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Another Top 10 Swords in Video Games

When I was playing the last big fight in Uncharted 4 (which I won’t spoil here), I was thinking about just how many cool swords there are in gaming.  1,488 more words


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This guy made an EXCELLENT TOP TEN on SWORDS!!  My honorable mentions - The Buster Sword - Final Fantasy VII's Cloud (Really?!  I'm sooooo tired of FFVII) is by far pretty bad-ass.  It's big, its a bastard sword and it splits into many other swords and kills anything. Buster_sword(AC_version)2 SOURCE Dragon Sword - Ninja Gaiden.  This sword cuts through anything LIKE BUTTA!!  Nuff said on that one.  That...and demons wet their paints when they see it! DSNG3 SOURCE Soul Edge - Soul Calibur's Nightmare signature weapon ain't pretty.  But's its got a fucking living giant eyeball in it.  Also, it takes half of you life away in one hit...Seriously OP'd. Soul_Edge_Sword SOURCE Crissagrim - Castlevania series - Alucard gets this bad boy by surprise after killing some serious baddies.  It slices so fast, that one swing, makes FIVE slashes.  OUCH!! Crissaegrim2 SOURCE Ultima Weapon - ALL Final Fantasy - If you've got this, everyone dies!!  But not everyone really lives!  (In Scottish accent, quote from the movie Braveheart! *sniff*) Dissidia-UltimaWeapon SOURCE Keyblade - This magical sword from Kingdom Hearts is great!  Why?!  Because it SLICES, it DICES and UNLOCKS ALL DOORS KNOWN TO MAN!!  (Even your car door, SO WATCH OUT!!) 50208 SOURCE Shishkebob - What do you get, when a kitana and a gas tank have a baby!!  A SWORD!      ON FIRE!! shish SOURCE Valentine - Soul Calibur's masochistic chemist, Ivy created this chain-whip sword, that pretty much goes from being a short sword to a projectile weapon.  With both long range and short abilities, this girl is one rough customer!  (The blade) Valentine SOURCE