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Did You know that?

I woke up in the early morning by the sound of rain hitting my cottage really hard, I can’t remember any of the weather reports mentioning rain during the night so I have to admit that I was a bit surprised. 686 more words

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A bit too warm :-)

It is hot today! Two days ago it barely reached 18C (64,4F), today it reached 29C (84,2F). It isn’t nice at all but thankfully the humidity still is rather low and a breeze helps us to manage this temperature swing. 472 more words

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Fact or Fiction? Ancient Hurricanes

This hurricane season in the Atlantic has been unusually quiet so far. In fact, Florida is currently experiencing the longest stretch ever without a hurricane making landfall along its coast. 106 more words


I can not say I have not rested this vacation.

I had hoped I would be able to do a lot of things while being on a blog vacation but the weather hasn’t allowed any outside work and I didn’t receive the phone call I wanted either, I need new rims to my car so I don’t have to get the summer tires taken off so the winter tires can be put on. 837 more words

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It feels like thunder.

I’m glad I mowed the lawn on Friday because it would have been rather messy to try to clean out the lawn mower after the rain we had yesterday. 186 more words

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Joy to the world!

Yes that it how it feels when looking at the thermometer in the morning and it shows 10C (50F) and when looking out the window one see that mist is covering the ground. 809 more words

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A bit early even for me :-)

I woke up at 4 this morning and it was impossible to go back to sleep again, it had been very warm all night even if I had had the windows open all the time. 555 more words

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