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Billionaire Wealth Quintuples

In the last two decades, wealth held by billionaires has quintupled. While inflation explains some of the increase, this has also been a period of very low inflation (54% in 20 years or less than 4%/year). 169 more words


Bernie: an FDR Democrat who Deserves YOUR Vote

Bernie refers to himself as a Democratic Socialist, and we’ve looked at Democratic Socialist countries before in this blog.

There’s a reason that these people, with their “high taxes” are consistently listed in the top Happiest Countries on Earth.   536 more words

Conscious Evolution

Reaction to Lessons on Marx (Circa 2013)

Once again, so much of this still resonates today. I enjoyed the anecdote about my old job at the end because I’ve been away at grad school for the last two years, and back to living among typical poor college students again. 538 more words

Undergraduate Essay 3: Wealth Inequality

Note: I hope most of this has already become part of our collective consciousness. In the time between Occupy Wall St. then and Bernie Sanders now, I’m hoping that most of these ideas aren’t new to many. 546 more words

The downward spiral of the previously affluent middle-class

The May issue of The Atlantic features author and journalist Neal Gabler who laments the fact that he’s basically broke – unable to get his hands on a spare $400: “I am nowhere near rich, but I have typically made a solid middle – or even, at times, upper-middle-class income, which is about all a writer can expect, even a writer who also teaches and lectures and writes television scripts.” Subsequent… 1,429 more words


Monopoly Versus The Farming Game

It’s Saturday night. I should be diving into a couple more hours of work (which I’m glad to have), but I’ve learned to listen to the messages my body sends. 822 more words