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Mistaken Targeted Identity

This week I was the victim of mistaken identity, manifesting as a barrage of oddly irrelevant, ‘targeted’, advertising.

The Social Media Collective blog defines this algorithmic marketing as 

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The Zaful Effect

A clothing brand that in the last few months has garnered international attention is ‘Zaful‘ which is in almost every woman’s Facebook advertisement feed. 406 more words

Alternative Media, Alternative Election - Introduction

Western politics are in a state of populist upheaval. This is clear in the growth and successes of populist movements in the UK, the USA, France, Austria and the Netherlands. 899 more words


Recent Comments & Replies from the Grants.gov Community Blog

This blog supports a growing community made up of applicants, grantors, and individuals who are exploring the world of federal grants – sometimes for the very first time. 477 more words


Words on Hartley's 'The Uses of Digital Literacies'.

Popular culture’s prominent assumption is that it is a product of capitalistic powers manipulating the masses to their desire. Popular culture assumes its position as a one-way media model as middle-class citizens submit to its infulence. 375 more words


MeWe builds a bridge between government and business

TechCrunch | July 14, 2017 | By Jon Shieber

In July 2017, TechCrunch featured MeWe, a technology startup founded by Manik Suri to help government regulators and business leaders improve compliance. 34 more words


Embracing mobile devices and social media tools | District Administration Magazine

Fast disappearing from schools are internet “lock and block” policies that keep students off social media and restrict them to carefully curated websites. Even with sophisticated filters and firewalls… 11 more words