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Money inequality or, You can't take it with you.

CEO’s, even in small companies tend to draw huge salaries. Some are founders of companies, others hired because they have “proven” their worth. I read an article today that said that lots of CEO’s draw up to 350 times as much as others in the company. 355 more words


My first post.

My thoughts about world monetary system. I believe that the economic and monetary systems of the world will not survive. People the world around work every day and trade their time for wages. 69 more words


How the Masters Will Change Your Finances

Many of you, like me, were glued to the television this weekend to watch history in the making. As I was watching the game and the interviews afterwards, I realized that there are several things we can take away and change our financial situations for the better. 343 more words


To sign or not to sign?

One of the questions I get asked the most is “Should I cosign for someone” or “Should I loan money to someone”. And in most cases the “someone” is a family member. 513 more words


Waterfront Hotels and Casinos Welcome Latest Innovation: The Online Press Reader

To continuously take the lead in the country’s hospitality industry despite the tenacious competition, Waterfront Hotels and Casinos introduce its latest innovation in service, the PressReader, which allows guests to find out the latest and hottest news direct from their favorite information provider from anywhere in the world. 364 more words


You Are What You Think? Think About It....

Review of “The Millionaire’s Brain” by Winter Valko and Alvin Cheng

Thought for the Day:

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” 1,162 more words