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Stupendous Sci-Fi: Errors and Reroutes

Let’s talk about something a little more divergent today.


Dystopia literally means ‘bad place’, so Dystopian novels are grim and gritty, with no happiness to speak of. 322 more words


Pin mail of the week! 15

So to start it off is a pin that actually wasn’t pin mail – my Mom and sister bought it for me! :D The pin is by… 272 more words


Macuahuitl: Deadliest Weapon of Meso-America

Being the most well documented Meso-American civilization, the Aztecs were highly accomplished in agriculture and trade. But their warfare concerns the aspects that were associated with the militaristic conventions, forces, weaponry and their strategic expansions. 367 more words

Police Scotland - Fire Arms Surrender: Protecting the Community

Orkney Police are participating in the latest campaign by Police Scotland. Anyone with fire arms which they do not have a valid certificate for canĀ  surrender them to Kirkwall Police Station. 707 more words


Foam Escrima

  • Material: PVC tube w/ EVA foam tube
  • Type: Escrima
  • Length: 26″ (66cm)
Martial Arts

Putin announces NUCL2EAR-POWERED nuclear missile capable of staying airborne permanently

A RUSSIAN nuclear missile capable of staying airborne indefinitely and threatening every corner of the globe is just months away from being deployed, Vladimir Putin announced today.

129 more words

The Fist & The Blade

So my student got a straight sword. Looked good until I held it and swung it a bit.

The tip side was too light and the handle side a bit off-balance. 167 more words