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"Corporatization" of Independent Professions, Businesses Fosters Wage Stagnation, Wage Gap

The corporate pirates are very crafty at ways to gain profits, even if it comes at the expense of individuals, professions and the self-employed.  One such example is in the fitness profession. 812 more words


Battle of the Balance

Only in the past few years have I come to appreciate that I was born on the lucky side of life.  Not only do I have enough food, love and shelter but I have the ability of having experienced going on an aeroplane, visiting towns and countries beyond my home, obtaining a first class education and many, many other things which most in the world cannot even imagine. 1,153 more words


Yes, Millenials are Entitled, From a Millenial

Millennials are entitled. There, I said it. It pains me as a millennial who generally knows the value of hard work and determinations. It’s not the Millennials that you’re probably thinking of. 507 more words

Religion And Politics

Tom Woods: topped and tailed

A couple of weeks ago Intellectual Vision published on YouTube a talk made by Tom Woods at the Mises Institute.

Tom Woods is not only a prolific author and speaker, but the star of the… 640 more words

Speech Critique

Teachers are providing food and money for school uniforms and trips to poor pupils

Teachers are using their own money to care for their students, it has been revealed. A survey found 51% of teachers have taken steps to provide care for poorer students, in some cases providing food, and in other cases money for essentials such as school uniform, stationery, PE equipment and school trips. 20 more words

Stuff The Tories Do

Wall Street Control of the Democratic Party is the Real Problem, and Not Donald Trump

On behalf of the Wall Street Democratic Party, hundreds of thousands of people have called for the impeachment of President Donald Trump, and some of them called for impeachment even before he was sworn into office. 683 more words