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Writing Great AdWords Ads

Most of the money made by Google is made through advertising. A report in 2011 says that 97% of its total revenue comes from ads… 223 more words

Web Business

Legal Structure, Licenses and Taxes

Creating an ecommerce website is the main part of the business. However, there are other components to consider such as the business structure, licensing and the tax implications. 1,773 more words

Web Business

Choosing a Host and Website Builder

This week we had to select a site builder and a website host. This article describes the process I followed to reach my decision.

Choosing a Website Builder… 643 more words

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Lessons Learned (1/22/17)

This was the first week of Web Business Creation. Although it was an overwhelming load of information, I really learned a lot.

I am going to write on my personal reflections and what I learned about creating and running an online business. 420 more words

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Lessons Learned 1/23

Hello, I am Parker Ogden and this is my very first “Lessons Learned” blog for Business 250 with Bro. Lundin. We have only had class a few times so far, but I have already run into many insights since this class is not something I usually take. 294 more words

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Product Sourcing

Creating an online business, like any business, requires a strategy followed by tactical solutions. Many who fail in this space don’t have a documented strategy to drive their business forward. 658 more words

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