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Camille Seaman - Storm Chaser and Photographer

Storm chasing has really taken off over the last decade or so, perhaps due to technology making it easier to capture storms either as video or photographs. 232 more words


Human Settlement Predictive Model

“Simulating climate conditions over the last 125,000 years and predicting how those changes would have allowed humans to spread around the globe, this video models human migration patterns.” Read more: … 91 more words


Will it ever stop? 

This morning there was hope. This morning I even saw a tiny bit of sun, playing hide and seek behind the clouds. This morning I thought “yay!”, finally it’s over. 150 more words


When it really rains! 

UPDATE: so I was wrong… they have just closed the schools tomorrow. One more day of holidays!! Kids will be happy tomorrow.

Everybody is waiting on a torrential rain warning being issued for tonight and maybe tomorrow morning…. 140 more words

Island Life

The Lady in Black

Even the weather today wanted to remember.

Yesterday, the sun was shining and was hot on the skin, the temperatures were estival, like 150 years ago. 480 more words

Island Life

The Bird in the sky

Living on the east coast comes with its fair share of wind. In the high of the summer it is very nice because even though it’s 32-34 degrees, the wind takes the edge of the heat. 141 more words

Island Life

Senegal's Great Green Wall combats desertification

“A 7,000 km barrier is being built along the footsteps of the Sahara to stop the desert expanding. The Great Green Wall project started in 2007 in Senegal, along with 10 countries in Africa to combat the effects of climate change. 144 more words