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Asterisk the Sales Killer

Innocent looking little punctuation mark, the asterisk. Barely any bigger than a full stop. And yet it carries with it a venom that can destroy your hard-written copy. 655 more words


20 rules of writing for the Web

Nowadays there’s no getting away from it, we all need a blog and a website, whatever our profession. I talk to loads of people who say they don’t know where to start, what should they write about –  “I’ve got nothing interesting to say”, they tell me. 431 more words

Writing Tips

Content Marketing and Your Restaurant Success

I’ve been trying out a few different marketing strategies for my business recently. The first was a direct mail campaign and the second, email. It’s too early yet to measure results, but I… 749 more words

How to Successfully Market Your Restaurant in 2015

“In 2015, customers can expect dinners out to increasingly become a “staged event that imparts bragging rights,” according to Technomic. That means more meals created with Instagram and Twitter in mind, as restaurants realize the power of the customer in generating social media buzz in real time.” … 556 more words

Of Copywriting and Horse Racing...

For any of you horseracing fans out there, you know the thrill of watching the horses come down the track. They enter the paddock and are saddled. 535 more words

50% Reduction in Sales Over Misspelled Word

If you’re like me, you do judge a book by its cover, at least when it comes to writing. If I see a website with sloppy writing, I’m going somewhere else… … 627 more words