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The British Library, the V&A Museum, and a Goodbye

Yesterday I visited the British Library, which houses not only stories and stories of books, but also an exhibition of rare prints. Some of my favorites were sketchings by Da Vinci, first editions of Shakespeare’s epic poems, another copy of that darned Magna Carta, and really old maps, one of which I recognized as being of Amsterdam before I saw the label (first intellectual benefit of this trip confirmed!). 589 more words


News - Opinions from organisations with an agenda.

On a daily basis we see the same talking points regurgitated by “News Corporations” whether on a local, national or international level.  Presumably they’re all being directed by… 163 more words


All about swords

It’s about time to add one more post to the Weaponry category, for a total of two.

There’s a great series of videos on swords, axes, and other premodern weapons by one… 159 more words


The hidden gift created from your private experiences...

Your private experiences with Jesus serve multiple purposes within your life, most profoundly being the building of an intimate, endless relationship with Him. And those experiences not only serve as great memorials between you and Abba, encouraging and strengthening your confidence and trust in Him as you approach new experiences, problems, or situations, they also create things that were not there, but now are. 130 more words

A Deeper Fellowship

Video: Breath Of The Wild Teaser Reveals Special Arrow Types

As Nintendo continues to tease us with Zelda clips, the newest Breath of the Wild footage reveals the return of Link’s specialised arrows. Posted to Nintendo’s… 45 more words