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Unsteady she blows.

The wind is blowing harder and harder outside. Well, the steady wind isn’t that bad but the gusts can be. They tossed around my car when I drove on the big road on my way home :-) 228 more words

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A Year of Smiles - Day 362

Reason to SMILE #362: A COZY FIRE

The colder air has finally reached my neck of the woods in southwest Georgia. It’s only in the forties but I can’t seem to get warm. 156 more words

Random Musings

His brain becomes solid granite.

The storm has passed and today was very calm and a bit chilly. The sun did try its best to shine through the clouds but was never really successful. 406 more words

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Cross-country skiing on tv = good sleep in front of it :-)

Lots of sports on tv this year, even channels that never show any sports have started to do so now and I wonder why because they have been a safe haven for those not interested in sports and now they risk loosing them as viewers and it isn’t easy to bring them back again later on. 562 more words

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A Botanist, A Politician, and a Sage

The disputed crape myrtle

As she retold the stories of a pair of charming and heart-warming turtles — Torty,  New Zealand’s oldest survivor of World War I, and… 1,175 more words


He really eats anything :-)

I must say that Albin just keeps on surprising me :-) :-) Yesterday I watched him eating rose-hips straight from the very big and thorny wild rose :-) :-) He just bit them off the thorny branches, chewed a little on them and swallowed it all :-) I guess I know why he farts so much now :-) :-) :-) I guess that he will spread this wild rose over big areas in this village since lots of those seeds can’t have been chewed on :-) :-) :-) 319 more words

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Photos from the old cameras.

I just checked the two big weather sites, the Norwegian one and the Swedish biggest one. This morning both of them showed sun all day tomorrow, now they’ve changed that to either cloudy with temperatures barely above 0C (32F) (the Norwegian one) or cloudy with snow or rain until noon (cloudy rest of the day) and slightly warmer (the Swedish one). 628 more words

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