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Claude Bristol - The Magic of Believing

A wonderful little book about the power of faith to overcome ALL obstacles. A true classic, lived by an author who had known hardship firsthand. … 15 more words

Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich

A masterpiece, and one of the most important books ever written! Napoleon Hill penned this book when he was flat broke, after being encouraged to do so by none other than Andrew Carnegie–who paid him nothing to do it! 50 more words

Healing words for May 26th 2017

If you have the courage to change yourself for the better, right at this very moment, then you are already a success. Moreover, the immense joy this will give you is far more important than any wealth.
Leandro E. Pasamba


New Moon Reading – Thursday May 25, 2017

As we experience this New Moon, a time perfect for setting intentions and walking through newly opened doors, this month’s reading is presenting us with a clear message: to trust in something greater than ourselves and to acknowledge how that life force supports and guides us. 999 more words