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A Gentle Warning About the Consequences of Forgetting to Renew a Domain Name

If you’re only blogging on WordPress.com, the subject of today’s post won’t have much bearing on you.

However, if you’re using a self-hosted version of WordPress, you might want to take notice for a few seconds. 132 more words


Master of My Domain

What-ho Gentle Readers!

A brief but pivotal post to update you all that wickedwitofthewest.com is now mine, all mine, bwa ha ha. Have no fear, the initial address using .wordpress.com will still and always work, and no upset to your following or feeds will arise. 58 more words

The Significance of Different Domain Endings

When creating a website, you may notice that different websites use different domain endings. If you want to know more about what they mean, here is some information on them. 101 more words


Web Address

By tomorrow the web address should read http://www.spectrum4ever.co.uk

I just sorted it out with wordpress.com so fingers crossed. At least then we have an official website to call our own.


A Website is a Great Addition for a Small Business

For a small business, a website can be a great help. If this is your first time making a website, here are some things that every website should have. 118 more words

Social Media


If you guys are interested, you can send your responses to my prompts to the email down below. I’m still getting used to this blog (even though I’ve had it up for quite a while…) and I realized that the comments aren’t the ideal place to leave a writing response. 70 more words


URLs and Domain Names

I’ve watched the evolution of URLs and domain names from the time they were invented.  The latest versions of both of these show up in advertizing everywhere. 706 more words