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Common Marketing and Product Development Questions That Analytics Can Answer

Thanks to the explosion of technological consumer adoption over the last twenty years, marketers and product developers have more ways than ever to learn about and interact with their customers. 534 more words

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Monday, Week 2 Blog Activity

  1. What does CMS mean?
    -Content Management System
  2. Give an example of CMS.
    -Wordpress, 21% of the top 10 million websites
  3. What does SaaS mean?
    -Software as a Service…
  4. 78 more words

What is the single biggest mistake businesses make in analytics?

Answer: Losing sight of the single biggest issue on their way to growth.

Here’s what my years of experience in consulting and auditing web business comes down to- challenging the biggest mistake many businesses make while analysing data. 384 more words


How to learn a technical skill (Web Analytics)

My experience spans many industries and data sets. I have worked in High tech, medical devices, finance, healthcare, channel marketing etc… but I have not played with Web Analytics. 202 more words

Something to thing About

I was just reading a blog by Digital marketer that really make sense to me and that has to do with Using the Google analysis to do the research for our Blogs and websites. 324 more words

In-Campaign Marketing Analytics: The Space Between

by Mike Steward

Pharma-land has common analytic capabilities that surround commercial needs (sales contribution, forecasting, sales force planning, formulary, market access, etc.) as well as market research (awareness studies, messaging research, customer life cycle mapping, etc.), but often leave a vacant, or marginally filled, space between those capabilities in regards to in-campaign marketing performance. 641 more words

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Outliers in a dataset?

What are outliers and how would it affect  you?

Imagine that you are supposed to record the net worth of 50 randomly chosen people. If Bill Gates, say, was included, his substantial net worth would drag the average upwards considerably! 386 more words

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