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A while back I recorded a podcast with Plastic Battles , where Paul and I discuss photos from a European G.I. Joe catalogue. I truly hope that my utter contempt for Lightfoot comes across!


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Herramientas Web 2.0

Hoy en día, usamos la tecnología para todo, es muy común ver como con el paso del tiempo, cada vez se simplifican las cosas sólo con un click, un touch, esto no quiere decir que dejemos de aplicar el esfuerzo humano, por que así como hay actividades que se hacen con el sudor de la frente, hay actividades que se realizan con el sudor del cerebro, pues el uso de las tecnologías lo veo como una manera de actualizarse, de entrar en un mundo nuevo, de tomar decisiones, esto nos va a ayudar a ser mucho más independientes y así también a crear, a idear, a ser consciente, a jugar con la mente, a conocer nuevas fronteras, por que en un futuro no sabemos si todo sea manejado por tecnologías, y si no las conocemos ahora cuando? Que opinas?

Web 2.0

Scumbag CNBC video advocates denying restaurant servers full tips to save money

Tipping your servers is vital people. It should not be a game where you’re trying to save money. A new video from CNBC advocates saving money by doubling the tax percentage or tipping on a pre-tax amount to skirt below 20% in any way possible. 147 more words


Lexicography: What Can You Write with 50 Words? ... Web 3.0

For many years, I worked in IT and wrote web-based software – mostly middleware – using various programming languages, among them Java and .NET. “ 424 more words

A.M. Potter

Web Server Logic: Overview and Evolution

When thinking of the internet and servers, the first type of server that comes to mind is a web server. Not all servers on the internet are actually web servers, but as far as front of mind and siginificance, the web server is way up there.   3,505 more words


The Web & Social Media Changes News Forever

Since the emergence of the internet and Web 2.0, the media landscape has changed dramatically. This article will examine the impact that new media has had on the public relations industry and the traditional mass media, and the associated implications for professional communicators. 2,448 more words

Social Media

Citizen Journalism in the Traveling Mind

Citizen journalism is a new thing that has risen out of the Web 2.0 era. It is a way for people to informally report for others to see. 589 more words