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Earthquakes, tsunamis, solar flares, Ebola, Mers, germ warfare, war, nuclear threats, ice age, polar shifts, robot takeover or maybe zombies could be our end of ends! 1,285 more words

Southern Humor

So Whatever Happened with the RV and Webbot Predictions for Last Spring?

By AngelicView

Most of you know that there were big predictions for this last spring from Courtney Brown, Remote Viewer, and from Clif High, Web Bot Engineer.   1,340 more words


A New Post from Kerry's Blog, plus an UPDATE of yesterday's story, September 14, 2012

For those of you who may not like the fact that I am posting this, remember we are in strange times, and now even the mass media is beginning to say that what Bernanke did this week is pure insanity. 710 more words


2012, is this really the end?

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You’ve probably heard about the year 2012 as expected to be the end of the world at least according to the Mayan calendar,  predicting Web-bot, Nostradamus, to name a few. 425 more words

Haiti In Pictures

REAL NEWS May 31, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS :  May 31, 2012


A Web-bot Monster Alert : …ticks in time….and other summer hazards…

From Half Past Human.com

By Clif High – May 30, 2012… 4,115 more words

Alternative News

Webbot Clif High on Redice Radio (Mass global arrests) in 3 Parts, May 9, 2012

I’ve thought long and hard about publishing this controversial audio, because I think Clif has got it all wrong. To my mind, his manner of presentation invites arguing, and that is not something I want to support. 257 more words

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