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Web Business - L02 Weekly Reflection

The things we studied this week about choosing a business model and viable product, really has helped me brainstorm what I want to do with my own business. 206 more words

My First Ever Blog Post

As I have been going through this first week and a half of my Web business Creation class it has put me in a mindset to actually think about running a business. 249 more words

First Post

How Do I Start When Choosing an Online Business?

Do I start by selecting a product to market or do I determine a business model and find a product that will support that?

We were shown how to use the keyword planner by following the instructions found here: … 247 more words

Web Business

Lessons Learned: 10 Tips for Maximizing Sales | Optimizing Mobile UX

You could be gaining sales by lightening your visitors workload on your mobile site.

I loved this article I found, so I put together a summarized list based on my favorite parts and knowledge from my personal experience working on clients’ eCommerce sites. 298 more words

Web Business

What It Means For Businesses Now That Mobile Internet Usage Has Surpassed Desktop

It was reported in November 2016 that there are now officially more Internet users accessing the web from their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets than from their desktop computers. 507 more words


Personal Reflection: Wk. 13

The reading and discussions on ranking and link building as well as Google Analytics, I think, were key to having a truly successful website. These topics (along with similar ones in previous weeks) have really expanded my horizons and helped me to understand how the internet works in ways I’ve never considered before, and helped me know what I need to do for my own website and what I’d need to do for others’ websites in the future. 97 more words

Web Business

Personal Reflection Wk. 12

This week, we discussed Search Engine Optimization, Social Networking, and completed our Google Adwords Optimization project.

After completing the activities this week, I got two conversions on my website the next day. 91 more words

Web Business