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Trump and the Republican Party Establishment's Biggest Lie

President Donald Trump is proposing more tax cuts for the rich. He claims there will be no loss of federal revenue with his tax cuts. This is the standard Republican Party Establishment lie. 559 more words

Do the Scandinavian countries show that socialism works?

The left often says that the Scandinavian model is a prime example of how socialism works in first-world countries. No doubt the Scandinavian countries are successful in many ways, but are they socialist? 360 more words

Ryan Scarbel

Why is socialism bad?

Imagine there was a class. After the first test, everyone in the class got the same grade. Everyone got the same grade, not because everyone did equally as well, but because the professor took the grades from the students who did well, and gave them to the students who did poorly. 96 more words

Ryan Scarbel

The Future of Discrimination: White Male

I’ve been waiting for this article. Perhaps there have been others espousing similar points of view, but leave it to some brilliant graduate student of philosophy, of all things, to express what I’ve been guessing at all along: the blame the white narrative is getting much more pointed. 522 more words

Mental Health & World View

I am coming to a conclusion about the state of humans on this planet. We are doomed to destroy ourselves unless we gain the ability to go beyond the mental health problems and extremist world views that are the cause of most conflict. 330 more words

Personal Explanation

The Power of “So?”

By Mike Cronin

The 85 Richest People In The World Have As Much Wealth As The 3.5 Billion Poorest

So?  That headline is meant to make us hate the rich and want to see them taxed into submission.  552 more words