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How to make money in Zambia: Top 10 City Hustles

If you live in one of the cities in Zambia and you’re broke, it’s your fault! Whether you’re a high school dropout, college student, job hunting or employed you are broke because you choose to be. 1,201 more words

How to make a Full Wig with Lace Closure

Hey!! Want to learn how you can indulge in protective styling using wigs? I love wearing protective styles to help retain length and promote health hair. 230 more words

The World's Obsession

Naturally with the power of social media today, the conversation that started with protests at Pretoria Girls High School is spreading through to other schools. With the protest against stringent unrealistic rules particularly towards black hair in schools it is important to note that such rules do not apply to school children only but also affect our women in their workplaces too. 717 more words


My Weave Life

I’d always dreaded the sew-in weave. There was just something so western about it that I didn’t quite appreciate -not that I have anything against the silky western hair. 738 more words


Having a blast 🐳

So this was my view while I was having dinner with my parents which I haven’t seen for months…

The food was so tasty…reminding me from back home memories… 32 more words


My Love Affair With Hair

‘Growing pains’ literally refers to the pain we experience as children when our bones are growing, but I think that you can use the term to describe the difficulties we experience emotionally and physically when we grow older. 915 more words

Tunashe In Real Life