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Brewing Tropical Storm May Threaten Bahamas, Florida as a Hurricane

By Alex Sosnowski – AccuWeather
A budding tropical disturbance has the potential to reach Florida with gusty winds, showers and thunderstorms during Sunday and Monday. 89 more words

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Downpours to Aggravate Recovery Efforts in Flood-Ravaged Louisiana Through Midweek

By Renee Duff AccuWeather

Downpours will persist over flood-ravaged areas of Louisiana through the middle of the week.

“A front will stall out near the Gulf Coast, leading to a couple of unsettled days across the region,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Frank Strait said. 73 more words

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Louisiana in Tough Shape

Unlike the many maps we have seen that show what Florida, Boston, or some other coastal location would look like with higher sea levels, the figure above compares the iconic outline of Louisiana with the present-day outline of its dry land.

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Interactive Climate Map

“Obsessed as we are with cartography we in Staridas Geography perceive any aspect of the actual 3D World as a constant opportunity for another pretty map creation!” 30 more words


How over 2 feet of rain caused historic flooding in Louisiana in less than 72 hours

All-told, over 20 inches of rain fell in less than 72 hours around Baton Rouge.

Source: www.washingtonpost.com

Last month I was in New Orleans, and it rained for about 2 hours…it was staggering to see how many issues stemmed from that drainage in such a flat floodplain.

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The Arctic Suicides: It's Not The Dark That Kills You

Greenland has the world’s highest suicide rate. And teen boys are at the highest risk.

Like native people all around the Arctic — and all over the world — Greenlanders were seeing the deadly effects of rapid modernization and unprecedented cultural interference.

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Surging Seas Interactive Map

Global warming has raised global sea level about 8″ since 1880, and the rate of rise is accelerating. Rising seas dramatically increase the odds of damaging floods from storm surges.

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