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Why setting up your personal online enterprise right away is definitely the intelligent right decision

So as to effectively operate an internet business, it will require dedicated time, passion, and organization. You are probably aware that the best method to start a work from home opportunity is to operate your own Internet business from the comfort of your home. 293 more words

Lesson 12 Weekly Reflection

This week we analyzed our campaign again and looked specifically at what was performing worst.

My worst keyword was by far “gift giving tips.” The biggest indicator was that it only got 1 click, which accounts for .04% of my total clicks. 224 more words

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Lesson 11 Weekly Reflection

This week was all about Social Media marketing. Here are some of the things I discovered and learned this week.

Social Media SEO Plan and Goals… 327 more words

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Business Week 03/28/15

So this week, working on SEO, I got totally confused. I am not currently skilled enough to bring content and organization to make my pages to work well with the SEO layout or style. 56 more words


Lesson 10 Weekly Reflection

So this week we reviewed our ads in hope to improve their performance. Here is my best ad and some things I thought of to make it even better. 277 more words

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Speaking: Studio 395

I’m very excited to be invited to speak at Studio 395 tonight! I’ll be part of a panel that discusses the Business Of Art and more specifically, how to leverage social media in your business. 67 more words

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Web Business - optimization

This week, we talked about optimizing our keywords, adgroups, and ads. This is important to increase impressions, Click through Rate, and ultimately conversions. The concept of this is easy, get your ad to be seen by more of the most relevant people. 239 more words