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A Dirge for Libertarians

There is a longstanding, positive conception of what it means to be American. It has gone under many names – Jefferson’s yeoman farmers, rugged individualism – and you see it pour through pop culture in the figure of the cowboy and the pioneer. 1,262 more words

China Issues Warning to Trump -- Don't Defy Rest of World on Climate Change

Not only has the election of Donald Trump as the president of the united States sent shock waves through the anarchist alt-left authoritarians here at home, the remainder of the world is shocked and worried.  1,299 more words

TRUMP'S Wealth Redistribution


TRUMP B757 SHUTTLE Check out this link to a youtube walk-through of the Trump B757. Our perspectives may be different in what we see. 349 more words

Trump Aviation

Kids to Sue President-elect Donald Trump over Climate Change Once He Takes Office

Climate Change is the one lie perpetuated by Al Gore, his “greenie” followers, Hollyweirdo Leonardo DiCaprio, the Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah administration, and the left, socialist, communist, liberal progressive Democrats that just won’t die despite an overwhelming amount of scientific data, which satisfies the scientific method, proving otherwise.  1,415 more words

The Social Market Economy and Africa

This article first appeared in my weekly column with the Business Daily on November 6, 2016

The social market economy is an economic system based on a free market operated in conjunction with state provision for those unable to sell their labour, such as people who are elderly, incapacitated or unemployed. 646 more words


The Philosophy of Invincible Ignorance

By Mike Cronin

I once heard an anecdote about a female engineering student who spoke up in the classroom and opined that 50% of engineers should be women.  500 more words

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Don't Quit Your Day Job *Open Thread*

That’s the advice I would give to whomever it was who came up with the following inaccurate-on-oh-so-many-levels sanctimonious Liberal claptrap:

Sigh. Honestly, the lenses through which this person views Jesus is so burdened with not just modern interpretations and ideologies, but a serious, serious lack of basic Biblical knowledge. 1,209 more words