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Personal Reflection Wk. 12

This week, we discussed Search Engine Optimization, Social Networking, and completed our Google Adwords Optimization project.

After completing the activities this week, I got two conversions on my website the next day. 91 more words

Web Business

Personal Reflection: Wk. 11

This week we read about how to optimize our landing pages – the page a visitor lands on after clicking the ad. We discussed how it was important that the landing page reflected what you are promising in the ad, otherwise you’d quickly lose a customer that clicked on the ad for a specific sale, product, or perk you promised. 105 more words

Web Business

Week 9: Optimizing Landing Page and SEO

Optimizing Landing Page

This was a very valuable day for me when it can to improving my website. Often when we are looking at our site for so long we become bias and think that its looks fine. 158 more words

Week: 8 Convertion Tracking and keyword Optimization

Conversion Tracking

-A way to track what people are doing on your site.




– The action of your audience buying your goods or service. 270 more words

Week: 6 Google AdWords

What is AdWords?

A type of campaign where we can pay google a price set by ourselves to make our website more likely to be found. 232 more words

Week: 7 Quality Score and Ad Relevence

Quality score

  • The higher you quality score the more people that want to buy your product are clicking on your ads.
  • The higher you quality score the lower the cost per clicks will be.
  • 88 more words

Week 5: Making your Business Legal

How to make you business legal

During this week we learned how to resister our business in the state of Idaho. Click here. It is pretty easy to follow through. 41 more words