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Community and online learning success

I’ve always been an independent learner. When I was first considering universities for my undergrad degree, I daydreamed about studying via correspondence. I imagined neat packages arriving in the mailbox at regular intervals, filled with course outlines, readings and assessment tasks. 1,367 more words

Web 2.0

[ETEC 527] Final Reflections

Wow, I really can’t believe I’m at the end of my first semester of grad school. Starting school again was actually pretty unexpected considering I made the decision in about 24 hours and rushed to apply immediately after I graduated. 502 more words

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[ETEC 527] Vanity Search 2

Since starting my Web 2.0 course I have learned a lot about creating a digital footprint and about so many web tools that I had no clue about. 166 more words

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[ETEC 527] My Adventure in Social Bookmarking with Diigo

This week as I’ve explored Diigo and I ended up hating it and then loving it. Diigo (Digest of Internet information, Groups and Other stuff) is an online platform with the goal of helping you create your own personal online knowledge library online. 251 more words

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The Optimism of the Learners


Our book Digital Learning Architectures of Participation had its genesis when a group of British people who had built a prototype social network in 2002, a “Facebook” before Mark Zuckerberg had started coding ConnectU at Harvard for the Winklevoss twins, asked themselves the question “ 477 more words

Fred Garnett

[ETEC 527] Week 1: Vanity Search Blog Post

This week of introduction to Web 2.0 and grad school as a whole was very surprising and intriguing to me. I have to admit, I’m pretty excited about what I’ll be learning and what I have already learned. 293 more words

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Bolsa de emprego+investigação em plataformas Web

Bolsa de emprego em plataformas digitais. Foto por Martin Reisch.

Uma das minhas paixões e interesses profissionais é o design e desenvolvimento de plataformas digitais. 166 more words