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National Workshop on 'Social Media for Libraries', 23-24 March 2018

The Department of Library & Information Science, University of Kerala is organizing a Two Day National Workshop on ‘Social Media for Libraries‘ during… 493 more words


Rodent Poop, the Olympics and Food Safety Inspections that Work

Food Safety Tech | March 8, 2018 | By Manik Suri

We live in a world that eats out, and if we don’t develop new techniques to protect customers in restaurants and food service settings, more people are going to get sick (or worse). 85 more words


Web 2.0 - The Rise of the Sponsors

“Content is king. It is the meaning that counts. Form and technical considerations, though important, cannot substitute for content” – Bill Gates

Web 2.0 is not a place or address, but an idea on how to use the internet differently.

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Web 3.0 (Hopefully)

Technically, there is no such thing as Web 3.0 (yet), but I can only hope that this will be a “thing” in the very near future.   812 more words


Indian American-led CoInspect App Making Food Safety Inspections More Efficient

IndiaWest | March 1, 2018 | By India-West Staff Reporter

Indian American lawyer entrepreneur Manik Suri wanted to make the world a safer and better place, so in June 2014 he founded the technology company CoInspect. 57 more words


Web 2.0

To say that there is a Web 2.0 means that there was an original Web, a Web 1.0. So when did Web 1.0 leave and Web 2.0 arrive? 919 more words