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Save me a seat at the table

I continue to be amused as I observe Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) and Fox News Network (FNN) and now Fox Business Network (FBN) jockey for the position of Trump’s favorite so called news outlet. 878 more words

We know what is best for you

We know what is best or you

Those of the Conservative persuasion has long held the belief that getting rid of labor Unions was one of the best and quickest fixes for labor, management, and wage problems in America. 1,237 more words

Wealth Redistribution

Switzerland Will Vote On Basic Income

One of the leading ideas for advancing human equality as we move forward into an era where labor is not required, and eventually not desired, is a… 284 more words

Social Change

A Capital Idea: an "-ism" for Freedom

By Mike Cronin

Last week, I offered the view that adopting socialism is a recipe for disaster. Most of the political “-isms” (socialism, communism, fascism, imperialism, etc.)  “-chies” and “-cracies” (monarchy, anarchy, theocracy, democracy, plutocracy, oligarchy, etc.) sound different on paper, but they all have two things in common: the rule of one human or few humans over the rest, and the absence of individual freedom. 738 more words

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Is Wealth Redistribution Scriptural?

Do you think the following point of view is scriptural?

If there is someone in your town who is poor, you are to give to them whatever they need. 1,062 more words

What is a Living Wage?

Contentious doesn’t begin to describe the nature of the dialogue (or lack thereof) in America about income inequality. We hear hyperbolic rhetoric surrounding the redistribution of wealth as a plan by the masses to rob the rich–a sort of modern-day Robin Hood syndrome. 1,286 more words

Income Inequality