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Be humble...

A lot of life lesson we can learned from surrounding.

Everyone is our great teacher.

We must be humble and polite no matter how high is our position, how wealthy we are, how knowledgeable we are, how great we are…. 183 more words


What kind of man is a rich woman looking for?

It is common to see rich women dating. Like ordinary people, they have a set of standards about men they like to date. Rich women have the right to choose who they want a man as a date partner, so they are more interested in quality. 462 more words

Who are the wealthy retirees targeted in Labor's plans?

Roger Wilkins, University of Melbourne

In Labor’s budget reply speech, Bill Shorten reaffirmed the plan to remove refundability of dividend imputation credits. His pitch was to Australian voters on lower and middle incomes, in which he pledged to look after the country’s ageing population: 576 more words



My parents had me when they were truly ready.

They were hardworking, classy, wealthy, & healthy.

Whatever needed to be done, they succeeded.

They provided me with everything I needed. 807 more words


Dear Mom

Since the time I was a little girl, I knew beyond a doubt that I wanted to be a Mommy one day. Moms are just beyond amazing! 168 more words

Writer's Corner

Tried and tested : 3 simple tips to loose weight like the wealthy

“If I were rich I would be in good shape because I’d have a coach, a dietitian and  cosmetic surgery to loose weight”

Awesome news for you, you don’t need to be rich to loose weight and be healthy. 1,356 more words

If I Were Rich


In our daily life 95% things that we do is because of our habits. So we can say that our habits can decide our success and failure. 565 more words

Financial Problem