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Pick up some Rugs in Denmark?

I love looking at the modern design auctions of the Danish company Bruun Rasmussen.  There are a couple of lovely Swedish rugs up now, with beautiful details and lovely nuances to the yarn colors.   150 more words

Monday Reflections: Saint Margaret, Queen of Scotland

The merchants that came from all lands, bringing their wares at the bidding of the Queen, found the people eager and willing to buy. […]

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Textiles In Literature

Even to the Minutiae

A hand woven tapestry, rich with intricate details and colors…


  •  the small, precise, or trivial details of something



More Weave Draft Possibilities

It could also be interesting to try doing double cloth for weaving genetic code because then the complementary base pairs can be linked directly in the weave structure on the opposite layers. 224 more words



I have been bitten by the weaving bug something fierce, which considering quite how many non-weaving things are on the project to-do list is a little distressing. 218 more words


"A Line Can Go Anywhere" at James Cohen Gallery

The James Cohen Gallery is currently presenting “A Line Can Go Anywhere”.  Curated by Jenelle Porter, this exhibit features the work of 7 fiber artist from the Bay area. 62 more words

Mathematical Art

Samantha Bittman

Samantha Bittman creates fascinating and often disorienting optical effects with her acrylic paintings on handwoven cloth. The shift from a seemingly flat patterns to ones with texture created from the weave structure creates an interesting tension between the substrate and image. 33 more words