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How to Reach Your Full Potential by Separating from the Pack by Dr. Antoine Moss

Earlier this week, I was speaking with author and national business mogulHasheem Francis about how one can prosper in the real world at a relatively young age. 495 more words


On The Other Side

Woke up this morning and was compelled to visit my dead blog.

It’s been a year and a half since I’ve posted.

To my defense, I’ve been busy. 675 more words



Spring is a time for new beginnings. We throw out the seeds of our old self so these can  connect with other nutrients floating around us. 81 more words


Wealth abuse, taxation and religion - » The Australian Independent Media Network

By Brian Morris For three long years the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse heard tragic testimony from thousands of victims of abuse perpetrated by prestigious religious institutions. 37 more words


Deep Thoughts and Shallow Work

Around Christmas time I ran into an old aquaintance, we exchanged the standard “How’s life?’s”, shared numbers and went off to finish our shopping. Afterwards we dove a little deeper into how we had been going and where life was taking us (or where we were taking life), and he said something in regards to a topic along the lines of “Well I guess it’s pretty normal to deliberate over the big decisions in life”. 363 more words


Budgets - The Key to Financial Success

When you hear the word budget, do you think freedom or prison?  Many people lean on the side of prison, but as I found out, a budget is the key to financial success and freedom.   909 more words

Debt Free

Glamorous Clothes, Glamorous Lifestyle, Drinking and Partying With Celebrities, Yet Feeling Empty and Depressed Inside… Until She Found God

The video below relates the story of a lady who had what many others dream of — a life of glamour, luxury, and friendships with famous celebrities. 17 more words