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This the symbaloo I want to share with my partners from Entels Project.


And this is the one I´ve made: Free software and web2.0 tools used by /with my pupils, for etwinning Projects and Edixgal. 6 more words

Web 2.0 Tools

Tools for Practice Tuesday: Blabbing about #SWDE2016

Great blog post from Sean Erreger discussing technology in social work education.  Sean is using at video conferencing tool called Blab.IM that is currently in beta form.   65 more words

Web 2.0 Tools

Il padlet del corso Lingue Straniere e TIC #PNSD

Ritengo che il Piano Nazionale Scuola Digitale sia una grande opportunità per la scuola italiana, sempre che la formazione non si concentri sui “tecnicismi” ma sulla didattica e sulla condivisione libera delle risorse. 39 more words

Blended Worksheets - Wizer

The Wizer worksheet builder is intuitive and compliments teachers’ experience and creativity by allowing quick creation of a wide variety of question types: open questions, multiple choice, matching pairs, fill in the blank, fill on an image, tables, etc.. 59 more words

Web 2.0 Tools


Online resource Stage/Area Web 2.0 tools – Venngage Various

Venngage is an online tool which can be used to create infographics, posters and other visual presentations.  612 more words

Web 2.0 Tools

How to create a fossil

Online resource Stage Area Web 2.0 tool
Draw.io 4 Earth and Space
How fossils are created About Draw.io
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Web 2.0 Tools

What we can learn from HSTRY

Online resource Stage Topic Web 2.0 tools
HSTRY 6 Various Activity:

HSTRY is an online application that can be used to create timelines. There are a number of content statements within Stage 6 Science syllabuses which concern the development of scientific development over time (the development of cell theory in Biology, or the development of the modern periodic table in Chemistry). 414 more words

Web 2.0 Tools