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New Combat Vehicle Is Ready In Megacities

Source: https://www.army.mil/article/197555?a

First of all, the definition of a megacity is 25 million people or more. These new generation tanks and armored vehicles will be battle ready and ensure safety of the people in these said cities. 69 more words


At the zoo


A poem , written on a visit to Edinburgh zoo, with my nephews and the rest of the family

I went to the zoo today, 169 more words


Three 3D Assets

Below is my futuristic computer which is based of designs by Dmitry Popov


Futuristic Computer
by Iulian Fedot
on Sketchfab

Futuristic Sniper V1.0 – Not my best but this is to be updated and greatly improoved… 23 more words


Blades & Swords

Next up, what would blades look like 1000 years into the future? Well, like Light Sabers, thanks to Star Wars for coming up with the idea of futuristic battle sword. 38 more words


Two Amigos 4

A more advanced topic in this clip – how to apply the principles of the pole to emptyhand techniques.

The pole movement mentioned in the clip is on page 37 to 38, TaijiKinesis Official Handbook Vol 4 – Learning Pole. 56 more words


New Weapons Coming Into Military Use Soon

Sources:Lopez, Todd. “Modular Handgun to begin fielding before Christmas”. October 2, 2017. https://www.army.mil/article/194787/.


The U.S army is being issued a new handgun, the Sig Sauer’s Glock M17 handgun. 181 more words


DS-5602 Plastic M26 Grenade

  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Length:4″ (10cm)
  • Weight: 1¼ lbs (550g)
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