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Contrary to earlier rumours that the hard disc containing the songs slain singer Moses Ssekibogo alias Mowzey Radio was yet to release was stolen, Goodlyfe partner Douglas Mayanga alias Weasel says the disc is safely stored. 341 more words


we lived in a year without room to breathe

large pools of water sit in the ditch
as i walk my dog to the end of the driveway
last night’s rain still fresh in the mist… 154 more words


Fact Sheet - Weasel

Origin                 Native

Description       Brown on back, white undersides

Size                      Length 20-25cm  / Weight 100-150g

Habitat               Widespread throughout  Britain 

Diet                      Small rodents,birds,eggs and young rabbits

Young                  Up to 2 Litters of 5-7 young per year… 16 more words

Mustelid digital sketchbook

January is over and it’s tiiiiiiiiiime for January’s sketchbook! Featuring wolverines, otters, badgers, weasels, ferrets and minks! I hope you enjoy this book full of cuteness ❤️️ 19 more words

Traditional Illustration

Stoat In Winter Coat

Today we headed out once again to enjoy the woods.  The temperature was gorgeous with hardly any breeze.  Started with seeing a Red Tailed hawk perched in a tree then off it flew heading east.  194 more words


This Weasel Is The Key To Hearthstone's Hottest New Deck

(Source: kotaku.com)

Every once in a while, a formerly crappy Hearthstone card finds its place in a deck and works so well that it starts to look like it might actually be good. 677 more words


Ermine (the Weasel in Winter)

There were a couple details from “American Salvage” that seemed especially striking, and this ermine definitely topped the list. So cute! In the story, the white-furred ermine has been scarce in Kalamazoo, Michigan, having been long over hunted due to the value of their gorgeous pelts, which probably look way better on their original owners than any subsequent possessors of said coats. 89 more words