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Opinion - Tony Blair unrepentant as Chilcot gives crushing Iraq war verdict | UK news | The Guardian - John Gelmini

This post from Dr Alf and the time it took Chilcot to report on what we already knew and was obvious is symptomatic of a greater problem, namely people in authority thinking that they can do whatever they like. 1,002 more words


'Weapon of Jihad' has a New 5-STAR review!

With all of the recent radical Islamic terrorist attacks, interest in my book, ‘Weapon of Jihad’, has been increasing. Here is another five-star review it received yesterday. 135 more words

SOTD: Richard Lomax // Weapons of Mass Destruction

Richard Lomax’s ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ is a charming, Wonder Stuff-esque track that will have you experiencing the love that Lomax obviously isn’t feeling himself. 19 more words


Trope-a-Day: Weapon of Mass Destruction

Weapon of Mass Destruction: Per the Ley Accords (i.e., the Laws and Customs of War), in descending order of aargh, you’ve got star-killing weapons (nova bombs, including specifically star-targeted strangelet bombs, twist-pinch bombs, and most hypothetical causal weapons), planet-killing weapons (large/fast kinetic impacters, including asteroid drops, planet-targeted strangelet bombs, and relativistic k-kill weapons, extremely large energy-burst weapons, including nucleonic and antimatter warheads, and self-replicating planetary-scale war machines ), and uncontrollable self-replicating infoweapons and memetic weapons (that affect systems beyond their legitimate targets, propagate themselves widely across the extranet, and lie dormant in archives to come out and kill innocent people ten thousand years later), and ecocidal weapons (merely large energy-burst weapons or ongoing bombardments with same, general bombardments with small kinetic impactors , uncontrolled self-replicating weapons , global ecoweapons and phage weapons, or the use of persistent ecoweapons and bioweapons, salting nucleonic weapons , or chemical weapons likely to permanently damage or accumulate in ecosystems). 129 more words