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Happy Chinese Groundhog New Year's Day

So yesterday was Groundhog Day and I checked online with help from Aaron, and nobody dropped any groundhogs so that’s a very good thing.  And yesterday, I wrote about my idea for another way to predict the end of winter and I put that on my Facebook page. 499 more words

Missy Barrett

Grand day for the groundhog

It’s February 2.  Groundhog Day.  A pretty big deal here in my home state, especially in this part of the commonwealth, western Pennsylvania.

“It’s a freakin’ holiday entirely based on the power of a psychic rodent. 961 more words

Gobbler's Knob

Skunka Tony Stu on the Weather

It’s time for our annual weather predictions. Always a day ahead of the groundhog. HHHHHHHEEEERRE’S Skunka Tony Stu …

Click here for previous years of… 13 more words

Quotes Of Encouragement

Winter may have just started.

I woke up in the middle of a night from a stench so foul that it was impossible to breathe. My first thought was that it was one of the dogs having problems with the stomach. 690 more words

This And That.

The weathermen seems to be a bit unsure :-)

Weather predictions says we’ll get around 15cm (6 inches) of snow tomorrow  and depending on how often one watch the updates it can either stay with a few degrees below freezing, melt away because it will be a few degrees above freezing or rain away some time tomorrow afternoon. 522 more words

This And That.

There's always something showing what they are.

Only one and a half day left before the yule vacation starts :-) I will work on Monday the 28th but otherwise I won’t start working until Monday the 4th of January. 468 more words

This And That.

We don't see them much any more.

Two nights with very low temperatures and high humidity made the ice on the car windows extra hardened and absolutely impossible to scrape of :-) I managed to get bits and pieces of the windows ice-free and had to stop before I left the village to scrape the rest when the car had become warmer :-) But the night was absolutely wind free so it didn’t feel that cold to be honest. 447 more words

This And That.