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My Head is in the Clouds . . . uh, I Mean Cloud

What do you think of when you think about the cloud? Cumulus? Cirrus? Cumulonimbus? These days, I think about cloud computing.

What is Cloud Computing? 372 more words


Computers and Clouds? In the Library?

Cloud computing is a useful tool that libraries use. It is the same for the everyday person. With technology racing ahead in today’s society, many use cloud computing without even realizing it. 405 more words


So You Think You're an Internet O.G.?

Hey, remember that one year that everyone begged Santa Claus for the brand new, state-of-the-art video game console?  I made my bed for the entire month of December without being asked and helped Mom with laundry (because I wasn’t above a little bribery and coercion) in hopes of finding a Nintendo Entertainment System under the tree on Christmas morning. 668 more words


Survey Says . . .

From Statistics Canada’s Census Program that surveys Canadians once every 5 years to the grocery store receipt that implores us to do an online survey for the chance to win a prize, it seems that surveys are everywhere. 212 more words


Web 2.0 Handbooks

Secara ringkasnya Web 2.0 adalah laman web yang membolehkan pengguna berkolaborasi, berinteraksi dan berkomunikasi antara satu dengan yang lain. Laman web ini termasuklah Facebook dan sebagainya. 90 more words

WEB 2.0 For Education