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Lesson Learned

Welp, just saved myself from a web freelance scheme thanks to my instincts and my banker parents. If a client ever gets you to transfer money to your merchant card and then some to his “consultant” for any reason, it’s a scam.

Feed Creation

A web feed is a data format used to provide users with frequently updated content. The idea is, instead of checking sites over and over for the information you want, you can subscribe to a feed and get updates when something new happens. 148 more words

Web Design

This Video Shows All The Underhanded Ways Web Design Can Be Used To Rip You Off

Back in the ’90s, Columbia House famously had the biggest scam going in the mail. Subscribers could get 13 CDs for just a penny, but if they didn’t get that little card back to them immediately, every month, they’d overpay for a record Columbia House executives picked for them. 328 more words

Home Page

HTML5 Apps vs Native Apps

HTML5 Apps are essentially a collection of webpages that have been optimized for mobile devices and provide advanced capabilities for video streaming and audio data, handling graphics and animations, and  providing offline support. 242 more words

Web Design