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Trail Descents Is Growing Up!

Hey all my followers and visitors!

Traildescents.Wordpress.com has been growing quickly, and it is all thanks to you! I have been having a blast making this website as good as it can be for you. 123 more words

Trail Descents

FingerCandy.ca, eh?

This post has been edited for clarity.  As in when I wrote it, I could not have been less clear.  So let’s try this one more time! 234 more words

Nail Art

What is in an URL?

I changed my primary Uniform Resource Locator, URL, to a name more fitting for the next phase of my life. Of course I am also trying to move past my Higher Education Technology focus. 585 more words


3rd April 2017

During our 10th class we discussed web basics and logos. 

For web basics, we covered everything from text to IP addresses. We also talked about extensions and what they mean. 319 more words

How do I insert an image into a blog post using its URL?

Part 1 – Using the WordPress.com online editor

Photos in blog posts enhance the appearance, convey information that couldn’t be said in a thousand words, and act as magnets to pull the attention of readers to the story. 478 more words


How do I get the URL of an image in my WordPress blog?

The URL, or web address, of an image can be very useful. With it, the image is easily inserted in other blog post, web sites, or social media posts. 587 more words