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Rapier and Dagger

The rapier and dagger belonged to Laertes, son of Polonius and killer of Hamlet. The poison has been wiped off, though it is unknown whether the poison has soaked into the sword. 75 more words



Imported from England and meant to be used to hold spices or vinegar, this vial was used to hold the poison that killed King Hamlet. Recovered from the study of King Claudius by Horatio, it was found stashed in the furthest corner of Claudius’ writing desk under lock and key. 28 more words


Recent Art ∏ Sci fi Weaponry ∏ Part Two

Hey everyone!

I finished up my steampunk/futuristic gun, and here it is.

The gun still needs a few touch-up details, but otherwise it’s complete.

If you enjoyed, feel free to follow this website/blog! 11 more words


New weapons IV: Poison gas

As part of our continued remembrance of World War 1 here at WUHstry, I today will be looking at one of the more dangerous developments in weaponry; the development of poison gas, which became a prominent part of the Second Battle of Ypres. 793 more words

History Of Warfare

Set Phazers To Grill, The Ovens On The Fritz: Inconsistent Advancements Of Tech In Media

You got a ship full of top of the class space cadets in the year “long ass time from now” where large cumbersome spaceships are the norm. 847 more words


Sheela Na Gig and Putting the Beast to the Test

Keen to test out this monster of a machine that I had spent a not inconsiderable sum of money on I sallied out to Alioth 3 as I had noted that there was a RES there. 1,054 more words

Elite Dangerous

2 Chronicles 26: "for he was greatly helped until he became powerful"

This is the last part of verse 15 and in others versions it is more clear saying that God helped Uzziah to become strong and powerful and famous. 321 more words