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Almost nothing weather again.

The weather is boring today or as they said last week in the radio, we’re having almost nothing weather. No sun, no wind and almost no degrees (just above 0C). 194 more words

This And That.

Now their food is exciting :-)

We were supposed to have sunshine all day today and I am still waiting. I almost saw some a few minutes, well at least I saw the sun trough the clouds like a bright dot in all the grey. 319 more words

My Dogs And Cats.

The cold has the upper hand.

I’m at home today, the cold has given me a sore throat, runny nose, headache and a slightly deeper voice. Every now and again it feels like I’m boiling but oddly enough I don’t freeze in between like I usually do. 219 more words

This And That.

They didn't look before cutting :-)

We’ve had a rather nice day here, sunshine all day and I think it was slightly warmer than predicted as well. Just the absence of wind make most days nice, unless it is frying hot because then a wind can be rather nice. 738 more words

My Dogs And Cats.

I can feel the heat from the sun.

The sun is shining and I can feel the heat from it, normally that doesn’t happen until after February but I guess since it already is warm and nice outside it’s easier to feel the heat. 309 more words

My Dogs And Cats.

Is anyone surprised :-)

They predicted sunshine here today, both the Swedish and Norwegian weather site and they are still saying we have sunshine here and I guess we have somewhere above the thick fog :-) It did actually look as if the sun would break through for a while but the fog fought back and seems to have won a total victory :-) 288 more words

My Dogs And Cats.

Stuff I’m not good at

Everyone brags about how good they are at things. Blah, blah, blah.

What about those areas where they fall short. Really short. Like lower than whale poop short. 369 more words