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2 Chronicles 26: "for he was greatly helped until he became powerful"

This is the last part of verse 15 and in others versions it is more clear saying that God helped Uzziah to become strong and powerful and famous. 321 more words



He’s the one you blame.
He’s your punching bag.
He’s your opposition.
He’s the truth you brag.

He’s your antecedent.
He’s your enemy
Calling you to repent.
Put down your weaponry.


Declassified But Still Redacted CIA Report That Launched Invasion Of Iraq Released

After 12 Years, CIA Releases Classified Document Used To Justify Invasion Of Iraq

” John Greenewald, the operator of The Black Vault, a hub for declassified government documents, contacted the CIA in 2014, requesting an updated version of the NIE that contained more details.

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An Important Announcement from the Russians

Something big is in the works. Russian Journalists have been asked to stay in the country, while Putin himself has been oddly absent. Odd, considering his very public diplomatic role has been critical to resisting American hegemony for the last few years. 277 more words


Recent Art ∏ Sci fi Weaponry

Hey everyone!

Recently I started working on a futuristic gun, mixed with a hint of Steampunk theme.

Here are some photos of the in-progress project.

That’s all for now!