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Pete Santilli Arrest, West Now Under Martial Law, Robert LaVoy Finnicum, Bioweapon: Zika Virus

Moments before Pete Santilli’s Arrest

West Now Under Martial Law

Robert LaVoy Finnicum (Rest in Peace Patriot!)  Even if Finnicum states “if you’re going to shoot me, shoot me now!”  This would NOT justify law enforcement officials to shoot.   137 more words

Biblical Insights

Brazil: Zika Virus, Flint Michigan Water Crises, Narco Kingpin, Washington Tsunami, Magnetic Pole Shift

So where, when, why was this virus left unchecked to allow it to spread?  Who is holding the patent?

Carelessness to save a buck unlocked a massive lead demon! 14 more words

Biblical Insights

Found on crumpled post-it notes in suspect’s bedroom waste backet. Felix thought the following track was good “mood music” for this case. 243 more words

World Traveler

Why I trust the ayatollahs on nuclear weapons

The Ayatollah Seyyid Hosseini Khameini, the Supreme Leader of Iran, said that Iran will not develop nuclear weapons because this is contrary to Islamic teachings. 159 more words


High Castles and Silly Questions

Ok, so in between classes this holiday I was finally able to get started on Amazon’s new series “The Man in the High Castle.”  I’m only four episodes in, but so far I enjoy it very much.  822 more words