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Things that don't belong in the weaving world

Or do they?
Enter bolts. Free of grease and dirt, unused in their direct purpose.
Yet quite handy for yours truly, to be used as weights for mended warp threads (cause: a knot or a broken thread). 56 more words


The Student Inspires the Teacher

I planned to make this table runner
Handwoven magazine Jan/Feb 2014
for our Cherished Neighbor Liz

BUT I thought I’d better check
to see if she liked it first… 585 more words

Craft Projects

Treadle Envy

When looking through sample books from Cross Country Weavers, I found myself having  treadle envy. I’m sure your asking yourself what could she possibly be talking about. 211 more words


Baltic Style Inkle

I started this awhile ago and got discouraged as it just didn’t come out right. So then I just did it straight with the spotty look but boy were my selvedges ugly. 119 more words


In the shop: placemats

Yay!  Added the pages with the placemats that I currently have in stock, description and all that.  If you want to buy them or get more information, please contact me at sophie.avdey@gmail.com.   7 more words


And There You Have It--Runner and Journal Pages

My twined table runner is complete! It’s living on the dining table and I like it very much! The last 2″ was a challenge as the warp gets very tight at that point. 157 more words

Art Journals