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What is web analytics, and does it all matter?

This article will give business owners the fundamental understanding of what is web analytics.

A lot of business owners are faced with the challenge of making sense of… 363 more words

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Measuring Social Media Marketing

Managing social media efforts can be a timely endeavor. Companies that don’t recognise and devote time and resources into managing their social media accounts are often missing the opportunity to gain valuable insights that is evident from such data. 119 more words

Social Media Marketing

Measuring social media marketing - The Inherent Issue

Web-analytics is an important aspect of social media marketing, as its helps to measure concrete details. These measurements can include:

Social Media Marketing

Online Behaviour Analysis is The Ultimate Tool for Marketers

So during November 2015 we learned about Result Measurement and Analysis (REAN). This was actually very challenging for me at first because it dives deep into basic mathematics skills everyone learns when they`re like 14 years old. 1,187 more words

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Metrics: useful resources

Sooner or later, each seasoned Information Developer starts wondering whether the quality of content produced can be measured. And so do Information Development Managers. However, in addition to content quality metrics, managers care about one more aspect—measuring the productivity of their department in order to improve and streamline their team efforts. 547 more words


SEO Rankings: Tips to Boost your SEO

Entice searchers to click on your website and increase search engine rankings by engaging visitors and encouraging them to explore and stay on your site. 281 more words

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Timing is Everything in Content Writing

Be consistent & ride the cart towards success, albeit rather slowly. 

So in the laconic word is wait for the right time to make a great move even if it takes some time.

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