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It would all pass away

It would all pass away
Those things we hold dear
In silence, one pace at a time

A sinking ship, a wealthy house
The poor old lady… 71 more words


Wealth Evaporates Instead Distributes

Want to kick off a touchy subject? Talk about wealth in a group that isn’t all rich or all poor. We already have enough taboos about money. 1,013 more words

Prime property soars as wealthy people flock to Australia

Sydney’s most expensive properties have increased in value by 11 per cent in the last twelve months, making the city the 13th fastest growing in the world in terms of prime residential property. 91 more words


Bentley debuts "Aston killer" sports car

A civil war is brewing in England’s illustrious sports car world, with Aston Martin and Bentley unveiling brand new rival models at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. 163 more words


Not a get-rich-quick-scheme!

Come with me and I’ll guarantee you a happy, peaceful and prosperous future! Unlike get-rich-quick-schemes I’m going to tell you that it will probably take between 10 and 20 years! 821 more words


Love Life

Love Life.

You are only here one time. Remember that.

Make the most of your life and stop being so damn angry all the time. 49 more words


Chart of the day II: Post-crash global pay disparity

From the Philadelphia-based global management consultancy group HayGroup — an outfit with offices in 49 countries — a look at the changes brought to the differentials between the salaries of CEOs and the average corporate worker since the Crash of 2008: