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Why use cloud computing?

Cloud computing, in simple terms, is storing information online instead of storing it on your own computer or other device. Anyone who uses the Internet is probably already using cloud computing, whether they realize it or not. 375 more words

The Evolution of Public Relations

Web 2.0 has drastically changed the public relations industry and the ways in which practitioners interact with the public. The constant evolution of the Internet advances communication techniques and expands the overall interactivity of integrated marketing and public relations tools and strategies. 301 more words


Sharing My Journey

I want to challenge myself with developing my website to the point of perfection…then I will take a breath and realize my journey to improve and develop the learning commons website will continue even after this class is over. 526 more words



In the 21st century things are a lot different than before, we get information in many different ways instead of just what the news outlets inform us of. 495 more words

Top 100 Tools for Learning

Did you know that Twitter is the number one tool to support learning?

Check out the Top 100 Tools for Learning compiled by Jane Hart, the founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies (C4LPT).   49 more words


What do people really think?: Library Surveys

In any business, the best way to keep customers happy is to know what they want. Libraries are no exception to this. They need to be aware of what their patrons and the general public currently think about the library, what they want from the library, and what could be improved. 279 more words

Reflection 5 Response

Response to Gwen Wigal’s Reflection 5:


You bring up a point in your Reflection 5. It is around the beginning of the second paragraph. You say that there is one rule that holds true across the blogosphere – the fact that we are in control. 345 more words