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The Digital Business Life Cycle

As per Gartner, Digital business could be defined as “the creation of new business designs by blurring the digital and physical worlds”. The adoption of Digital Business, which is a precursor to Business Analytics, is not a new phenomenon relatively, as companies have been adopting a simpler and more rudimentary version of the Digital Business that we know today. 1,258 more words

Where I've been, what I'm doing and what's next

It’s been about three months since I was consistently posting, so I thought it was time to give an update. Over a year ago I started doing a small amount of dev work for an old friend of mine. 638 more words

Web Business

Software Technical Writing Done as a Career: What Next?

Software developer—and former technical writer—Jim Grey gives advice to technical writers looking to stay in software as a focus on user experience (UX) replaces the need for technical writers. 196 more words

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Add URL to Google

Have you ever wondered why when you google your newly-made website it will not show up?

There is such a thing as adding you URL to Google. 131 more words

Inspirations, Frustrations & Faded Hair

“Sorry”, “Just” wanted to check in with everyone…

Playing around with video as a medium lately… Of course I have plans for it. ;)

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Write Better Google Ads

Sometimes we think people are just not interested in the product we are advertising. This may be true; however, often they are interested in our product, but the problem lies in us not advertising our product correctly. 145 more words

Tips On How To Make Money In Article Marketing

You can browse around the web and read literally thousands of success stories centering on people who made their fortune via online marketing. Most of these people share something in common: They all used article marketing in order to promote their sites. 321 more words