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For the Love of Money, I'm Sorry Sam Polk!

For the Love of Money just arrived at my door, thanks to a chain of people that stretches from the UPS delivery man, to the Amazon warehouses,  the Simon & Schuster editorial offices (are they crowded with bookshelves I wonder?),  all the way back to a middle-school aged Sam Polk (the author)  who would grow up to be a million+ a year earning hedge fund trader bro, and then… 2,313 more words

Bird's Eye View

Zona Norte: Wealth and Poverty in Cartagena’s North

I’ve been thinking about how I would write this post for a while. There are so many interesting facets of my site but a big one is the rapid development in the area. 835 more words

What is Income Inequality?

If you feel like the rich are getting richer, you’re right. The growing gap between rich and poor is one of the defining features of our society and the economy. 886 more words


A Model for Global Inequality

I was recently reading an article in the Harvard Business Review (link at the end) about globalization. It was about how globalization has really brought mixed results to the world stage. 1,286 more words


The Price of Inequality is Lost Opportunity; the Current Economic Expansion Is the Weakest In Modern History

According to a new report by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), the current economic expansion is the worst of all since and including the recovery of 1949. 456 more words

You Can't Always Get What You Want: Some Thoughts on Inequality

This article reflects my personal opinion.

The economic article published here two weeks ago gave a short introduction to income inequality and showed that it has been on the rise again for the past decades in most developed countries. 2,090 more words


Higher Minimum Wages Saves Lives

“One recent study found that if every state in the country had bumped up its minimum wage by one dollar in 2014, “there would likely have been 2790 fewer low birth weight births and 518 fewer post-neonatal deaths for the year.” Another…

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