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The Real Problem with Inequality

Lots of people who talk about economic inequality will often list reasons why inequality is bad. Inequality causes crime. Inequality causes bad health outcomes. Inequality could lead to a revolution. 387 more words


Wealth Can't Be Redistributed If It Doesn't Exist!

The simple concept that production comes before consumption must not be as simple to understand as I think. Since before the tech bubble popped in 2000, our Government and the Federal Reserve have tried to spend, and electronically print, our way to prosperity. 685 more words

Econ. 101

If Keynesianism is the wave of the future(and we can’t do anything about it), would Voluntary Donation be the best solution?


Many Americans oppose Keynesianism(I do too), but if we’re going to have it anyway… how could it be made to work best? Even something deeply flawed has varying levels of functionality. 1,400 more words

The Negative Income Tax

Familiar to many, the negative income tax was formerly developed by British politician Juliet Rhys-Williams in the 1940s and later by Monetarist Milton Friedman. The NIT acts like the regular tax system but instead of taxing lesser on people below the stipulated threshold, it supplements them with an additional income determined by the NIT. 621 more words


The Redistribution Reality

Democrats Face a Nation Increasingly Skeptical of Their Mission

Two fascinating pieces at the New York Times last week reveal liberal anxiety over American views of wealth redistribution. 676 more words

News Commentary / Current Events

Government 1B Essay: "In your opinion, does the state have the right to redistribute wealth from some people to others? Why or why not?

In my opinion the state does not have the right to redistribute wealth. They do this through taxes. Taxes should only be used to pay governmental branches, armed forces, and our police forces. 266 more words

Ron Paul Curriculum

Why African American, elderly support for aid programs keeps falling

Most politics are about wealth redistribution.

Whether you’re debating Medicare and Social Security, or Defense Department expenditures, the question is not just what to pay for, but who should ultimately pay for it. 662 more words