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A New Kind of Sharing

The word “share” has developed some different connotations.  I asked my six year old what it means to share and his answer was interesting.  He said, “like how you share pictures on Facebook?” 132 more words

Web 2.0

MACUL Recap: #MindBlown

March 24, 2017

Recently I had the privilege of attending the MACUL Conference, since it was located in Detroit, near where I live. For both days, it was around $200, which I thought was pretty steep. 478 more words


Info-graphic? Appsolutely!

This week in our education technology class, we learned all about apps, from their very beginning to now. Want to make your cartoon, poster, animated storybook, info-graphic, or just about anything else? 464 more words

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Getting to Know Valentí Sanjuan

On March 22, 2017, Valentí Sanjuan was a guest speaker in my Journalism 2.0 class and spoke to us about what he does for a living. 640 more words

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Using Storybird in the classroom

The app I used to create my project was Storybird. I found this to be really fun to make, I love reading and writing so it is definitely something I can see myself using in the future. 652 more words

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When Social Media Attacks.

We know why social media is attractive for business. It provides efficient and cheap platforms to connect to customers, allows firms to obtain feedback for developing new products/ideas and ultimately can increase revenue. 652 more words


Why do we have to name everything?

Ahhhh humans. Always so quick to label things. Once we noticed a change in internet habits and the phrase Web 2.0 began to be muttered in motivational seminars across the world, we couldn’t help but stretch the metaphor. 1,385 more words

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