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(Insp Log 2) Web Design Trends That People Use A Lot But I Think Really Suck


I love to complain so here’s another post about two design trends that really grind my gears. First up is the “front-page carousel” trend. This trend, straight up, needs to die ASAP. 443 more words

5 Great Web Development Tools

In today’s world web is exploring more. Some new trendy tools are there that serves the purpose of web development. Web Development is defined as the particular task that is used to create a website. 267 more words

Work on Your Site’s Story Telling with Animation

What is the one way that can keep a visitor on site for a long time, compelling him to share the site and visit it time and again? 385 more words

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Essential design trends as on september 2016

With the change in the awareness of design principles among common people it is very necessary for a designer to design as per recent trends. Prior when designing a simple website with simple elements were enough for designer to get appreciation this days concept has changed a bit. 445 more words

General terms of webdesign for online store

Working on the design for your online store should be a fun process. While watching your brand come to life on the web is exciting, sometimes maintaining a fresh design may begin to feel overwhelming. 421 more words

Popular Web Design Trends that You Need to Follow

Web world is forever changing with new trends and inputs coming in every now and then. From static to dynamic and now responsive, we have come across several UI designs in last decade. 343 more words

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Top Web Design Trends of Summer 2016

Web design is one of the most important parts of a website. With good design, a website looks nice and lures visitors to visit again. We have witnessed several changes in web design in last couple of years. 421 more words