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Interactive Graphic Organizers

This site has a list of apps, websites and digital downloads useful for the classroom. Critical thinking is the key to learning and these ready made resources will be useful for every teacher who wants to encourage visible thinking with their students.

Web 2.0 Tools


The development of Thinking Skills is essential for students to be effective learners. With the escalating amount of information available to students in the world of 21st Century learning, they must be able to analyse and think critically. 41 more words

Web 2.0 Tools

In Search Of The Holy Grail - How do ICTs foster Critical Thinking?

The Holy Grail of ICT integration in the classroom is that almost mythical quest for the application of ICTs to foster critical thinking. The assumption that the introduction of ICTs would somehow magically transform teaching practice, leading to more learner-centred, problem-based, cognitively rich classrooms has not borne fruit. 1,528 more words

Web 2.0 Tools

Teaching with Web 2.0 Tools (Part 2)

Magali Trapero Turrent is an ELT Editor at Oxford University Press, Mexico. She is the co-author of several books published by OUP as well as a teacher and former OUP Educational Services teacher trainer. 927 more words

Young Learners

Splash ABC

This is an excellent site full of many resources on a variety of topics pitched at an appropriate level for children.

Web 2.0 Tools


What an incredible find! So often I am helping students with their research and we have difficulty finding text easy enough for some of them. This web site could make life a lot easier. 14 more words

Web 2.0 Tools

Why Don't You Join Me For A Great "Kahoot!" One Of The Best Tech Tools To Try!

Kahoot is by far my most favorite web site and formative assessment tool.  Kahoot has been around for a while, but many clinicians have not heard of it, and its implications for increasing SEL.   443 more words

Web 2.0 Tools