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Identifying your KPIs

In order to prioritise effectively you need both the projected value and effort, but these aren’t always easy to come by. Projecting value can be particularly challenging if the data isn’t easily accessible which can have a knock on effect when analysing your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). 316 more words


SEO In a Nutshell: Setting Up Google Webmaster Tools

There are lots of articles out there about search engine optimization. However, few of them really break down each step of the process into simple, easy-to-understand steps that the average website owner can understand and incorporate into their SEO strategy. Visit: https://90degreedesign.com/seo-sem/

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Are you really Agile?

There are two main definitions of ‘Agile’ which people tend to refer to when 1. Delivering software iteratively and in increments rather than holding all of the software back delivering one big release somewhere down the line and 2. 427 more words


Problem solving & identifying value

There will never be a lack of problems to solve when it comes to product development, but handling the relentless amount of ideas and identifying the right ones to focus on can be tricky if a robust process to prioritise and track all of these is not in place. 392 more words


Functionality over gold plated design 

Not matter the industry whether it’s automotive, finance, retail, gaming or gambling there’s always going to be a desire to have both a beautifully looking and fully functional site, but the development teams are not normally split out in this way so requirements to improve the look of the site competes with getting new features out the door / feature improvements and UX bugs. 243 more words


Why Choose Web Mate?

Web Mate has got the potentials of delivering services including Creative Web Design & Development, SEO/SMO, Content Writing and Internet marketing. All of our services are performed by in-house capable staff for best of your needs. 67 more words

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Popular Web Design Trends that You Need to Follow

Web world is forever changing with new trends and inputs coming in every now and then. From static to dynamic and now responsive, we have come across several UI designs in last decade. 343 more words

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