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Almost a decade ago I had the pleasure of meeting and first working with Olivier Serrat from the Asian Development Bank. We worked together on a range of initiatives for ADB including developing a series of courses on learning in organisations. 131 more words

Your Page is not mobile friendly - Google warning label is wrong

I just noticed that some pages of one of my blogs were showing as being “not mobile friendly”. My blog has been mobile friendly for more than 2 years now and when being redirected to… 177 more words

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 – the Dork Tower

Note:  I did not write this.  I wish I had, but I didn’t.  It was written by a usually reliable source who witnessed it, or something very like it. 589 more words

NoiseTube – cell phones for ubiquitous noise pollution monitoring

Hey, world, we told you so, although we were a little more advanced in our design and concepts. :)





Turn your mobile phone into an environmental sensor and participate to the monitoring of noise pollution …
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#5: #fakenews is logical outgrowth of web's infrastructure

One post-election 2016 viral-wonder—the crisis of “fake news” in the wake of the 2016 presidential election—was a logical and necessary outgrowth of the web’s sordid infrastructure, prurient daily pleasures, and… 234 more words

Web 2.0

#1: the real internet is a fake

Truth #1 is a deceptively simple start and intentionally so. It mirrors in its construction two organizing structures and conventions of the internet and the social media it spawns: namely, 1) many paradoxes structure the place and its experiences and 2) its user-experienced minimalism hides complexity (among other things): 279 more words

Web 2.0