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Weapon of the Week: Bow and Arrow

Weapon Name: Bow and Arrow, Archery Gear

In recent news, I earned my black belt last week!

In other news, Danielle can still beat me up. 814 more words


Weapon of the Week: Chairs

Weapon Name: Chair

It’s totally a weapon, you guys.

Description: A seat with four legs, a back, and two armrests (optional). Can be made of wood or metal. 728 more words

Fight Scenes

Weapon of the Week: Knives/Daggers

Weapon Name: Knife, Dagger, Blade, Small Pointy Object

You can never carry too many knives.

Description: A small blade (under a foot long) with a single-hand hilt. 1,063 more words

Fight Scenes

Weapon of the Week: Katanas

Weapon Name: Katana, Samurai Sword

This is black belt Danielle.
And this is her katana.

Description: A sword with a slightly curved, thin blade and a two-handed handle with a small crossguard where they meet. 665 more words


Weapon of the Week: Bo Staff

I like fight scenes and weapons.

If you write fantasy, scifi, or action, you probably like fight scenes and weapons, too.

Let’s talk about them. 561 more words


Weapon of the Week 2: The Sword

The Sword.  It is simple, yet elegant.  It’s a brutal weapon that deals disastrous results.  What’s more, it lends a particular sort of style that you just can’t get when you’re firing a gun. 198 more words


T68 Mauler Paintball Gun

This exciting magazine-fed, grenade launcher equipped, paintball gun is designed to maul its way through wave after wave of incoming opponents. The T68 Mauler comes with exactly the features you need in a high-end, mid-weight, full size marker…with a grenade launcher mounted right under the barrel! 341 more words

Paintball Guns