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Pop goes the Weasel

It was a beautifully sunny day in Caithness and I was exploring the coast path on route to the Old Man of Wick, a tower and castle ruins dating back to c.1100. 111 more words


Character Design: Lupa

Lupa’s a daring, wildly weasel. She awakes as the afternoon light fades, emerging from her den with bright, sharp eyes. Keen to find dinner for her kits she heads into the bush, only to return triumphantly as queen of her own little castle.



Stoat (Mustela erminea)

Stoats are pretty resourceful animals. They are listed as one of the world’s top 100 worst invasive species, which most people would consider a bad thing. 689 more words


Team Ideas - Test Subjects... of Love!

So, the Lantern Batteries I own are Red, Green, and Violet (Star Sapphire). Of those three, Green has been done to death by everyone and Red lacks a fun factor ( 1,024 more words


I Feel Bad For The Woodpecker

Remember that amazing photo that turned into a “hilarious” meme? The weasel riding the woodpecker? Here, look:

It came from amateur photographer, on a lovely walk with his wife, who wanted to show her a Green Woodpecker. 285 more words


Pin a tail on it and call it a weasel

If you pinned a tail on this you could call it a weasel apology.

‘Concerned Kiwi':

Can’t handle this shit. I apologise for any false claims I have made, but under duress.

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