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Sad News For Middle Class

There’s been good news for the rich because their wealth and income continue to increase. There’s been good news for the extreme poor because the same has been true for them… 150 more words


IRS Data Proves Income Inequality

The IRS released data on the 1% of people making the most income, and learned that it was overly simplistic to only report on the 1% previously. 166 more words



The world economy isn’t doing very well. Free trade and expanded markets have not delivered the wealth and progress promised by the experts. We survived the “Great Recession,” and a few sectors of our society have even done quite well since then. 603 more words


Economic Policies That Do Not Benefit the 99 Percent Won't Save the Economy

There’s a coming economic storm the likes of which we haven’t seen since the Great Depression. This disaster has been brought on by a government corrupted by the money of the 1 percent, and the legislation and international agreements they’ve bought in the political markets that make up the US senate, US house of representatives, and the White House. 519 more words

Liberty and Justice for All... Except...

There’s a problem in our country, and it’s an odd problem where we try to exclude groups from our social benefits.  Oddly enough, today I am frustrated with excluding the wealthy, but I promise it’s going to make sense when I get to the end. 458 more words

Economic Equity vs. Equality

The question of equity vs equality reduces to the question of what is fair. But what does fair mean? Fair does not mean equity, equality or justice. 1,188 more words

Drone Captures Photos That Perfectly Reveal The Division Between Rich And Poor

“Unequal Scenes” gives a bird’s eye view on the lines of inequality so clearly drawn in South Africa.

(By Amanda Froelich | True Activist)

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