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At least it is Friday tomorrow.

I’m so glad it is Friday tomorrow, I was at the neighbor factory again today and even if it went much better than last time I still can’t pretend it worked brilliant :-) It started with me bringing the wrong size on the hoses I was going to change today but thankfully the old ones didn’t break. 451 more words

This And That.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

I woke up to a world covered in snow and I didn’t like it. The night had started rather cold and it had dropped down to -7C (19,4F) before the clouds came and covered the sky. 333 more words

This And That.

The fairies were dancing.

It is a cold but sunny morning here and we were out walking as soon as the sun started to rise above the horizon. The frost cover wasn’t as thick that I had thought, the below freezing degrees started already yesterday evening. 486 more words

This And That.

It changes quickly.

Is anyone surprised if I say that we almost all day had grey and rainy weather? :-) They had predicted sunshine from the morning but it didn’t show up until just before I stopped working :-) 261 more words

This And That.

They say we'll get sunshine.

It has been raining more or less all day here but the sun shines right now. Too late, I refuse to go outside again today. They do say however that we’ll get sunshine tomorrow and that it will stay all week long. 290 more words

This And That.

I could see their breaths.

It was a tad chilly here this morning, only 1,5C (34,7F) but the sunshine didn’t have many clouds to fight its way through so it did feel warmer than it actually was. 552 more words

This And That.

It's not a good sign, I already hate them.

It has been a wonderful day here. Warm with an enough strong wind and the sun wasn’t just a disk one could see through the clouds, it actually showed itself parts of the day. 542 more words