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Top 5 of my favorite cities

1. Destin, FL

I’ve only been there once, but I want to go again after noticing everything I’ve missed. Destin is a city with lots of things to do from glass bottom tour boats to deep sea fishing. 627 more words

5 NHL teams that could re-locate Part 1 of Next Generation of hockey

Note: This is not in order least likely to most likely

Tampa Bay Lightning: The lightning aren’t having great attendance and weren’t doing so good and past seasons, another reason is because they are located in Florida, but more people have showed for their games and the team is doing better now. 156 more words

Hockey Lessons

Hockey is my favorite sport, so in December I took my first Ice Hockey lessons. It is so fun! I love skating on the ice and learning hockey. 56 more words

Louisville Rocks!

A few days ago, the TIV* came to Louisville, KY outside of the science center (I wish I was there) and yesterday the DOW* was there- when I was able to come. 51 more words


Fall is coming soon, with Halloween, and stuff like candy, and its awesome for me! Yippee!

That’s my new weird jingle about fall, and as you know, fall is coming. 97 more words

Labor Day Fun!

Today, I went to Elk Lake in Kentucky. The water was cool, and the air was chilly, but that didn’t stop us from having fun and trying to push each other into the lake. 41 more words

Breaking News!

5.9 magnitude earthquake hits central Virginia, and was felt by people in New England, Grand Rapids Michigan, and even parts of Eastern Kentucky.