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Weekly Capsule 21.2: Cat Lady Tee

Usually I wouldn’t blog a simple outfit like this, but I just got this shirt from my sister, and wanted to show it off. Is it the perfect t-shirt for me or what? 21 more words


tuesday inspire.

i’m in a funk, a wardrobe funk. i have lots of items, but not enough staples. i want to transition my closet into a more classic scene, full of the basics & my most treasured thrifts.  44 more words


Why Android Wear for iOS should've launched yesterday...

For some time, it has been rumored that Android Wear could come to iOS, possibly as early as this week. As the platform inches toward its first birthday, we reflect on the innovation Android Wear has contributed to wearables, and we also sigh a chirp of dissatisfaction: Why on earth has it taken an entire year for Android Wear to pursue iOS devices? 904 more words


Weekly Capsule 21.1: Hot-Air Balloon

Look at this, you guys. I’m wearing colors! And a print that is not stripes or polka dots! What is going on?

Seriously though, the outfit is not that different from what I usually wear. 160 more words


The dictatorial authority of Simon (1 Macc 14:44-14:45)

“None of the people or priests shall be permitted

To nullify any of these decisions

Or to oppose what he says,

Or to convene an assembly in the country without his permission, … 99 more words