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9 Highly Focused Web Design Trends In 2016!

There is one fact about design that cannot be denied, i.e. it is always going to evolve. One simply cannot stick with one design. Designs are dynamic in nature by default; they should be smart enough when it comes to accommodate both functions and forms. 660 more words

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Changing Web Design Trends in the Technology Industry: A Brief Preview!

Web design has undergone various phases from the static HTML design to web 1.0 and thereafter web 2.0 that brought about interactivity between the user and the brand. 484 more words

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Web Design Trends for 2017 - What to Expect

While 2016 has seen the rise of microinteractions, minimalist design, rich animations, long scrolling and illustrations, web design experts cannot wait to see what 2017 has got in its store. 293 more words


What Are the Latest Trends and Opportunities in Web Designing?

A website is meant specifically to impress the internet users, drive more traffic, generate sales leads and convert mere visitors into end customers. A lot many web designers are in the hunt for latest trends in web designing. 549 more words

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(Insp Log 2) Web Design Trends That People Use A Lot But I Think Really Suck


I love to complain so here’s another post about two design trends that really grind my gears. First up is the “front-page carousel” trend. This trend, straight up, needs to die ASAP. 443 more words

5 Great Web Development Tools

In today’s world web is exploring more. Some new trendy tools are there that serves the purpose of web development. Web Development is defined as the particular task that is used to create a website. 267 more words

Work on Your Site’s Story Telling with Animation

What is the one way that can keep a visitor on site for a long time, compelling him to share the site and visit it time and again? 385 more words

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