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Clinton losing US Election? I know, let's simulate an alien invasion as a diversion and regain control. Codename : FIRESIGN

I always find it interesting when there’s a cross-over, stories coming from different directions cross and meet and that’s what happened yesterday when I was reading a Twitter post by… 302 more words

World Politics

Turning Enemies into Slaves

I hate the words “victim” and “survivor”.

“Victim” because it admits injury. “Survivor” because it implies temporal vulnerability and weakness.

All other terms and adjectives to describe the same things sound inaccurate, and completely artificial when speaking of those who have experienced human cruelty and who have been familiar with danger, violence, predators, and life-threatening circumstances. 1,451 more words


Matins in the morning

Please find this morning’s sermon preached in the chapel of St.Timothy at the Lutheran Theological Seminary on Romans 14:4-12 to read (draft-rom1413-21-matins) and to listen to:  10 more words

Not the Same But .....(the Same)

A student said that the straight sword form I taught him weren’t the same as that shown in some of the videos on the internet. 424 more words


The Longsword.

The Longsword earns it’s name not from the longer blade, but the longer dual grips. Typically, a Longsword has a straight, double-edged blade around 10H ( 313 more words

Gear & Items

The British Library, the V&A Museum, and a Goodbye

Yesterday I visited the British Library, which houses not only stories and stories of books, but also an exhibition of rare prints. Some of my favorites were sketchings by Da Vinci, first editions of Shakespeare’s epic poems, another copy of that darned Magna Carta, and really old maps, one of which I recognized as being of Amsterdam before I saw the label (first intellectual benefit of this trip confirmed!). 589 more words