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When I was Homeless in Seattle

In 2013, I was homeless.

It was 5 months, August through December.

I was lucky, because I never had to sleep outside.

I put all my things in storage, and I slept on some friends’ couch or my then-boyfriend’s couch. 974 more words


POCKETBOOK: Week ending June 9, 2018

  • Fickle trickle

Funny how the average guy and gal have to use a magnifying glass to see the effect of Trump’s trickle down economic policies in their day-to-day lives. 736 more words

Big Data Needs Big Regulations

This is a short policy brief exploring the the problems posed by Big Data companies and potential solutions.

I) Executive Summary

Big Data companies thrive on the unregulated control and processing of massive amounts of information. 3,843 more words

Big Tech

Racism: What the Billionaires Like to Brew

Racism is something the billionaires have us talking about rather than such mundane things as income, wealth and political inequality, as well as the disintegrating middle class. 401 more words

Why Suicide is More Appealing Today than Yesterday

Before anyone worries too much, I’m not considering suicide.  Not today anyways.

This morning was Anthony Bourdain.  Not long before that was Kate Spade.  And between the two, how many others?  1,993 more words

Human Behavior

US Political Corruption, a UN Report, and the Economic and Political Policies of the Last 40 Years

The people of the United States lead the world in many categories, most of them, however, are not things to brag about. This is where the corruption of both major political parties, all three branches of the US government (that includes the corporate wing of the US Supreme Court) by the rich and their corporate dollars has brought us to during the last forty years. 662 more words

On “Minimizing Risk”: We need a $15/hr minimum wage!

Claire Bayler

The national conversation over the $15 an hour minimum wage is continuing to play out in Worcester. With the overall stagnation of wages in the United States and the rising costs of living, pressure is mounting to raise the minimum wage. 759 more words

Wealth Inequality