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The day Occupy Wall Street came to Every Street

October 15 is being hailed as the day that Occupy Wall Street went global. In New Zealand, demonstrators in Auckland and Wellington joined hundreds of thousands around the world in adding their voices to the anger aimed at the financial institutions and hapless regulators that plunged the world into deep economic crisis. 822 more words


Class Conversation Topic: Occupy Wall Street

So are you talking about it yet? Are your students?

There’s some great stuff trickling out about it and some fascinating looks at what it is (or is purported to be) all about. 160 more words


Tumblr Class (Warfare)

Sunday’s New York Times featured a piece about the online occupations of the Occupy Wall Street set.

Among them: the WeArethe99Percent blog on Tumbler.

As it happens, the hardworking staff is also a Tumblrer, so we checked out the blog and this is some of what we found: 671 more words

I am the 99%

Time for a serious post for all of my non-followers.

In the past 2 weeks I’ve been reading and watching on TV the news about the 99% occupations. 996 more words


We used to have a deal. A rising tide lifts all boats... the 1% vs. the #99percent

“We used to have a deal: A rising tide lifted all boats. These days, a few gleaming yachts power comfortably past the wreckage of smaller vessels… executive pay at the country’s largest companies has more than quadrupled since the 1970s. 372 more words



Yesterday students and unions join protestors at Zuccotti Park

Holy crap look at the size of the crowd.  Pay attention politicians…this isn’t going away…


I Occupy: We are the 99 percent


The park is not big but it is full.  It is overwhelmingly, though not entirely, stocked with young people – post-grad school age feels about right.   982 more words

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