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Moving my blog forward

Over the last few days, I have been reviewing my blog. Reading articles I had written 6+ years ago.

My thoughts…

“my teaching has come on a long way since I first started blogging before my PGCE at Loughborough University”

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Web 2.0

Web 2.0 
Since 2004 the term “Web 2.0” has been used to describe the social web.  This new title wasn’t used to describe a change in specific web technology, but instead a change in the way websites were created and used.  87 more words

Olivia figured stuff out

As an avid reader of this blog (hi, Dad) you know that the majority of my previous nine posts were about me discovering a new part of Web 2.0 and realizing that as a millennial, I don’t actually know everything about the internet. 431 more words

Web 2.0

Weathering the storm of Web 3.0 and its implications for Education

Web 1.0.  Web 2.0.  Web 3.0.  No, these aren’t Spiderman movies.  It is the terminology used to describe the evolution of the World Wide Web.  For those who need a quick overview, here’s a video: 726 more words

EC&I 833

Web 1.0 vs. Web 2.0


  1. Within the infographic, you are able to see early examples of the web and what it looked like at the time. Do you think the ability to customize current website’s appearance has added benefits for the site visitors?
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Grad School Blog Post

Web 1.0, 2.0, & 3.0

The web has changed a lot since it was first developed in 1989 by British scientist Tim Berners-Lee to share documents between the scientists at CERN. 218 more words


Social media works exactly as its creators intended -- and that's why it keeps getting worse. | Part 1

The internet has become an extension of real life. What happens when real life becomes an extension of the internet?

First, an analogy: the United States was founded by men who were also slaveowners, and the country was… 587 more words