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Die besten und schlechtesten Web-Design-Trends imJahr 2017

Jedes Jahr wird die Web Design Firma von neuen Trends heim gesucht und unter ihnen sind manche deutlich attraktiver als andere. Die positiven Trends werden auch in den nächsten Jahren ihre Aktualität nicht verlieren. 347 more words

Web Design Entwicklung

Web Design Trends 2017

Bye Bye to the traditional way

The traditional way of web design has come to an end. The older way, the design was to make the tech look good to its audience but now in this modern era its much and bigger than that. 276 more words

Web Design

[Infographic] Webdesign Trends 2017

As design has taken a greater and more influential role in shaping businesses, more and more attention has been paid to designers’ collaboration with both their fellow designers and their developer colleagues.

Web Design Trends

Typecasting the Web

David Airey mentions seven standards in his book “Logo Design Love” for well-designed logos. One of those is to avoid trends, which make logos and graphics look dated in a relatively short time period. 322 more words


What Common Web Design Mistakes Should Be Avoided?

Mistakes are common in any field and the field of site development isn’t different at all as millions of sites are developed every day and billions of mistakes, blunders and negligences are noticed in them. 24 more words


Why It’s Better to Pay a Web Designer Than Using Software Tool?

With almost everyone demanding more than one website for himself or herself, there is no way designers can keep up with the burgeoning demand and hence there has been a sudden surge in the popularity of software tools that offer website building functionalities with just a few clicks of the mouse. 499 more words

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