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From web 2.0 to 4.0

The journey from Web 1.0 toward 4.0

In the 1990’s, Web 1.0 entered the realm of public interest.

It provided webpages filled with information to users who would read, understand and use. 925 more words

Digital Media

About this blog: towards a visual internet

We’re in a third wave of Web 2.0, say the social media theorists and the blogs who read them. I read the blogs.

In the early 2000s, blogging and personal websites dominated internet use. 289 more words

Web 2.0: A Blessing and a Curse for Film

Web 2.0

With the interactive platform of the internet filmmakers are closer than ever before with their audiences.

When I was growing up film was my safe place.  265 more words


First Day's Class and HW in Canvas


This class is designed to be different from any other high school or college writing class you have taken. The objective is not to write in order to prove to a teacher that you have learned the course material or that you have learned to write an academic essay or research paper—those are genres of writing that only exist in school and you will not be in school forever (thank goodness). 595 more words


From Web 2.0 to Web 4.0

(Guardian, 2015)

In March of 1989 a British computer scientist by the name of Tim Burners-Lee (pictured above) introduced a proposal for an information management system (pictured below). 700 more words


The Evolution of the Web and Digital Marketing

The web. The world wide web.

Thanks to Tim Burners Lee, the online marketing sector has evolved and changed how digital marketing is being done drastically. 623 more words


Web 2.0 Tools

To study…

Quizlet – digital flashcards

Popplet – concept mapping (web and app)

To enhance lessons…

10 of the best virtual field trips

Google Expeditions… 79 more words