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Snow Days

Snow is almost starting to seem commonplace here in Port Townsend. Which basically means it fell, it stuck and it stayed for more then a day. 783 more words

Weather Or Not

Inside bin number three

Worms, rotting food and dirt.

It’s cold out and the ground has decided to remain frozen. There’s not much for a gardener to do. I know, now’s the time I’m suppose to be “dreaming ” my spring and summer garden but, I’m feeling too edgy. 886 more words

Weather Or Not

We Don't Usually ...

do winter like this:

To those of you who live in places where snow it a fact-of-life, I apologize if I sound whiny. I’m not. I grew up in North Idaho where feet of snow is the norm. 149 more words

Susan Kaye

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weather or Not..

We returned to school, deep in winter.  Flurries of white (paper) mounded as students began their study of snow and inquiry into how to cut hexagonal snowflakes from a square piece of paper.   533 more words


I Spy the 12 Days of Solstice. Day 12.

(sŏlˈstĭs) From the latin word solstitium meaning “sun standing still”.

You have arrived. Now, ready for some cosmic talk?

It’s all how you see it.   266 more words

Weather Or Not

I Spy the 12 Days of Solstice. Day 11.

A day for duality. A day for oneness.

You’ll always be two ones to me, Eleven!

A place where water

might trickle and flow.

EXIST, LIFE, SEED and MAN… 24 more words

Weather Or Not

I Spy the 12 Days of Solstice. Day 1o.

We are spinning. How fast you spin depends on where you are on this planet.  If you’re at the equator you are whirling around at the speed of 1,670 km/hour. 84 more words

Weather Or Not