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Gratitude 290816

  1. Thank you my creator for a beautiful month of gratitude. I am grateful for the miracle of me – this beautiful amazing life life I have.
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Love 101

Love 101

you didn’t leave

when it got hard

you stayed

you must love me

Love 102

Friends, we know how it works

Love is Patient, Love is Kind… 137 more words

Revelations 3:17

Why is it that so many these days seem unreceptive to the message of forgiveness and salvation through Jesus–so much so that Christians may actually be at risk of becoming a persecuted group at some point in the not-too-distant future? 1,123 more words

A Touch of the Green Eyed Monster

It’s a pretty human thing to be envious now and then, but what we envy can be pretty different from person to person.

What do you most often find yourself jealous about in others? 244 more words

Finance Chats

Multi-Colored Wonton Noodle Soup

Success can look like something a little different to everyone. Maybe it’s having a loving family, filled with a reddish-orange warmth. Maybe it’s earning a lot of that green paper money. 37 more words


Something for the one aspiring to be very rich

​There are many ways to look at things. Unfortunately the way the society works gives a very misdirected view of things. I’m not sure whether that is purposeful or accidental. 573 more words

Mental Health

Feeling the Thunder

Here I sit in this hotel room.  Storm is brewing.  I can feel the electricity in the air. I hear the rumbling of the thunder. The steady shush of the rain that falls in sheets as if the world were being flooded. 448 more words