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On The Way To Work

drawing by The Weasel
- fineliner on paper -

The Weasel is always late at work, because he has to stop and greet every acquaintance he meets on his way. 13 more words


The Howff

It never struck me as strange, growing up, that smack in the city centre of Dundee there is a graveyard. But then I also grew up next to an undertaker so I was used to the idea of dead people from an early age.   669 more words

So I got bored and decided to redo my Pottermore

​I’m 25 and haven’t done this for years, I was originally a Slytherin and I can’t remember my wand. Obviously patronus and ilvermory weren’t available back then… I sound so old. 309 more words

The Mushrooms

drawing by The Weasel
- fineliner on paper-

One of the Bunny’s and Weasel’s most favorite thing to do in autumn is to go in the woods and take pictures of mushrooms. 32 more words


Animals do the funniest things

I spent an engaging afternoon in the company of a weasel named Fidget, who, as his name suggests, barely kept still. I was meant to be interviewing his keeper, the Yorkshire wildlife artist Robert E Fuller, but it wasn’t easy to concentrate as Fidget scampered about the room. 70 more words


Philosopha x Lucci Vee x Weasel Sims - I Do It ( Official Video ) Dir x @Rickee_Arts Prod x KingzOf - YouTube

►►►►►SUBSCRIBE HERE Philosopha x Lucci Vee x Weasel Sims – I Do It ( Official Video ) Dir x @Rickee_Arts Prod x KingzOf ►… 6 more words

Weasel tomba (Italian Edition)

Weasel tomba (Italian Edition)

Voli per gli Stati Uniti prima, quando stavo finendo i bagagli trovato un lp precedente, ho prontamente schiacciati, mi sono incontrato con una foto di gruppo con diversi associate in una serie di vecchie foto mescolati dentro, foto, sfondo è vaste praterie … #, #Edition, #Italian, #Tomba, #Weasel… 9 more words