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Activists Prove That Only The Rich Get Free Rides In Sweden

I know this “study” does not prove anything, but until Sweden stops the prosecution of Julian Assange I don’t want anything to do with Sweden. No crappy IKEA furniture, no Volvos, no Abba; heck, I won’t even laugh at their Swedish chef (Muppets).

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Zero Median Retirement

The value of the median retirement account in America is nearly zero because almost half of Americans have no retirement savings. The group just above the median, as high as the upper-middle class has a median value of only $6,000. 118 more words


Oxfam study highlights Mexico’s drastic wealth inequality crisis

The level of inequality in Mexico is so extreme that its four wealthiest inhabitants have amassed fortunes equivalent to nine percent of the nation’s GDP, while 53.3 million people (45.5 percent of the population) live in poverty. 116 more words


Mr. Fish: Information Blackout

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Human Rights

Working Robots Into The Workforce

Robots are entering the workforce. It has been happening for decades; and safety, efficiency, quality, and costs will continue to provide incentives for businesses to buy machines rather than hire humans. 160 more words


Gap between rich and poor at highest level in decades: IMF

Gap between rich and poor at highest level in decades: IMF.

It warns that widening income inequality has become so bad in advanced economies that policymakers “need to focus on the poor and the middle class” if they want to boost economic growth globally.

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Opportunity cost in the age of consumerism

Everyone wants more …. whether it’s ‘more’ wealth, success, material possessions, the newer model car or a new designer bag.. everyone is always wanting more. It’s the times we live in – the age of Consumerism – the mechanics that keep our economies running. 750 more words