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How do I insert an image into a blog post using its URL?

Part 1 – Using the WordPress.com online editor

Photos in blog posts enhance the appearance, convey information that couldn’t be said in a thousand words, and act as magnets to pull the attention of readers to the story. 478 more words


How do I get the URL of an image in my WordPress blog?

The URL, or web address, of an image can be very useful. With it, the image is easily inserted in other blog post, web sites, or social media posts. 587 more words


Update for Followers: NouveauBohemian.com = formerly ArtsyJolieGirl.com same content new web address!

Hey guys!

A quick update to prevent any confusion. ArtsyJolieGirl.com has a NEW url (same content just different web address.)

Also all followers of ArtsyJolieGirl.com got transferred onto my official site: … 103 more words


What is the syntax to add a hyperlink to cell?

Sheets(“<sheet name>”).Hyperlinks.Add Range(“<cell reference>”), “<http://www.yourwebsite.com>”
Sheets(“resourceSheet”).Hyperlinks.Add Range(“B2”), “http://www.mysyntaxvba.wordpress.com”
ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add Range(“B2”), “http://www.mysyntaxvba.wordpress.com”

Default formatting for hyperlinks on Excel is a blue text with a blue underline.


My 10 favorite gTLDs, and 10 more I wish existed

I view new technology with much the same feelings as I would any apex predator; it’s fascinating, overwhelming, and could we maybe just maintain a respectful distance? 1,345 more words

New (and Final!) Web Address

The last week or two, I’ve known that the site was coming close to a pretty cool milestone and I had no idea how to celebrate it.   179 more words