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...off to the mill.

On a Spring like Morning in February I headed out on my ‘long commute’ of two scenic kilometers  to the beautifully located Knockando Wool Mill, to participate in a three-day weaving workshop lead by Sam Goats. 104 more words


Kilipaki and lauhala hats in Honolulu, 1903.


Art of Hat Making is Falling Into Decadence Among the Hawaiians and Was Chief Industry Among the South Sea Islanders. 624 more words


Revival of the lauhala hat, 1919.

Lauhala Hat May Reign Once More

When the Hilo Ad Club visited Honolulu in Territorial Fair week, they all wore lauhala hats, which a few years ago were worn almost exclusively by Hawaii’s male citizens. 186 more words

English Newspaper

Weaving hearts

Following on from my last post, I spun and spun, then spun some more and ended up with about 60g of handspun cotton. I finished it by boiling (!?!) it and after it had dried I just spent a little while giving it the odd squeeze and squish as it is the softest cottony cloud ever. 113 more words


Woven calabash just like one made of wood! 1877.

We were at a birthday party in the uplands of Kalihi on last week Thursday. We admired how well supplied the table was spread, and from among the beautiful things on the table, there was a skillfully crafted Hawaiian umeke, that is, it was loulu palm and the young coconut fronds woven just like a wooden calabash. 94 more words


A Week’s Worth of Handwovens from One Wonderful Warp: 7

Other elements of my life are infringing on my blog life this week. Instead of my usual very deep, incredibly insightful, humility-laden, and overly wordy posts, I am going to show you some glamour shots of the woven result of the long warp I’ve been thinking of as  408 more words

Celebrating Hands At Home

Weaving as a Way of Feminism

Ah, what could be more typical than a fall from grace, the pride of a mere mortal eventually bringing their own demise?

Let me explain. Don’t worry; I didn’t piss off a deity or anything. 522 more words