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Joy to the world!

Yes that it how it feels when looking at the thermometer in the morning and it shows 10C (50F) and when looking out the window one see that mist is covering the ground. 809 more words

This And That.

A bit early even for me :-)

I woke up at 4 this morning and it was impossible to go back to sleep again, it had been very warm all night even if I had had the windows open all the time. 555 more words

This And That.

One day of summer.

We’re having a summer day today!! Well this is Swedish normal summer temperatures so it stopped at 22C (71,6F). It is just perfect outside and we better enjoy this day because the predictions says loser temperatures already tomorrow with some rain too. 382 more words

This And That.

Did You Know...

We’re going to have way below normal temperatures for June? July, below temperatures, and August, we’re on the border of the temperature thingy.

So say meteorologists. 392 more words

What Will This Summer Bring?

As we march into spring trying to shake off a long cold winter… the show must go on. 380 more words


Nasty cold morning.

Nasty cold here this morning, -9C (15,8F) and I refused to go outside until the rising sun had warmed up the air at least some. So we came out rather late for being is in to a -5C (23F) heat wave :-) It was actually rather nice since we don’t have any wind at all this morning. 282 more words

This And That.

This Morning

Foggy foggy dawn

Fading gently through the morn

Singing softly of a midnight storm

That did not happen like the weather man had said

Foggy foggy dawn… 24 more words