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Wealth Inequality, Good for the Poor?

Recently I came over an article in the paper, an opinion piece, stating that the rich being richer is actually a good thing. First the left side of my brain slapped the right and I blacked out for a second, unable to believe that there was a valid argument for the disgusting amount of wealth people are raking in. 483 more words

99% Of The 1% Locked Out Of Politics

Money in US politics has become so powerful that even millionaires are locked out of the process. Super-PACs are increasingly influenced by a few billionaires and those that are close to the line, The wealthy that only need 7 or 8 digits to describe their wealth are finding doors closed. 18 more words


Whose interests are you voting for?

Leading up to the mid-term elections in November, 2014, whether it was across your television screen, in your newspaper, or in your mailbox, politicians asked and pleaded for your vote. 523 more words


Introduction to the health wealth gap of Australia!

On January 19th 2015, Oxfam released a report titled “WEALTH: HAVING IT ALL AND WANTING MORE” that shows as of 2014, the richest 1% of the world population own 48% of global wealth while the remaining 99% of adults on this planet shares the remaining 52% of wealth. 556 more words

Global Health

The Seattle Times: Local facts no match for national fiction on $15 minimum-wage issue, and Jeb Bush is a Big Fat Liar

Once again, the self-serving right-wing ideology fails miserably. Seattle recently brought in the $15 minimum wage. Of course, the morally challenged right-wingers predicted doom and gloom and the end of humanity as we know it. 528 more words


Middle class as the buffer

I was struck by the use (dare I say manipulation?) of the middle class leading up to the American Revolution. Zinn describes a class of artisans that grew up between the social, political, and economic elites and the poor, who were often the indentured folk in the colonies. 254 more words