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Week Five: Payments and Hacks

Another great week has come and gone. With our focus on creating the website for our company, I’ve felt more confident in our assignments. CSS, visual hierarchy, layouts, they’re all more familiar than weighted comparisons and marketing! 176 more words


PayPal Subscriptions and Site Design

I have been working on my website diligently. I feel like a fish out of water this has been extremely out of my comfort zone, but I think i am learning how to build a decent site. 165 more words

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Lessons learned in week 5

This week we learned how to search for well designed websites, and compare them. It was an eye opening activity as sometimes we are rushing through sites trying to accomplish as much as we can in the least amount of time. 188 more words

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Design of Payment

This past week was probably one of my favorites, I’m majoring in web design right now and therefore having a whole discussion post based off of the many aspects of design behind an interface was exciting! 187 more words

Web Business

Getting To Know CBD, THC’s Non-intoxicating Cousin, And Why It's Becoming More Popular Among Medicinal And Recreational Cannabis Users

Chances are, if you wander into a recreational cannabis dispensary in California, the majority of the products you’ll see on the shelves from flower to edibles to wax contain THC, the chemical compound found in cannabis plants that creates the “high” that users experience. 286 more words

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Week Four: Site Building

Buenos días!

This week we’re beginning to accelerate our pace! Not only did we determine our company product and business model, but also how we will build our website. 166 more words


The Choice that Defines

I use to think that when it came to choosing a website it was just that, just choose a website. I laugh to myself now because that wasn’t even close to it. 276 more words

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