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the amazing power of google analytics

After watching the video about Google analytics in this assignment I was able to better understand what information I am being given on my Keywords, Ads and landing page. 269 more words

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SEO Steps

1) Learn the Business
Figure out how your business works. What are the goals, what are your clients, what is your purpose, etc.? Once your figure this out you can then figure out how to create organic ways for your site to show up in searches. 199 more words

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Facebook and livestreaming tragedies

Great NPR Marketplace story on the conundrum of “free speech” and expression on social media during these tense times and how to moderate content for brands and different audience consumption. 93 more words

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Social Media

This is the main thing that I learned this week, social media is a huge part of our world today not only in the way we socialize with friends or loved ones but the way we shop and really spend our lives in a day-to-day setting. 92 more words

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I learned a lot about how to make my website that much better these are a few things that I learned about how to make my website that much better. 99 more words

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Landing page

Week 11

This week we were talking more about our actual websites. Its important that when people come to our website its visually appealing and that they see the right information. 234 more words

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Conversions and Keywords

Week 10

Again this week we focused on understanding small parts of our AdWord campaign that we con improve.

At the beginning of the week we talked a lot about conversion rate and value. 176 more words

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