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Income Inequality Impressions

Income inequality continues to grow in America. Yet, many people who are in the stagnant income demographic feel they are in the ‘haves’ not the ‘have nots’; as if their income growth is merely delayed rather that systemically stalled. 143 more words


Yes, Global Wealth Inequality is Unjust

By Jessica Flanigan

Source: Bleeding Heart Libertarians

Jonathan Anomaly asks, “Is global wealth inequality unjust?” Anomaly and Dan Moller suggest that global wealth inequality may be less unjust than a lot of people think because rich countries have good political institutions and cultures that encourage social and scientific experimentation, not because they are actively harming poor countries. 747 more words


Power To The Rich

The trends in American policies and politics have spanned enough time that data can be collected.

“the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.” – Salon…

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Royal parasite series

When British Prime Minister (and 5th cousin of The Queen) David Cameron says “We’re all in this together”, he means the Royal “we”.

Source: Films For Action


Now we got bad blood: being poor in a rich world

I have this skill, so I am told, of really annoying or even enraging people who hold right-wing views, and in particular young Tories. I recently exercised this skill in my blogpost “ 2,631 more words