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Nova has forgiven me for bringing this thing home :-)

I must admit that I love this cool weather we’re having now even if it right now is cloudy and it looks like the rain will start falling any minute now. 520 more words


It has cooled down considerable.

We had a thunderstorm passing to the south of us yesterday afternoon, it didn’t make a lot of noise but it did give us plenty of rain and a much cooler temperature. 410 more words


The mosquito hat is on.

They said we were going to have sunny mornings and cloudy afternoons so I’m not at all surprised that we’ve had cloudy mornings and somewhat sunny afternoons :-) I’m not sure for how long it will last though because I have already heard the thunder and I can see on the live lightning map that more might be on its way here. 607 more words


I'll soon have new potatoes :-)

The weather is a bit crappy, grey and dull, rather low temperature and rain almost all the time. Sometimes showers but mostly misty rain, You know the kind that eat its way through the clothes in a few minutes and then continues all the way in to the bones so You feel like You’re freezing from within. 703 more words


I did think they were a bit loud.

I woke up way too late to get a chance to see if there was any fog this morning, the sun had already risen high in the sky and it was above 10C (50F) so any eventual fog would have evaporated up in the sky long before I woke up. 725 more words


I'm changing backgrounds a lot now.

I’ve changed background again and I will probably do so a couple of times until I find one I really like. I could of course check my previous blog to see what that one was called but then again it never hurts to get something new either. 290 more words


I can't remember they predicted that for today :-)

We had thunder today, can’t remember that they predicted that yesterday but it came anyway. We realized that at work when the electricity brokeĀ and everything went black and quiet :-) I looked at the live lightning site and saw that a few lightnings hit the bog and several the mountain here but none in the village. 317 more words

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