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For me there is no argument, the conversation is off the table in regards to gun control. I guess I have reach a point in life where I once again embrace the return of the energy of my radical youth. 151 more words


Strategic Defense Initiative

Artists rendering of one of the Strategic Defense Initiative designs from Los Alamos National Laboratory. It shows a space-based particle beam weapon attacking enemy intercontinental ballistic missiles. 871 more words


Guns don't kill people

I’ve lost a drawing of a dog I did for a painting, so I’ve been flicking through sketchbooks where I found this picture from the LAST horrific school shooting by an anonymous gun owning American. 23 more words


ATF agent in Texas faces assault charges from incident at prep football game

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HOUSTON — Special Agent Marc Delpit with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms faces an aggravated assault charge for allegedly beating a man and threatening a high school football crowd at gunpoint. 346 more words


Jeb Bush on Oregon Shooting and Tighter Gun Control: ‘Stuff Happens’

As the United States mourns after another mass shooting — Chris Harper Mercer’s Thursday massacre of nine people at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College — 2016 GOP hopeful Jeb Bush dismissed tighter controls on guns, telling an audience in South Carolina “stuff happens.” 447 more words

The Cable

News View – Guns, Guns, Guns, Why, Why, Why?

 We all have our own thoughts, opinions, ideas – all of which we seemingly treasure as our own and unique, all of which come through what we decipher from family, friends, news and the world around us. 975 more words

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