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Everyone's Ready For Morphin' Time

By Kimberly Garcia
Blog Content Contributor

Growing up, I remember going into my brother’s room to look at the pink ranger. She is named Kimberly, so of course I was drawn to her. 453 more words

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"You're Smoking, and I Don’t Like It"

By Alexandra Cochran
Blog Content Contributor

Ever walk into town because you have an agenda or just want to go for a stroll and feel pure bliss from being surrounded by beautiful trees and a fresh breeze when all of a sudden you get a rapid whiff of burning garbage wrapped into paper and named? 501 more words

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Beyond a Reasonable Cost

By Edgardo Hernandez  Jr.
Blog Content Contributor

Over the years, we have witnessed companies rise and advance their production from all areas. Whether it be technology or clothing, there has been a constant wave of new products going out to the public. 542 more words

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Three Helpful Hints When Renting A Car

By Austin Cowan
Blog Content Contributor

Renting a car can be a stressful event for some people because they are afraid of getting cheated out of their money. 662 more words

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To Focus Completely on a Remarkable and Unique Content

There is no choice.  A content writer has to write a remarkable and unique content.  It is what the job requires.

It has already come, this next level of customer engagement development. 521 more words

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"Muting" as Bystanding and Insulation in Social Media Environments

We all have that person on Facebook, Twitter, or any of or other social media websites. You know the one: the person who can’t seem to stop rambling on about their wedding, children, or something. 1,149 more words


L'ORÉAL Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR Foundation: Makeup Review

By Maria Martinez
Blog Content Contributor

Drugstore foundations, were always a no-no for me. I have always had acne, so foundation was the “high-end” product I invested on. 385 more words

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