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Weapon of the Week: Chairs

Weapon Name: Chair

It’s totally a weapon, you guys.

Description: A seat with four legs, a back, and two armrests (optional). Can be made of wood or metal. 728 more words

Fight Scenes

Weapon of the Week: Knives/Daggers

Weapon Name: Knife, Dagger, Blade, Shiv, Switch, Small Pointy Object

You can never carry too many knives.

Description: A small blade (under a foot long) with a single-hand hilt. 1,063 more words

Fight Scenes

Weapon of the Week: Katanas

Weapon Name: Katana, Samurai Sword

This is black belt Danielle.
And this is her katana.

Description: A sword with a slightly curved, thin blade and a two-handed handle with a small crossguard where they meet. 665 more words


Weapon of the Week: Bo Staff

I like fight scenes and weapons.

If you write fantasy, scifi, or action, you probably like fight scenes and weapons, too.

Let’s talk about them. 561 more words