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Washington Journal Tim Frazier Discusses Hurricane Irma Disaster


“Georgetown University’s Tim Frazier talks about the federal government’s management of disaster relief related to Hurricanes Irma and Harvey.”

Tim Frazier is not only a fantastic geographer with an expertise in disaster management, he was also my volleyball partner on the “Bad Latitudes” team at Penn State.  15 more words


Disaster Mapping: Hurricane Irma, Mexico Earthquake and Bangladesh Floods

This week has seen disasters and destruction on an unprecedented scale, and the HOT Community has activated to respond. Hurricane Irma is the largest Hurricane ever recorded, and has torn death and destruction through the Caribbean. 245 more words


If your coastal land is eroding, where do you put a hospital? On a boat. For some Bangladeshis, their only form of potentially life-saving healthcare comes from one source – a floating hospital.

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SINGAPORE: Reactions to the announcement of an upcoming carbon tax system for Singapore have been generally positive, with stakeholders and observers calling the move timely and one that will transform Singapore’s economy for the better.

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Currant Events

Why currant jelly?

Currant jelly is a gorgeous color, the translucent red of vivid dreams. It consists of currant juice and sugar and time. It will be great on toast or ice cream, I hear, and wonderful with meat. 616 more words



Pursuit (4K) from Mike Olbinski on Vimeo.

Video Description from vimeo.com/226958858#_=_

Blu-Ray discs available here: mikeolbinski.com/shop/

Music by Peter Nanasi, find his work here: …

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