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Lightning Strikes, Thunder rolls.....

Part 1: Thunder and Bolts

Thursday was a particularly humid day.

Even as I worked in the shade, the sweat and discomfort wouldn’t leave me alone. 1,637 more words

Weather Or Not

World Rat Day! Helping researchers lay the groundwork for a new tool in disaster relief

A Norway rat has many names: the brown rat, common rat, street rat, or sewer rat and is one of the best known rats.

This New Orleans rat is helping researchers lay the groundwork for a potentially powerful tool in disaster relief: a mathematical model that could simulate how environmental changes, natural or man-made, affect populations of rodents that carry pathogens hazardous to human health. 39 more words


“Thank God for the Promise of Spring”

Thank God for the Promise of Spring.

Here we are, only 5 days away, and this song, and thought, has been on my mind a lot lately. 504 more words


The Power of “Posts:” Part Three

I can’t wait to “turn the calendar!”
A new Scripture message, a new promise … however …

I must say, this time of year, right now … there is even more to be excited, expectant about … about just turning the calendar over to a new month … 1,048 more words


Snow Days

Snow is almost starting to seem commonplace here in Port Townsend. Which basically means it fell, it stuck and it stayed for more then a day. 779 more words

Weather Or Not

Inside bin number three

Worms, rotting food and dirt.

It’s cold out and the ground has decided to remain frozen. There’s not much for a gardener to do. I know, now’s the time I’m suppose to be “dreaming ” my spring and summer garden but, I’m feeling too edgy. 845 more words

Weather Or Not

We Don't Usually ...

do winter like this:

To those of you who live in places where snow it a fact-of-life, I apologize if I sound whiny. I’m not. I grew up in North Idaho where feet of snow is the norm. 149 more words

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