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The Erection of a Social Community in Porn

Sex has always been a part of human culture. With it being embedded in our society, we witness how technology has played a main role in the progressive subject of human sexuality. 1,513 more words

Web 2.0 implications for education by Joel Lewinsohn, teacher

Web 2.0 is a relatively newer term, Peters and Hopkins (2013) defined this as “technologies to make the World Wide Web a more interactive environment” (p. 815 more words


Web 2.0, 3.0, Internet of Things … What Does It All Mean?

We might as well start with Web 2.0, the Web version that the majority of us are familiar with.

The term Web 2.0 is describe by Tim O’Reily founder of O’Reily Media “the understanding that the network is the platform and on the network is a platform the rules for business are different, and the cardinal rule is this one, … 704 more words

The Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation

The Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation (VLCFF) is an Internet distance-learning program to support catchiest and adult faith formation in the Catholic Church. VLCFF is based in Ohio’s Dayton University. 292 more words

Professional Development

Web 2.0 : A Sign of Human Growth or Decline?

Studying digital communication in recent weeks has encouraged me to reflect on the concept of web 2.0 and the multitude of implications online interactivity poses. Consequently, it triggered the question: Is web 2.0 something to be embraced or resisted? 1,024 more words


#d303GoogleMadness Here is Your Champion!

Wow…what a ride! We started with 64 Google Apps/Tools/Add-ons/Extensions/Features and whittled it down to ONE…ONE Amazing Google Tool that we certainly couldn’t live without.

Here were some highlights from the last few weeks… 266 more words


Web 2.0 & The Youtube Commandments

I’m sure everybody has grown up being told, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, implying that simply looking at a product isn’t enough to determine its internal worth. 1,318 more words

Media Studies 2.0