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Research for Double Cloth

Hello there. First post about my first attempt at double cloth weaving. My inspiration is based upon simple structures and the work of Agnes Martin (one of my favourite artists). 271 more words


Computer-Designed Portraits, Knit By Hand!

Artist has done something that we’ve never seen before: his piece “A New Way to Knit” lives up to its name. What he’s done is to take the traditional circular loom, some black thread, and toss some computing at it. 314 more words

Misc Hacks

going, going, going

We’ve been so busy this summer! It’s one of those things I struggle with; finding a balance between enough time with friends and things to do and enough time to sit, relax, wonder, read and be at home. 834 more words


Long Asymmetrical Wrap Design

I have had some requests from the weaving and sewing for weavers facebook groups to explain how I make long, flowing wraps like the orange and blue ones I posted recently. 647 more words


Fleece Breeds - Gotland

The Gotland breed of sheep is also called Gotland Pelt.  It was named for the Swedish island of Gotland.  Gotlands are medium sized, friendly, docile, inquisitive, attractive sheep with long, lustrous locks of wool.  306 more words

Swaziland’s handmade revolution

We were leaving Swaziland – enchanted, after a mere two days by the rippling granite hills, the soft light, the weekend languor of the place. Before heading to the border, we stopped at the Ngwenya Glass Complex. 2,270 more words


Fabric Hot Loop Bracelets, Headbands and Pot Holders

Creative Wednesdays

One of the easiest bracelets for kids to make only requires fabric loops and fingers — no special tools. Once kids feel confident weaving bracelets and headbands on their fingers they can move to a weaving loom to make pot holders and more. 320 more words