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Redistribution of wealth, Fallacy.

I refer to the picture above as “emotional pornography” because it tells people a sad story and they want to throw money at it and make it go away.  687 more words

Philosophies of redistribution

By James Fodor

      The key to understanding the difference between progressives and conservatives is their attitude to wealth sharing.

Key points

  • Debates over wealth redistribution are key to understanding the difference between progressives and conservatives.
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Mired in Quicksand!

Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay were right. They wrote in Article 75 of the Federalist Papers the following:
…….might sometimes be under temptations to sacrifice his duty to his interest, which it would require superlative virtue to withstand. 214 more words


Cards Against Humanity...DAY 3!

The next chapter of the Cards Against Humanity holiday surprises has rolled up on my doorstep!

It was a rather slim envelope, so I was quite curious as to what surprise lay in store for me. 6 more words


Who will reversing the tax cuts affect the most?

The previous (National) government legislated for tax cuts from next April that would benefit everyone earning money, in particular all workers.

Labour campaigned on scrapping these tax cuts, and intend to pass legislation that will reverse them. 991 more words


Perspectives: NY Times -- Why Democrats Need Wall Street

Doug Schoen, a former consultant to Bill Clinton, argued the case that the Democrats should keep their ties to Wall Street in a NYT column this morning. 31 more words


The Artisan Solution to Robots and Automation

by Glen Wallace

The government needs to redistribute wealth not in order to decides what people do or do not want, the government should redistribute in order to make it possible that more citizens can choose what they want or do not want from a selection of goods and services.    677 more words

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