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Independent Syrian monitoring organisation Nabaa revealed a scheme of arms smuggling to the southern Syria. According to observers, all the arms flows are managed by an unnamed person from a local tribe. 271 more words


Inky takes to the water

Venue : HMS Belfast, London

Date : 20th February 2018

Early morning for me yesterday, as i took up the chance to visit another branch of the Imperial War Museum. 171 more words


Sounds Familiar

Dot Williams: “Miss, about the job. I don’t know what my priest will think of your … guns and knives … and dancing.”

Phryne Fisher: “Considering your last employers were a drug baroness and a rapist, surely he’d find me a modest improvement.” 9 more words

Sounds Familiar

Big old mean North Korea

Sometimes we just need to back away and think for ourselves a moment, filter out the hue and cry. South Korea has the 11th strongest economy in the world. 382 more words


My love affair with weapons

I began my journey into the martial arts, thanks to a book called “Nunchaku: Karate weapon of self-defense,” by Fumio Demura at age five. I loved the book and had toy nunchaku that I practiced with from the book daily. 253 more words

Dance the Night Away

At the end of a night in 2012, at the end of a sweaty training session, at the end of our strength’s use, we practiced free dance. 140 more words


An Ayudha when used in Ayudha puja is a literal weapon,and not supposed to be anything else

Vayuna:…during Navarati the focus is on Sarasvati here and then each temple will have its own festival days

Devala: Why Sarasvatī?

Vayuna: The only part of Navaratri that is celebrated in KL is the last three days. 470 more words