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Pokémon Go: The Craze Continues...

Pokémon Go…you’ve heard of it, seen it, and probably know at least one person who plays it. But the public antics and mishaps are really just beginning.  62 more words


No Room at the Inn

Can you imagine the scene? Driving rain and an icy cold wind blasting us from in front, the moonless country road difficult to follow without landing in every pool of muddy water, Clayton and I grunt and curse as we make our weary way to the dim flickering light, still about a mile away. 567 more words


This Weatherman's Reaction To A Penis Shaped Cloud Is Hilarious!

This is one of the craziest things we have ever seen. A water spout in New Zealand looks just like a penis coming out of the clouds. 44 more words


I know many of you reading this will have a hard time appreciating it,but...

I hope you will bear with me.

I get mad at the weathermen all the time, as you know.  They get my hopes up, only to be completely wrong in their forecasting. 414 more words

What I Am Thinking About

Phillips Phunny: The Weatherman And The Cloud

A weatherman cracks up the newsroom because a cloud looks like…

A weatherman in New Zealand put a picture of a funnel cloud on the screen behind him recently, so he could point out that it looked like a guy’s JUNK. 6 more words