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Presentar los orígenes del término web 2.0 y su evolución, así como sus características más importantes y manejo de las herramientas que más utiliza este sistema, es el objetivo del curso-taller que inició este lunes Federico Russell Turnbull Muñoz, jefe del Departamento de Información y Servicios Documentales de la Dirección General de Bibliotecas de la UNAM. 509 more words


Engage Students with Interlace

In Help Desk Live Episode 20, senior Nathan Rippin interviews Eric Coopey, founder of the interactive web tool Interlace. Nathan also speaks with Gary Garber a physics teacher at Boston University Academy and early adopter of Interlace.

Student Voice

Reflection 1: Digital identities and digital security

Teachers need to understand the pitfalls of ineffectively managing their digital identities. Without consciously administering their online persona, there is a risk that the distinction between a teacher’s personal and professional life could diminish, which may have lasting detrimental effects (Ghoussoub, 2015, para. 404 more words


Crowdsourcing the City

Urban development as a process of participation

Next Hamburg is an independent think-tank for future urban development in Hamburg. The project relies on the voluntary cooperation of citizens and local experts and work through cooperation mechanisms of Internet community, such as “crowdsourcing” or “Crowd Wisdom”. 169 more words

Urban News

How Should We Define Digital Diplomacy?

I recently came across an old blog post by the wonderful blogger Marco Recorder who asked his readers to offer definitions of the term digital diplomacy. 943 more words

Fun Personal Project

On ASU’s campus there was recently a forum on privilege.  This forum was set up because an RA had set up check yo privilege boards in the dorm and some people felt like this was an attack or an invasion of their space.   446 more words

#NEISDPLN - Internet Memes in Edu

Testing week.




NOT fun.

So, why not join us in a light-hearted Twitter chat using memes to discuss education?

Everyone is invited! 159 more words