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The 'Web Bot' - Collective Human Consciousness As Predictor of Future Events

At the risk of climbing out on a limb MHB is bringing to readers’ attention a rather unusual project devised by an individual who goes by the YouTube handle ‘Clif High.’ He’s a former computer programmer who has developed a system, Asymmetric Linguistic Trends Analysis (ALTA), which collects massive amounts of data from the World Wide Web and algorhythmically processes the information to detect and analyze linguistic patterns from which future social, economic, and environmental events and conditions may be foreseen. 679 more words


Writing for Web Bots Exercises My Creative Muscle But Creates Ethical Considerations

After several months of writing three articles a day containing three hundred to five hundred words on topics of which I have very little knowledge and even less interest which are specifically designed for web bots’ consumption, I have noticed my creative muscle has strengthened. 971 more words


This Web Bot Can Automatically Design Hundreds of Logos for You

It’s hard to deny that technological breakthroughs have benefited modern designers, 138 more words

I Write Content for Web Bots

I get paid to write content for web bots. Actually I am not entirely sure about this but I think it is true. Some months ago some guy in Salt Lake City running an SEO company hired me through Freelancer.com to write 300 to 500 word articles for him at $7.50 a piece. 1,036 more words