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Don't teach me how to read, give me new world order instead

Education, not weapons is what we want to give the children of the world.

But if we teach them how to read, teach them physics especially reactor physics which will lead them to nuclear fission, that will be fuelled even further by their unquenchable thirst for an in-depth understanding about uranium or plutonium and the term critical mass, and finally combining it with what they learned about machines and electronics and all other stuff that constitute a nuke, with their minds poisoned about hate and overall disgust of humanity, aren’t we better off if we did not give them education in the first place? 25 more words


Israel Sees "Narco-Subs" as Threat

DefenseNews is reporting the Israeli Navy is taking seriously the potential use of the same types of smuggling craft the Coast Guard has been dealing with to  38 more words


Submarines in the Dessert by The Saker

“Submarines in the desert” (as my deepest gratitude to you) … reproduced ~ WITHLOVE ~

Reprinted from The Saker

87179 Views November 13, 2014 221 Comments… 4,575 more words


Letters to my MP: Explain your recent vote to renew Britain's WMDs.

This letter concerns a Parliamentary vote on renewing Britain’s Trident nuclear submarine capabilities, and was sent via WriteToThem. Parliament overwhelmingly voted in favour of the measure. 404 more words


Trident approving Great Britain, the soft North-Korea

The nuclear war head submarines that are  being built in Great Britain stand for empty waste-lands without hope or vision.

The approval of the Trident project,  is all but a vote for the nuclear armed submarine Trident. 712 more words

Governments can't stop terrorism any more than lions can stop flea-bites.

When a single man can kill eighty-four with a truck, it’s time to let go of the illusion that governments can keep us safe from political violence. 267 more words

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Aussian commented on Echoes 89 thus:


Bend in contrition

And Sins May be Forgiven

Repent and Remorse


(2) this is my response: 44 more words

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