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from [PLEA] July 2014

from self-published collection PLEA, published July 2014


in the book of mild love, a capital letter cares for a typo. it is not a caring one might do for a newborn, the sick, or for a felon who as a newborn was often sick. 444 more words


“DISARM THE TOY INDUSTRY . . . .  As if the Toy industry has any control over the insatiable desire of the human spawn to own Weaponry, armaments, and the implements of Warfare.   29 more words


Seth Payne's Deceptively Fast - Weight Room Weaponry 2301

On Monday, P-Diddy was arrested for allegedly attacking a strength coach and intern at UCLA’s football weight room. The report says he swung a kettlebell at an intern after attacking the Bruins strength coach. 357 more words


Medieval Encounter for Year 8 Students

On Tuesday afternoon on 26 May, Year 8 History class gained an insight about various aspects of life in Medieval times as part of their studies in History class. 56 more words

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Positively Medieval

Crows flew low over the shattered weaponry and charcoal skeletons of siege machines polluting the field.


Some Useful History Books, Continued

As with previous posts, these books are all part of the Cowen Collection.

The first book is “Medieval European Coins: The Early Middle Ages (5th – 10th centuries) ” by Philip Grierson and Mark Blackburn, published 1986, located at shelfmark  737.494 MED. 494 more words