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Did This Weatherman Toot On LIVE TV?

We can all agree, the fart slip in public is the worst feeling in the world. Did it stink? Did your friends hear it? Of course they heard it! 75 more words


Phillips Phunny: Weatherman Breaks Wind Live On Air

Watch a weatherman pass gas on LIVE TV.

A weatherman in Mobile, Alabama named Chris Dunn let one rip right in the middle of his forecast. 12 more words


Bad Dad Joke of the Day #40

And what a storm it was.  Check out my next post (soon to be out) for further coverage of the storm.

Phillips Phunny: Weatherman Overcome By Eclipse

This weatherman got a little OVER-emotional right BEFORE yesterday’s eclipse.

A weatherman in Chicago went to southern Illinois to cover the eclipse yesterday, and got pretty emotional about it BEFORE the eclipse even started.


Halifax weatherman finds scorpion in bananas after grocery trip

A Halifax-based weatherman says he got more than he bargained for during a recent Costco trip – a live scorpion in his bag of bananas. 616 more words


Humber News: March 2-4, 2016

I was the weather reporter for this weeks Humber News

Weather teaser March 2 (8:29)

Weather report on March 2

March 3 Weather teaser (7:50) 11 more words


Weatherman Gets Blown Away By Wind On Live TV [VIDEO]

This guy never saw it coming!

Inside Edition recently reported that an Irish weatherman was reporting live when a sudden gust of wind blew him off-camera.

Watch the hilarious video above!