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Robin Hood? Portland Oregon Takes on Income Inequality

The city council of Portland in Oregon will vote on Wednesday whether to impose a tax on companies whose CEO’s pay exceeds the median salary of their workers by a ratio of more than 100-to-one. 520 more words


UNPACKED: Tourism, Privilege and Mindful Traveling (Part 2)

Dear readers,

First of all, I’d like to apologize for the extreme delay in posts here on our blog. Both Rustam and myself have gotten incredibly caught up with our day-to-day life and haven’t been as on top of things as we’d like to. 1,341 more words


Economic Apartheid

Hola Everybody,
I’m going to do a series on what it’s like to be unemployed. I don’t think we really appreciate the negative effects of unemployment on health — both physical and psychological. 1,001 more words

Richest 1% Own 51%

The richest 1% now own 51% of the world’s wealth, up from ‘only’ owning 45% in 2009, according to Credit Suisse. About a third of them are Americans. 110 more words


Ed Tech Emergent Turns Two Years Old!

I finally have a moment to celebrate – this blog turned two years old a couple of days ago. Yeah! Hooray! Alleluia!

It’s hard to believe how quickly these years have flown by. 92 more words


Our Complicity in the Trump Phenomenon, Part 2

I wasn’t the only one startled and stunned by the Trump onslaught of November 8th. While I whiffed on two very important details in my… 899 more words


A Letter from the Democratic Party.. I want to receive

We need to hear swiftly, definitively and defiantly from our leaders in the disloyal opposition before we let the winner of the Electoral College debacle into the White House. 872 more words

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