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Mashed Animals

Some of the Disney artists say that mashing two random animals together and make it look fluid is a good exercise. I have a weasel/bumblebee, a puma/walrus, and an anteater/jackal. 27 more words


Deadpool...Could Scar You.

Hello everyone! Now, I know, I’m a wrestling blog.  But, I figure, since wrestling is a form of entertainment, that I branch out.  And what better than to step out and review some non-wrestling things.   545 more words


Sir Weasel-a-lot

- fine pigment lines on paper, by The Weasel

Sir Weasel-a-lot, the might and brave knight, is fearless and fierce in the battle, defending the weak and the poor, is generous and merciful and the champion of the Right and the Good against Injustice and Evil.


At the Thermal Bath

pigment liner on paper by The Weasel

Nothing enjoy the Bunny and the Weasel more than spending a few hours in the warm water in the pools at the thermal baths.


The Weasel in the cherry-tree

- pigmentliner on paper by The Weasel

The Weasel waited until the summer til the cherries got ripe and sweet. He would go out and check the cherry-tree, if the fruits are already growing and watched them turning from green little beads to red, ripe cherries. 27 more words


Weasel Work: The Last Basilisk Hunt in Warsaw

“And in the livid night there creeps a basilisk, spawned by the moon after its strange fashion. The moon – eternally barren – is its father, but its mother is the sand, barren likewise: this is the mystery of the desert. 1,870 more words