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Digital Discipleship: Twitter, Instagram, and … (Part III)

We live in the midst of an evolving Digital Culture with its own language and skills.  It’s almost like going to a foreign land where we may often feel like a “stranger.”  So, when others begin to say that they are using… 558 more words


The NFL will reportedly relax their social media rules so teams can post more GIFs and videos

About two months ago the NFL implemented a new social media policy that effectively banned teams from posting any video-based content during games. The backlash was tremendous, with fans and teams criticizing the NFL for negatively impacting fan’s social media experiences, especially during a TV ratings slump. 503 more words


H818- Comparing multimedia tools

Over the past week I have been trying out some new multimedia tools for my practical project as part of H818 – The networked practitioner… 317 more words


EDRMS - Web 2.0 Records

In an increasingly digital world it is becoming the norm to connect and collaborate online via the use of Social Media: E.g Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. 381 more words



When integrated into the teaching and learning process, formative assessment provides key data to adjust instruction and promotes an active, student centered learning environment.  With the implementation of… 70 more words

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SocialBooks turns your social media into a lasting memento of your horrific year

If you’re anything like me you hate social media with a white-hot passion yet you feel oddly compelled to put garbage into it on a regular basis, to your great shame. 339 more words



互联网风尚变化太快,一阵一阵刮得紧啊!八年前,博客还是最主流的Web 2.0形式,但不久就被Facebook、Twitter、微博这些社交网站取代了地位,而如今类似微信朋友圈、Instagram一类的移动端社交应用大有超越之势。也不知未来又会刮起怎样的旋风。

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