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A Loaded Gun Was Found In The Trash Can At Cook County Jail

The Cook County Jail was on lock-down yesterday after a gun was found in the trash can near the area where new inmates get checked in! 60 more words


A Bow Pretending to Be a Rocket Launcher

All right, this one is a lot less literally a rocket launcher than the one Medic talked about. But since it’s my favorite primary weapon in the entire game, I couldn’t resist writing an article on the Plainsrider Bow with explosive arrows from… 513 more words



Gladio is the Italian word for Gladius, the Latin word for “sword” and referring to a type of shortsword used by Ancient Roman soldiers.  76 more words


Violence By Any Name Is Still Violence

‘We denounce war, violence, and social injustice in all its forms.’

– The Parkland Worker

Unlimited license for excess of every kind is only a blueprint for self-destruction.   229 more words

NYT Shocking Report: US "Ally" Ukraine Is Source Of North Korean Missile Engines, by Tyler Durden

Who would have thought that Ukraine’s corrupt and incompetent regimes might be the source of North Korea’s missile engines? How many times has John McCain praised that government and advocated giving it arms. 365 more words

Foreign Policy

This Is What The U.S. Needs To Make Sure Kim Jong Un Understands

We all know that there are a lot of tensions and banter going on right now between North Korea’s insane Dictator Kim Jong Un and the massively ignorant American President Donald ‘Fake News’ Trump. 349 more words