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Jim Cantore

#cantore need I say more? Just look up him on #youtube to see his highlights, or are they lowlights?


PHOTO: This Satellite Photo Of Hurricane Matthew Looks Like A Grinning Skull!

This is pretty creepy!

Have you seen this satellite image of Hurricane Matthew that’s currently baring down on Haiti?

This was as Matthew was making landfall this morning in Haiti.

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Acting in The Day I Met Her

I play a possessive, bullying TV weatherman whose grip on reality is slipping away in Jimmy Humphrey’s latest movie, The Day I Met Her. I wrote about Jimmy and the flick for… 17 more words


Pokémon Go: The Craze Continues...

Pokémon Go…you’ve heard of it, seen it, and probably know at least one person who plays it. But the public antics and mishaps are really just beginning.  62 more words


No Room at the Inn

Can you imagine the scene? Driving rain and an icy cold wind blasting us from in front, the moonless country road difficult to follow without landing in every pool of muddy water, Clayton and I grunt and curse as we make our weary way to the dim flickering light, still about a mile away. 567 more words