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Working Toward Zion

I just read an entire textbook on how to get rid of wealth inequality from cover to cover, and I really enjoyed it. 333 more words

Book Blog

Cara Demers: 10 things you should know

Fifteen or so weeks ago, I knew nothing about wealth and income inequality. Over the course of the semester, this class has looked at the continuing issue from all sides, giving us all a pretty vast knowledge of… 320 more words


Compounded Inequality

Wealth and income inequality are compounding to amplify geographic inequality. One consequence of the Great Recession (or the Second Great Depression) is that many people no longer have savings. 241 more words


The velvet rope economy

In an Age of Privilege, Not Everyone Is in the Same Boat

Behind a locked door aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest ship is a world most of the vessel’s 4,200 passengers will never see. 89 more words

Behavioral Economics

Why Class War?

This article was posted on my Facebook timeline. I responded but then decided I should share it via my Blog. So, read the article and then read my response below. 758 more words

Progressive Politics

BREAKING NEWS FROM THE CASTLE - Working Class Renamed Serfs under Minority Coalition

The Irish government took a break from their lengthy discussions on their strategy for reneging on their election promises to make a public announcement tonight. Ireland’s first Taoiseach Enda asked the second Taoiseach Mícheál to speak (as a policy of taking turns is now in force). 1,327 more words

National Issues

Trickle Down Proved Wrong

We’ve lived with supply side and trickle down economic theories for long enough that they can now be tested against reality. The theory was the lowering tax rates on the rich would encourage investment and growth which would be enjoyed by the non-rich as well. 87 more words