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Weekly Reflection B250 - Lesson 12

This has been one of the more difficult weeks I’ve had in a long time. School is very important to me and I value all of my education more than anything. 263 more words


Weekly Reflection B250 - Lesson 9

This week we have taken the time to learn more about Google Adwords and employing campaigns and also about Google Analytics and how to link the two together to really maximize marketing and website interaction. 233 more words


Weekly Reflection B250 - Lesson 8

This week we explored putting together our ads and making sure that they were appealing to our audience. We learned all about the length stipulations that go along with Google Ads and the way that they are formatted. 123 more words


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I have found this week that the effectiveness of a ‘call to action’ is quite compelling if done with tact.  I mean that when You read an add that is relevant to something that You’re already thinking about doing, and You see a compelling urge to ‘do it now’ type influence, it can literally be the difference between accomplishing that task or not.  165 more words

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Intend To Make Money On the web? Try out These Concepts!

A lot of people desire possessing a profitable business online endeavor. They may have got it with combating website traffic plus a lengthy drive. They might want to stay home and comfortably earn their revenue. 560 more words

Weekly Reflection B250 - Lesson 7

Starting a business is exhilarating and daunting all at the same time. As we continue to learn the bits and pieces to running an online business I am continually amazed with all of the knowledge that goes into putting this together. 253 more words


Need To Make Money On the web? Try out These Ideas!

Many individuals imagine developing a profitable web business enterprise. They have got possessed it with preventing targeted traffic and a long drive. They could want to stay home and pleasantly make their cash flow. 560 more words