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The Curious Weasel

 The Curious Weasel - drawing in pastel colored pencils on paper by the Weasel

It is in the nature of the Weasel, to be curious.


it is what it is . . . .

Haman was a weasel who wormed his way to the top!  Haman wanted to talk about Haman!  Haman wanted others to talk about Haman!  Haman!  Was!  54 more words


Tomatoes Thief

- ink on paper by The Weasel

The Weasel was hungry for some red, ripe tomatoes.


The Great Bobbert

By Debbie Manber Kupfer

(A Flash fiction from the world of P.A.W.S.)

“Popgoes! Hey, Popgoes! Come back here! Where is that weasel?”

The Great Bobbert scratched his head unleashing a cascade of bluish purple powder from his long straggly orange hair. 464 more words

Young Adult

Human weasel!

I just finished CtrlAltRevolt by Nick Cole. It was OK, but the purpose of this post isn’t to review the book itself, but to respond to some of the ideas put forth therein.  614 more words

570: My bad

In this culture of victimhood that current society is wallowing in (pig in mud inference deliberate, here), where everyone and everything ELSE is to blame for everything I do and everything that happens to me – even at this seemingly simple task, I FAIL. 179 more words


T.J. Miller Is Up For Multiple 'Deadpool' Sequels, And Possibly Even His Own Spin-Off

In recent years, T.J. Miller has established himself as a dependable comedy pinch-hitter. Sure, he’s not the star of Deadpool or Silicon Valley, but he deserves top-billing when it comes to delivering laughs. 284 more words