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We live in modern times, when carrying nunchaku, sai, kama, katana etc…isn’t a feasible option for self defense, so why do martial artists still study and practice them? 358 more words

US State Department admits Al-Nusra affiliate using chemical weapons in Syria

US State Department has acknowledged that a terrorist group affiliated with Al-Nusra Front is using chemical weapons in Syria.

The US Department of State admitted that militants linked to Al-Nusra Front are carrying out terrorist attacks using chemical weapons in Syria. 501 more words

Syria discovers Israeli arms at Daesh hideout: Video

Syrian military forces have discovered a large cache of Israeli-made weapons in the strategic city of Mayadin in Dayr al-Zawr province, days after retaking the eastern city from Daesh terrorists. 347 more words

Juliet Charlie Armory Co.

Design for an online firearms and ammunition start-up. The owner wanted a specific rifle incorporated into the design. I thought this was a good mix of strong and modern while being very versatile for product and marketing use. Check them out online!

Graphic Design

Black City - Special Starting Gear

Characters in the Black City campaign are already experienced adventurers and can select 1000gp worth of “special” starting equipment (500gp for henches) before play begins. Characters will retain any leftover gold, but note that once you arrive at the Thule Archipelago you’ll be restricted to… 608 more words