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Personal Reflection: Wk.06

This week was really informational – there was a quite a bit of information to wade through and make sense of, but it was all really important and new to me. 221 more words

Web Business

Personal Reflection: Wk. 05

For this week, it was really good to look at the aspects of web design for the purpose of business rather than a purely aesthetic standpoint. 144 more words

Web Business

Personal Reflection: Wk. 04

This week was tough, but good! The concepts, at least, were within my grasp, since while I am not familiar with business, I am familiar with the process of creating a website. 161 more words

Web Business

Personal Reflection: Wk. 03

This week I felt like I started to grasp the concepts (with a little help from my business-grad-husband) and hopefully the assignments I turned in were a lot closer to the mark. 206 more words

Web Business

Week 1: Choosing a business--Business Model and Idea Generation

Case Study: Part 1


Joe decides to group up with 4 friends and build there our own online business. There goals  for this business were to create there our website,  sell goods or services, generate leads for a B2B(business to business) business or promote other people’s goods or services.   558 more words

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Personal Reflection: Wk. 2

Before you learn something, it’s like unused gray space in your head. It’s like light is being withheld from you. It’s like a lot of people you know are having a party two houses over, but you had no idea and you can’t even hear the music from where you’re sitting. 684 more words

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My Interview on the Community Signal Podcast

This past month, I had the honor of being interviewed by Patrick O’Keefe, for his community management focused podcast, Community Matters.  You can download it on iTunes or your favorite podcasting app, or stream it here: 308 more words

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