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Thin Foam Cord Nunchucks L & S

  • Material: EVA Foam w/ PVC Tube
  • Link Method: High tensile Nylon cord
  • Handle Length: L: 1′ (30.5cm) ; S: 9″ (23cm)
  • Lightened version for more speedy movement.
Martial Arts

Rattan B.B Nunchucks

  • Material: Rattan
  • Link Method: Seemless Steel Chain w/ Covered Ball Bearings.
  • Surface: Painting w/ “Dragon & Phoenix” etching
  • Handle Length: 1′ (30.5cm)
Martial Arts


Stay Alive Score: A-

Fun Level: A+

Proficiency Achieved: 500 Hours

Archery is one of the top skills you can learn for staying alive post-apocalypse. As a proficient archer, you’ll be able to hunt game, stave off living bad guys, and even get lucky with a head shot on zombies. 148 more words

Survival Skills

Knife Throwing

Stay Alive Score: D-

Fun Level: B+

Proficiency Achieved: 40 Hours

How satisfying would it be to throw a knife directly into the eye socket of an oncoming zombie, stopping it dead in its tracks? 140 more words

Survival Skills

Surviving the Dead Series

Surviving the Dead Series – James Cook

Rating: A-

Book 1: No Easy Hope
Book 2: This Shattered Land
Book 3: Warrior Within
Book 3.5: The Passenger… 343 more words

Survival Skills