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Oxfam: Richest one percent banked 82 percent of wealth created in 2017

Oxfam’s latest report on wealth inequality describes how a wealthy elite accumulates vast fortunes while the poorest go without. But the charity has been criticized as offering a too simplistic view of the imbalances. 980 more words

How the Rich Use the Government and Both Major Political Parties to Redistribute Our Income to Themselves: New Data Shows H1-B Visa Workers Take US Jobs

“I had a wonderful job,” Craig DiAngelo said of his work in Hartford, Connecticut with Northeast Utilities, New England’s largest electricity and natural gas provider with over 3.4 million customers. 1,056 more words

An Epidemic The World Needs

~ quoted in Born to Love

As an expat living in Phnom Penh it is perfectly easy to ignore the poverty that the people surrounding you are immersed in.  842 more words


Paul Buchheit: How Inequality Is Killing Off Humanity

The super-rich are making it nearly impossible to reverse the deadly effects of an unnaturally unequal society, in part because they’re no longer connected to the world beyond their estates. 1,010 more words

Social Justice

The Injustice of Wealth Inequality and the Abandonment of the American Worker

People come in a wide variety of shapes: beautiful and not-so-beautiful.  There are dramatic differences in charm, as well as beauty.  Some people are gorgeous, and could charm the skin off a snake.  1,817 more words


Student Loans Are Scams to Redistribute Income and Wealth From the 99 to the 1 Percent

The federal government initiated the student loan program in 1958 in response to the launch of Sputnik the year before by the Soviet Union. “High school students who showed promise in mathematics, science, engineering, and foreign language, or those who wanted to be teachers, were offered grants, scholarships, and loans.” In 1965, the government passed The Higher Education Act, which provided more college grants to students, especially lower-income students. 1,577 more words