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It's official: Apple's Safari 11 is the world's fastest browser

”Apple calls Safari 11, the web browser that ships with macOS High Sierra, ‘the world’s fastest desktop browser,'” Roman Loyola reports for Macworld. “And based on the benchmarks we’ve run, it’s true.” 137 more words


Tests show Apple's new Safari 11 is the world’s fastest desktop browser

”If you want the fastest possible web browsing experience on Mac, don’t sway from Safari,” Killian Bell reports for Cult of Mac. “Apple promises that Safari 11, which will debut in macOS High Sierra this fall, is ‘the world’s fastest desktop browser.’ And tests show that it does not disappoint.” 139 more words


What does looking under the hood of your browser reveal about you?

Imagine you’re running a nonprofit site dedicated to keeping seniors safe online. You write articles about conmen bilking people out of their life savings, romance scams, identity theft and the like. 1,296 more words


There's now a great reason to use Apple's Safari web browser

Amid a string of high-profile announcements at the keynote address of Apple’s annual developer conference, where the company introduced a slew of new laptops, computers, and a new smart speaker, there was one small announcement that could have a profound affect on how most people surf the web. 304 more words

Apple's macOS and iOS market share both up in May

”According to the latest market share survey from NetMarketShare, the market share for both macOS and iOS was up last month,” Dennis Sellers reports for Apple World Today. 118 more words