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Researchers discover molecular add-ons, like web browsers

Molecular add-ons

New research proves cellular proteins identify and communicate with one another using molecular “add-ons”. Scientists liken the protein add-ons to web browser plug-ins. 302 more words

Google Chrome Most Resilient Against Attacks, Researchers Find

Researchers have analyzed Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer, and found Chrome to be the most resilient against attacks.

The researchers assessed these barriers, and concluded that: 129 more words

Online Security

Apple’s new tracking protection is “sabotage”, claims ad industry

The ad industry is gnashing its teeth over Apple’s latest move to limit how we get tracked around the web.

They’re concerned about the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system – iOS 11 – which will hit phones and tablets today. 1,052 more words


Chrome to brand FTP as “not secure”

On 14 September, it was announced in a Chrome developers group that Chrome will mark FTP (File Transfer Protocol) resources in the address bar as “not secure.”  The change is expected to be made by the release of Chrome 63 in December 2017. 528 more words


Accessibility Options in Web Browsers

Sometimes you need help seeing the screen, hearing sound, using the keyboard and mouse, and/or reading and spelling. These resources can assist you with finding ways to best utilize built-in accessibility features. 149 more words

Professional Development

Apple and Google Fix Browser Bug. Microsoft Does Not.

From the Bleeping Computer web site:

“Microsoft has declined to patch a security bug Cisco Talos researchers discovered in the Edge browser, claiming the reported issue is by design. 114 more words

Web Browsers

What is the TOR Browser and How does it Work?

If you are not yet familiar with Tor Networking and the Tor Browser, I suggest you watch a YouTube video tutorial at https://youtu.be/gcEq9JDMs94 or in the video player below. 50 more words

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