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This Weak

Too weak
This week.

On I march,
Only March
On time.


Beautifully Imperfect

So here we sit, tired and worn in our imperfect state, in our imperfect world. So imperfect, as a matter of fact that we feel very flawed and sometimes very useless. 508 more words


Weak vetting led to Cabinet confirmation surprises

Donald Trump Treasury nominee Steve Mnuchin failed to list $100 million in assets on his federal disclosure forms. | Getty Team Trump has been blindsided by potentially scandalous…


Why are you so weak?

Starting with a blank page
Walking through the lanes
My windows are open
The air dancing is still pale
Barren lands await in every corner… 321 more words


It's between you and God

They say everything is a choice and yes, that’s true.

But sometimes it’s a struggle between

what you want, and what’s the right thing to do. 674 more words


2 Known Fears

Growing up with a family majorly consisting of males influences you in terms of attitude and perspective. You make yourself think that you’re as strong as them mentally and physically and eventually thinking that nothing in the world scares you. 895 more words


Battlefield Training: War Zone

My whole life I always stayed away from battle, I wasn’t trained for it. The battlefield was a form place, something I had never seen before. 711 more words