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Wages Trap Renters

If it seems that renting isn’t as easy as it was, congratulate yourself on being perceptive. Since 2001, rents have gone up about 50% while wages are unchanged. 96 more words


Republicans Need a Timeout - Economics

“Republicans are the root of all evil.” – me

We have a Republican president right now and the economy looks pretty healthy but I think this will end up being like those people who look out and see a nice day and decide that there is no such thing as climate change. 1,169 more words

Government And Politics

Are (Elite) Dating Apps REALLY Worsening the Wealth Gap?

Disclaimer: I realize that taking a few business classes in high school and college does not make me an economist or in any way qualified to comment on some of the actual data surrounding America’s wealth inquality. 458 more words


Wealth Inequality Escalates

Wealth inequality is reaching new levels. Instead of measuring when some segment of the population will hold half of the wealth, it is now reasonable to mark when they will hold two-thirds of the wealth. 179 more words


Does the State have the right to redistribute wealth from some people to others?

The topic of inequality of wealth in America is a very heavily debated and controversial issue. There is always the mentioning of the 1% group, that so called horrible small band of people in America who horde all the wealth in the nation, while many other people around them struggle to make ends meet. 486 more words


Oh, The Irony!

When the American Experiment in self-governance began, the creators of the government we now possess were significantly concerned that the hoi polloi, the “middling sort,” as they called them, not get too involved in the process. 611 more words