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Heptagon, the Pythagorean symbolism of 7 (7 collection)

This artifact is inspired by the Pythagorean symbolism of number 7, the heptagon , which is  the 7 sided polygon.

A polygon, that in some people’s eyes, takes the shape of a kite. 83 more words

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Iris, the 7 colors of the Rainbow (7 collection)

In Greek mythology Iris  represents the rainbow. She is also the messenger of the gods, besides a goddess of the sea and sky. Iris is depicted in ancient Greece as a beautiful young woman with golden wings. 161 more words

Jewelry Collections

Jewelry Inspired by Number 7

They say that each number has a hidden meaning or maybe is the need of the people to give meaning to numbers, objects, phenomena…

Number 7 is said to be the number of the intellect, the intuition and the analysis. 132 more words


Winter 2017: Art Quilting Studio Magazine and ME!

On newsstands today, the Winter 2017 edition of Art Quilting Studio which features my work! People all over the world will be looking at my work in one of the most beautifully photographed magazines I have ever seen. 154 more words

Artful Blasphemy

Lori Royce, Of Boynton Beach, Merges Art With Fashion With Wearable Creations

If the sun is rising, odds are that Lori Royce is wide-awake, taking in all the details of the colors, textures and shades as the sky transitions from dark to bright. 589 more words

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Dwindling Lights laced in gold

This Autumn we watch the leaves fall from the trees. Dwindling Lights laced in gold.


Silver clay projects this year





Silver clay 999 and porcelain tiles, PMC3 999 rings, PMC3 999 pendants/patinas

silver clay,copper and porcelain

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