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The Challenge That is Hereditary

By Clayton Ambrose
Music Journalist

Horror cinema has been having a tough time getting taken seriously in the new millenium. The landscape of the market for the genre is filled with shallow popcorn flicks, the people that see them, and the corporate heads who make it their mission to follow these trends as they line up and fall, one by one. 1,234 more words

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American Horror Story Back and Better

By LaCoya Bell
Blog Content Contributor

American Horror Story (AHS) is returning with a crossover that all fans have been waiting for. The Coven and… 500 more words

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Is Baby Fever the New Trend?

By Rikki Yanez
Blog Content Contributor

Just recently reality TV star from Keeping Up With The Kardashians and creator of Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner had her first baby. 625 more words

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Is your website content stale?

Websites get mouldy and stale.

Not just a little bit stale like ‘oh I can’t find the current details on their next event’ but crusty, broken, horridly mouldy and stale. 615 more words


World Cup Update: What's Happening

By Garrett McGinley
Web Content Contributor

Believe it or not, the World Cup ends this weekend and the results thus far have been… interesting. My expert analysis up to this point has been a little shaky. 692 more words

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Poetry: Secrets of the Soul: from "Road Map of Our Soul"


Here is a poem from my upcoming collection, “Road Map of Our Soul.” I hope to have the collection released by the end of July or beginning of August…. 219 more words

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Poetry: Silenced: By Lock and Key


This poem is from a collection that I am beginning later this year titled, “Buried Alive,” – A collection of poems about a mind, buried in memories and psychological terror. 172 more words

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