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Greetings Everyone, my new book.

It had been about a month since I last posted, and the time wasn’t used lazying around. The fact is, for a campaign to get off the ground you need public publicity and you need to hash out your ideas in a more public forum than a blog. 347 more words



(Not sure who Michael was here, and I believe Forbes is Steve Forbes, but this is a nice summation from a few years ago of my views on Reaganomics….) 899 more words

Think Pieces

The Wealth Disparity Apologists Miss the Point

This topic goes under a lot of names, the most common one, wealth inequality, is the most misleading. It is not the point that wealth being equally distributed among all citizens is a goal or that the “inequality” is the source of conflict, but it is not even a good basis for comparisons. 1,065 more words


Anti-Discrimination Law: We must send a firm and clear message to ANY businesses operating in the Commonwealth

This is not acceptable, it will not be held acceptable. Or Recognized. That plain and simple.   Businesses cannot defy the Commonwealth’s stated economic interest, and therefore the interest of Pennsylvanians, in a collusion of privately held beliefs.   681 more words


Voting Rights in an Oligarchy

In the most recent issue of The Nation, Ari Berman posits that political fundraising in the weaponized post-Citizen’s United, post McCutcheon era has had the effect of making wealth and the pursuit of wealthy donors a more critical limitation on candidate choices, and suggests that super PAC dominance of the primary elections may violate Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. 12 more words

Economic Theory and my plans for a growing Pennsylvania Economy

I find it with great pleasure and delight that I chose Business Administration as my major to pursue. I chose to pursue it at a time in my life where my politics was secondary and all I was thinking about, was how to move ahead in the world. 2,488 more words


What Government can and can't do

Or it should be better said, what government can do efficiently and how government waste is over prevalent.  Reading the newspaper, I lament the one weakness of being a candidate instead of a voice inside of the Assembly itself: The Assembly will move ahead with legislation that I would personally deem inefficient, or perhaps even counterproductive to the legislation’s stated aims. 1,153 more words