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Medieval Warfare Vol. VI, Issue 6 Review – January/February 2017

Late last year I got the opportunity to read an advance issue of Medieval Warfare and since it was a chance to keep up to date with different historical literature since graduation I was delighted. 804 more words

History Of Warfare

Intensive Learning (Pole) 3

Below is my student’s performance of the pole form after 8 days of learning. During this period we didn’t always work on the pole as there were other topics to cover. 206 more words


Intensive Learning (Pole) 2

Intensive learning is not the same as intensive training in that the former is about learning more and the latter on learning better. Can both objectives be reconciled? 162 more words


Intensive Learning (Pole)

The end of the year looked to be a slow, lazy period. And then my student said he wanted to come back to learn and also to escape the lonely winter nights. 200 more words


From America "with love": Washington continues to supply weaponry to militants in Syria

          In recent days outgoing US administration is committed to spoil relations between Washington and a number of countries. It doesn’t stop even at hostile and dangerous steps in the Middle East. 306 more words


Will Trump’s gestures to Taiwan ramp up military tensions with China? A defense analyst’s assessment

Donald Trump’s phone call with Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen two weeks ago, and then his remarks to Fox News indicating that the US doesn’t necessarily need to be bound by the “one-China” policy mark the first time that a US president has challenged the framework since President Jimmy Carter acknowledged the one-China policy in 1979. 1,002 more words

​Putin: Russia ready to offer world most advanced anti-terrorist weapons

Russia has the most advanced weaponry and hardware to tackle terrorism, and is ready to offer it to foreign customers, President Vladimir Putin has said. 218 more words