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It Ain't Over Till the Fat Canary Starts Sizzling...

Setting Sail for a Better Future

Let’s head out from here where sanity prevails. First, we have a global manmade climate crisis. Got that? Let’s get our priorities right. 716 more words


Wealth gap in Honolulu

Inequality–the one-word description of our dichotomous economy post Great Recession.  On one hand, we are soaring at new DOW heights and home values well beyond the real estate bubble of 2008.   324 more words

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Is SKIN In The GAME on Wealth Inequality? More like flesh and blood?

Is SKIN In The GAME on Wealth Inequality?

John Peter  shared Nassim Nicholas Taleb post

A well functioning society isn’t one in which people are equal but one in which people have equal *probability*.  212 more words


10 Brutal Ways the American Safety Net Is Being Shredded

Source: alterNet

Author: Alex Henderson

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On the 80th anniversary of the Social Security Act of 1935, which established the social security system in the United States, … 1,978 more words

The Big Bad Bear Case

My aim with this article is to outline, with facts, large global structural issues that I believe everyone, bulls and bears alike, should be fully aware of. 4,470 more words

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Raising the Minimum Wage is only the Beginning...

By David Leo Glotzer       SUNY Buffalo

If you want to tackle poverty; but first lets discuss what raising the minimum wage would do. Low income workers spend the majority of their income, in fact judging by the statistic by the Federal Reserve Board Survey of Consumer finances in 2014 the bottom half of American families owned 0.8% of all financial assets which means they spend almost all of their income. 1,221 more words

Bernie Sanders

The Top 1% and the Fine Poverty Line Between Classes

When Capitalism calls, classism eagerly answers.

Middle Class: the social group between the upper and working classes, including professional and business workers and their families. 674 more words

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