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Qatar's oil boom created the world's most extravagant art scene—and also led to its demise

Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, and Naomi Campbell made their way through the VIP crowd, past the fleet of Bentleys, and toward the waiting helicopter.

Hirst—the English artist best known for his multi-million dollar sculpture of a shark floating in formaldehyde—was in town on official business. 2,322 more words

The Wealth Disparity In America Shows How Unequal The Nation Really Is

The Wealth Disparity in America

How It Happened And How We Can Change It

By: David McDonald

This is not a picture of a U.S. city, but it pretty much demonstrates the wealth distribution in the country… 1,447 more words


Evilness under the Mist: Slums in Rio de Janeiro

With great expectation from the world, the Rio Olympics has just officially opened today, even though in the past year the society experienced various social problems, which strike the domestic stability of this BRICS member. 513 more words


Mis Vacaciones #2

The other day, I told you a little about the first week-ish of my summer vacation, ending with a luxury bus leaving Livingston. Let’s continue there. 1,041 more words

Central America

Meiji Restoration Pt. II

The Meiji Restoration, as it is with many cultural and societal revolutions was birthed through the combination of a variety of factors.

These factors were: 173 more words



June 30, 2016  By Jack Jodell.

I have long justifiably denounced the wealthy Koch Brothers, Charles and David, for being a secretive, scheming pair dedicated to the destruction of all things progressive, including such popular, beneficial, and… 1,280 more words

Wealth Disparity

Poverty in America: Growing Income Inequality, Shrinking Middle Class, Declining Manufacturing Pay Report

By Kate Randall

Global Research, May 15, 2016

A new study from the Pew Research Center shows that more than four-fifths of US metropolitan areas have seen household incomes decline in the new century. 929 more words