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Taijiquan’s Piercing Staff, also known as Sticking Adhering Staff, or Thirteen Patterns Staff, has a Thirteen Character Secret. Pierce, Open, Close, Bounce, Chop, Tap, Sweep, Stir, Scoop, Wind, Carry, Slide, Intercept.



Taiji Saber, also called Thirteen Patterns Saber, has a Thirteen Character Secret: Hack, Mince, Trim, Intercept, Scrape, Scoop, Pierce, Roll, Chop, Wind, Slap, Block, Slide.


孫氏八卦劍應用要法十字/Sun Shi Bagua Jian Yingyong Yao Fa Shi Zi - Sun Style Bagua Sword Application Ten Character Essential Methods

挑/Tiao – Raise, 托/Tuo – Support, 抹/Mo – Wipe, 掛/Gua – Hang, 㓲/Pian – Pare, 搜/Sou – Search, 閉/Bi – Close, 掃/Sao – Sweep, 順/Shun – Follow, 截/Jie – Intercept. 605 more words


Idle Musings: Attempting to Explain Why Certain Weapons Draw My Eye

This is both quintessentially me and perfect musing-fodder, so let’s get right to it.

There are certain things my visual cortex loves. Most of my favorite weapon designs incorporate all of these things at least once, and some multiple times. 1,158 more words

Musings Of A Non-sparkly Aspergian

孫氏八卦劍練劍要法八字/Sun Shi Bagua Jian Lian Jian Yao Fa Ba Zi - Sun Style Bagua Sword Eight Characters on Essential Methods of Training the Sword


Walking, Turning, Wrapping, Overturning, Penetrating, Scooping, Lifting, & Depressing are the Eight Characters for the Essential Methods of Sword Training. Walking is to move using the Footwork. 84 more words


Sleep, Sleep...

March 16 th 2018 was declared World Sleep Day.

This could have been the day when Kumbhakarna of the Ramayana and Rip Van Winkle of the Sleepy Hollow might have been eulogized as role models had the movement started a couple of hundred years ago. 763 more words


Excerpt From Huang Yuanxiu's Wudang Sword Method Essentials: 武當劍法十三勢/Wudang Jian Fa Shisan Shi - Wudang Sword Method's Thirteen Patterns