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Resume Promo: Web 2.0

Talented Web 2.0 professional with experience in social media writing, marketing, and promotion. Experience using multiple web 2.o platforms, including YouTube, WordPress, and Flickr.

Understanding Web 2.0 and The Networked Society

As a digital marketeer you have to comprehend what kind of public sphere you are navigating in. You even have to explain simply how it works and why it matters to develop the strategies you have that surrounds every aspect of platforms, stages, behavior etc. 147 more words

Digital Marketing

Sometimes Being Young Helps!

I am 32 years old. I grew up playing video games. For the majority of my life, I have had access to the internet, and I have grown up in a culture surrounded by technology. 686 more words

What's your Favourite iPad App?

Do you get asked this at all? Every digital trainer who works with iPads gets this a lot and the answer is usually, “It depends what you want to do.” It’s like asking someone about their favourite device. 127 more words


Citizen Journalism

Citizen Journalism, sometimes called “street journalism” can be defined in a few ways, but the main way is “a citizen or group with an active role in processes”. 583 more words

Do It Yourself

Le salon du web 2.0

Pour sortir de chez lui et prendre le taxi qui devait l’emmener à la Porte de Versailles, au Salon du Web 2.0, Colin Romanet mit des lunettes fumées et un imperméable ; on aurait dit un espion ; il en était là ; toute la littérature en était là. 338 more words