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"A gasp went up from the standing-room-only crowd .."

A retired math teacher and peanut farmer helps to make college a little more accessible and affordable for Florida students.

The 5 Powers

In the short amount of time that I have been on this Earth, I have realized many things; one of the main ones being that there 5 powers in existence. 175 more words

The Purpose of Wealth in the American Dream and the New Testament

By Nathan Cornelius, Special Guest Writer

How Does the American Dream Align with Biblical Teaching?

The notion of the “American Dream” is one of the most powerful images in our cultural heritage, embedded in our national psyche, often more deeply than we are aware of. 1,873 more words


Following the example of John Berger, this essay, of sorts, will not consist of words, except for the title and the words currently being read. 91 more words


How some rich people are trying to dismantle inequality

By Erynn Beaton, Maureen A. Scully and Sandra Rothenberg.

Members of Patriotic Millionaires, whose privileged members advocate for higher taxes on the rich, met with lawmakers in this 2015 photo to discuss legislation to close the carried interest loophole. 1,100 more words


A Miser had buried his gold in a secret place in his garden. Every day he went to the spot, dug up the treasure and counted it piece by piece to make sure it was all there. 215 more words


God's Diamonds

God left diamonds

in my garden today

Draped elegantly over tall

wild grasses

clinging in teardrop perfection

from the arch of an unfurling koru

God left diamonds…

80 more words
Kait King Author