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Embarking On An Unknown Quest

It ‘s been a long time since I have posted on my school WordPress, but I have returned! My 20 month break is at an end and I am back to posting about my thoughts and progress in my education in Communications and Business. 289 more words


Important SEO Metrics and Key Performance Areas

Leads and Sales

When your website is your business, you need to sell product if your site is an ecommerce site. Without leads and sales your business can’t survive, so tracking the impact of your SEO campaign on them is vital. 926 more words

Web Business

B250 Lessons Learned Week 10

It feels like we have covered a lot of the major beginner things and that we are moving in on helpful details now. Like the fact that having increasing your web pages loading time can help cut your bounce rate. 154 more words

Web Business

B250 Lessons Learned Week 9

Although it wasn’t the topic of the day, I was very happy we took a moment to talk about networking and some more advanced tactics we could use to accomplish it. 156 more words

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B250 Lessons Learned Week 8

I am glad we learned about how to manage individual keywords and their quality scores, as I have very quickly put that information to work. I thought I it might be safe to leave a keyword with a low score going until it gets better, but I have learned that is not a very safe approach because of how important quality score is and the downward spiral that can happen if my overall quality scores are not handled correctly. 60 more words

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B250 Lessons Learned Week 7

It seems like in using adwords you are constantly dancing the line between specific words that still offer a good level of impressions. But having the general rule of only keeping keywords that have a CTR above 1% seems really helpful in curating all my keywords. 112 more words

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B250 Lessons Learned Week 6

This was a great week for learning about Adwords, like the fact that Adwords can automatically spread out my ads according to my budget so that they can be seen all day by more people rather than just early birds. 116 more words

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