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Our Complicity in the Trump Phenomenon

The Trump candidacy for president has turned into a raging dumpster fire. It’s tempting to place the majority of the blame on Trump himself for the disastrous floundering to the November finish line; or upon his ardent supporters, unable to amass beyond 40 percent of the electorate because of weak support from women and practically no support from the increasing population of American minorities. 1,151 more words


Have a Heart

By now, most Americans are coming to the realization that “trickle down economics” do not work, and have nearly obliterated the middle class. The deep tax cuts Reagan set in place have benefited only the… 1,018 more words


Get it Straight! Both Political Parties are Rotted to the Core with Corruption, but this Story is Only About the Democratic Party and How Wall Street Controls It

Citibank of Wall Street pretty much chose who was going to serve on President Obama’s cabinet, as well as who was going to fill the key positions elsewhere in his administration. 484 more words

Wealth Inequality - the real picture

This video was posted by Nan over at Nan’s Notebook, and I thought it was important enough that I should post it also.  Regardless of what you think the solution to wealth inequality is in our country, it’s important that everybody have a good understanding of what the problem actually looks like: 35 more words

Critical Thinking

Making America Hate (Again)

This broken web
This strife
This hurtful anger
Which raises some
By lowering many

This fear
This anguish
This mounting dread
That things will never be… 141 more words


The theory of ‘poor’ behavioural economics

The Poor Don’t Misbehave: Poverty and Behavioural Economics

Behavioural economics seeks to root economic decision-making in psychological theory, and in recent years has gained significant traction in the teaching and practice of economics. 59 more words

Behavioral Economics

US GDP Held Back By Housing

The US may be past the most recent era of foreclosures, but housing now has two other affordability issues: high prices and high rents. Several cities like those in the Bay area, New York, DC, and Seattle are seeing price gains that are good for sellers and bad for buyers. 187 more words