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Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden Introduces Bill Into the US Senate to Increase Income and Wealth Inequality in the United States and Throughout the Pacific Rim

Yesterday, Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden voted to increase the already lopsided income and wealth inequality in the US when he introduced Fast Track legislation to the US Senate. 424 more words

The Middle Class In The United States Will Not Prosper As Long As There Is A Liberal(Socialist) President

It seems that a Democrat running for president is always going to campaign on helping the Middle Class. This was highly stressed by Obama in 2008 and 2012 in his presidential campaigns and wouldn’t you know it you are hearing static from the just declared Hillary Clinton campaign that she will stress the importance of helping the middle class. 587 more words

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul Ryan

Today’s vote in congress proposes taking $280 billion from the federal workforce over the next ten years and giving $269 billion of it to the top .2 of 1% of Americans (5,500 households) over the same period. 109 more words

Inequality - Reality Vs Perceived

In a recent TED event MIT Professor Dan Ariely reveals some astonishing findings from his behavioural study on public perception of inequality (irrespective of their origin, gender, political ideology, academic specialisation and most importantly amount of wealth they possessed). 55 more words

Poverty And Inequality

And Then What Happens ...

As a society we have a very well developed faculty for ignoring obvious consequences. For example, our conviction that  the Iraq war will only take a few weeks or a few months when we hadn’t prepared for what would obviously happen after three days (chaos, looting, sectarian and political revenge taking, etc.) 400 more words