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Chrome Adoption In Israel (Summer 2015)

Since the start of the year, the Chrome adoption is moving in one direction. Very impressive considering the mobile trends. 57 more words


Mobile Web and Glass Houses

Nilay Patel is wrong on the “The mobile web sucks” article he posted on the Verge.

Let’s take a look at the article itself.

In portrait mode, the site logo is on the top of the screen followed by a large ad. 218 more words


A Mac browser you don’t use might be the browser you want to use more

”Just between you and me and the fencepost, I seriously doubt that the world needs another web browser,” Natalia Nowak writes for Mac360. “All the major browsers– Mac, PC, iOS, Android– are fast and have plenty of features.” 143 more words


Safari 9 in OS X El Capitan: Little changes make a big difference

”Safari’s major overhaul occurred when Yosemite was released last year,” Roman Loyola reports for Macworld. “By comparison, the changes to Safari are just a few, but they will have an immediate effect on how you browse the web.” 244 more words


Incognito Mode in Your Browser Isn’t As Private As You Think

The web browsers we use are shipped with settings that promise private browsing to the users. In Google Chrome, this is known as the Incognito’ mode whereas Firefox simply calls 317 more words

Java updater to stop pushing Ask Toolbar, will foist Yahoo search on you instead

Oracle’s Java, infamous in the past for bundling the Ask Toolbar as part of its install and update processes, is ditching Ask in favour of Yahoo’s search engine. 717 more words


Living with Apple's Safari

”Safari is different. We don’t hate it, far from it, and for many of us it is our default web browser in every sense of the word,” William Gallagher writes for MacNN. 213 more words