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Inflation: It’s a Wealth Redistribution Scheme

Source: The Mises Institute, by Russell Lamberti

Many central banks around the world aim to achieve some “inflation target” either as a single explicit policy goal — as in the case of the South African Reserve Bank — or part of a set of policy goals as pursued by the US Federal Reserve. 864 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Does Socialism Make People Selfish?

Since the Democrat convention starts this week, I thought I would talk about the guiding principle of their Party which is Socialism. Although I probably could have posted this last week judging from some of the “highlights” I saw from the Republican convention. 391 more words

Econ. 101

Sharing Why not?

Given today’s unending and growing friction and animosity between races, nations and the haves and have not, what is a reasonable expectation of what is to come? 514 more words

The Desecration of Independence

By Mike Cronin

Really, America?  Is this what you want?

IN SHAME, July 4, 2016.

The Desecration of the Independence once valued by the united States of America, 991 more words

Politics & Philosophy

SOROS Demands European Redistribution of Wealth

Oxfam, the Soros Open Society NGO, is demanding that Europe divest itself of its wealth in favor of the impoverished refugees. Oxfam is appealing to the UN that Europe be forced to accept hundreds of thousands of more refugees so as to change the face of Europe and create a ‘mini-me’ Middle East. 897 more words


How do self-made billionaires self-make their billions?

Yesterday, we posted that there are about 1,800 billionaires in the world and that about 2/3s of them are self-made … not just born lucky. 518 more words

Income Inequality

How many billionaires are there? How many are self-made?

With all of the vitriol now being cast at rich people, and with all of the broad-brush policy proposals to redistribute their wealth … you’re probably guessing a pretty big number, right? 247 more words

Income Inequality