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Our strongest weapon in many ways

has unquestionably one really effective weapon


Power, money, persuasion, supplication, persecution

—these can lift at a colossal humbug—

push it a little,

weaken it a little,

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Railguns are being researched as weapons with projectiles that do not contain explosives, but are given extremely high velocities: 3,500 m/s (11,500 ft/s, approximately Mach 10 at sea level) or more (for comparison, the M16 rifle has a muzzle speed of 930 m/s, or 3,050 ft/s), which would make their kinetic energy equal or superior to the energy yield of an explosive-filled shell of greater mass. 696 more words


ASuW Hellfire Test Success--Operational Late 2017

Navyrecognition reports that a successful test of modified Hellfire missiles for use in the Surface to Surface Missile Module (SSMM) planned for the Littoral Combat Ship has paved the way for operational deployment of the system in late 2017. 467 more words


Iran köper mer vapen för sina Obamapengar.

Jag har inte sett några rapporter att Iran köpt något för sin befolkning, och inte att Obama krävt det i sitt vansinnesavtal.

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World War 3?

Is WW3 close? Is it happening already? Will it never happen?

If we go by the track record of World Wars, they can only get much, much worse than the previous ones. 668 more words

U.S. greenlights sale of 600 Patriot missiles to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is having a tough summer; all while Lockheed Martin has a banner year. The latest confluence of these trends came Wednesday as the U.S. 986 more words