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The Maker Movement

It’s very difficult to give a precise definition about the Maker Movement, as it is difficult to establish a date when the movement started, since human beings have been creative and have been tinkering as well, since the beginning of humanity. 1,085 more words

Q QR Code Scavenger hunt from the Daring Librarian

Have you been wanting to try a QR Code scavenger hunt, but not sure where to start?
This two-part blog post by the Daring Librarian ought to give you some good ideas of what it could look like.

Read all about it here

Web 2.0

Las 3 C’s de Internet.

Me gusta Internet. Es algo que de pronto se incorporó a mi vida cotidiana y hoy en día es una herramienta que valoro y respeto, porque detrás de cada desarrollo hay años de investigación y experiencia que tienen como finalidad hacernos las cosas más sencillas. 401 more words

Redes Sociales

My Personal Learning Spaces

This slideshow is a reflection of my learning spaces throughout the week. each photo represents a moment in time that I was engaging or reflecting on my studies. 8 more words

Learning Space

Collective Intelligence

It was the French philosopher Pierre Lévy, that conceptualized the notion of collective intelligence. In his 1994 book “Collective Intelligence: Mankind’s Emerging World in Cyberspace… 913 more words

How Blogs (and RSS feeds) Help Libraries

I’ll be honest. Before today, I had no idea what RSS feeds were. I had seen the iconic little orange button on blogs before but I didn’t know what RSS stood for or how it was used. 321 more words

Giornalismo partecipativo, crisi o evoluzione?

(Post del 2013 pubblicato su Egorego.com)

Riuscire a diventare giornalista pubblicista significa, forse più di qualsiasi altra cosa, essere determinati nel non lasciarsi scoraggiare dai tanti ostacoli che sbucano come funghi durante il percorso dei due anni di scrittura. 316 more words