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Safari users win right to sue Google over secret cookies

In a landmark case that could determine if Google can be held accountable in the UK, Google has lost an appeal to stop the country’s consumers from being able to sue over alleged misuse of privacy settings in Apple’s Safari browser. 444 more words


Where we went wrong, or, The one thing Philip Greenspun got right (in 1997)

Cast your mind back, if you will, to the heady days of the “Web 1.0″ bubble. A fellow by the name of Philip Greenspun was a Ph.D. 790 more words


Microsoft's Project Spartan browser will replace Internet Explorer - but slowly

Internet Explorer is going away, although probably not soon enough in the eyes of its many haters.

Microsoft has been talking for a few months about its work on a new web browser, codenamed… 688 more words


How to Change Font in Opera

This tutorial will teach you how to change font in Opera web browser. Follow this simple step-by-step guide:- 88 more words

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All major browsers hacked in Pwn2Own contest; hacker gets $225,000 in prize money

”So much for browser security,” Lucian Constantin reports for IDG News Service. “Researchers who participated in the Pwn2Own hacking contest this week demonstrated remote code execution exploits against the top four browsers, and also hacked the widely used Adobe Reader and Flash Player plug-ins. 179 more words


Internet Explorer will soon be overshadowed by Microsoft's new browser

SAN FRANCISCO – Look out, Internet Explorer. After 20 years of competing against rival web browsers, Microsoft is gearing up to launch its own alternative to its once-dominant Internet surfing program. 469 more words


Microsoft announces Windows 10 release, biometric security features

TORONTO – Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system will be available to users this summer, the software giant announced Wednesday.

The next version of the flagship operating system… 541 more words