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Another hole opens up in LastPass that could take weeks to fix

Tavis Ormandy of Google’s Zero Day Project just won’t leave LastPass in peace.

We’ve already reported on a slew of flaws Ormandy uncovered in the popular password manager in recent weeks, praising the speed with which the company acknowledged and jumped on the issues. 471 more words

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JS Blocker

JS Blocker is an unobtrusive and automated solution which is designed to protect your privacy while browsing online and block websites from tracking you. There is an easy to install and setup extension to block tracking in Safari and a quick access to the add-ons controls. 131 more words

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ScrapBook is an open source and Firefox extension that is designed to organize the collection and save web pages. There are lightness, accuracy, speed, and multi-language support to manage the collection. 108 more words

Web Browsers

Searching quicker on IMDB.com for movies and TV shows

To start out, there’s the most simplistic and UI option, and for the basic search and adding a search engine entry in Chrome, use the following URL: … 79 more words

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Diigo is a social bookmarking website that allows you to improve your productivity and streamline the information workflow dramatically. The users can sign up to tag web pages and bookmark with this intuitive and easy tool. 112 more words

Web Browsers

Switch console flaw leaves Nintendo looking flat-footed

Barely two weeks after going on sale, someone has hacked the Nintendo Switch console using an old Apple iOS flaw in a browser that’s not officially supposed to be on the machine. 459 more words

Google Chrome Is Finally Dealing With Its Battery-Draining Problem

Google Chrome is both the most popular and most reviled browser in the world, mostly because it will kill any laptop battery more thoroughly and mercilessly than Jack The Ripper (if you have multiple tabs open) (and you do). 189 more words

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