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Richard Ruffin

From last ten years Richard Ruffin managing and marketing web-related goods and experiences and Use integrated online, print and marketing with content development that included and video. 16 more words

Four Ways to Lower Your Bounce Rate

If you are doing your marketing well, you will be very familiar with getting into the data provided by your web analytics package. One of the key metrics of whether your website is working is bounce rate. 468 more words

A Week In Digital

Let DTM listens your JSON responses!!

It is more than over an year ago when I used to work for a retail client and my job was to create robust data layer for analytics on W3C standard while considering the ease of development. 336 more words


How to Build a Digital Audience for News: Reaction to Briggs CH 9

Digital journalism today is only as successful as the business decisions that are made around it. Huffington Post online boasts that “a story cannot be published unless it has a photo, a search headline, a tweet and a Facebook post.” This formula they hold has been followed by news publishers everywhere. 456 more words

So You Want To Be Google Analytics Certified

A week ago I took the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) Exam and PASSED (with a 91%).

Now let’s rewind a little bit. Two weeks ago I was sitting in my Digital Marketing class at Western Washington University and my professor, the amazing Mark Staton, told us that in exactly one week we would be taking the GAIQ… We would be getting Google Analytics certified. 801 more words

Digital Marketing

Take the Guesswork out of Driving Traffic to your Website

Whether your setting up a new website or redesigning a current one, there are many choices you have to make that can have a major impact on the amount of traffic that is driven to your website and how each user behaves once they get there. 1,300 more words

Digital Marketing

Is Investing in Digital Advertising a Miscalculation? Ask Facebook

Frost & Sullivan’s Digital Transformation Blog has published Jeff’s blog post titled Is Investing in Digital Advertising a Miscalculation? Ask Facebook. The post analyzes Facebook’s two-year misadventure overreporting to advertisers how successful their video ads are at keeping Facebook users interested and engaged. 36 more words