taking me with it (5)


Faith's Checkbook: He Of Tender Conscience

August 26

He of Tender Conscience

“I will judge between cattle and cattle.” Ezekiel 34:22

Some are fat and flourishing, and therefore they are unkind to the feeble. 209 more words

Morning Devotions

Come Out!

Come out of that wicked and dark place.

Who are You to tell me what I should do?

I Am the Father of all things above and below. 250 more words