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Website content - Technica Solutions

I like a challenge, and the brief for IT company Technica Solutions to write the copy for their new website was certainly that. Working closely with the client and designer to get a real feel for the tone of their business, I went through a structured process to pin down the language and style the client was aiming for to portray their business. 41 more words


Why Nonprofits Need Contract Writers

Contract employees can be expensive, and don’t you have someone on your staff already who can put together basic sentences? Why would hiring an external writer be worth your while? 548 more words

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Your Message Matters!

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to ask someone to pass the salt or teaching a course on the intricacies of logical deduction the starting point is always the ability to communicate ¬†effectively. 199 more words

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Five Reasons You Need Fresh Copy On Your Website Right Now

Thinking you might need new copy for your website? You probably do. Here’s five reasons why:

  1. You might know your company or organization best, but you likely aren’t the best person to sell it.
  2. 413 more words
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PowerHouse Montana Web Copy

I wrote all of the web copy on the recently redone PowerHouse Montana website. It was important that the copy be clean, concise, and have a clear call to action. 69 more words

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The Verve Exchange - Meet Shannon

The following is a bio I wrote for Shannon Stober, speaker and trainer extraordinaire, of the Verve Exchange.¬†Shannon was a wonderful client to work with, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to rework her “About” page and capture what I know to be true and compelling about her work. 317 more words

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Web Copy: Mountain Meat Shares -- Why Purchase A Meat Share?

The following is some web copy I did for Mountain Meat Shares, a local Montana meat share company. The client, Jen, wanted an engaging list to show folks why they should purchase a meat share (similar to a CSA). 429 more words

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