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Copy all but some properties of an object in ES6

Since I started playing with ES6 about half a year ago I really came to love the new syntax, as it provides a much more python-ish feel to Javascript development. 166 more words


Go Mix And Build The App Of Your Dreams

More than 8 years ago, I wrote about the Google App Engine as a platform. Much as I liked the concept, I also remarked that it would be… great to have a complete development environment within the browser, coupled to a runtime. 87 more words

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Ecommerce Custom Website & Development With Magento Platform

Are you a startup hatching a cool e-commerce concept and need a technology partner to craft your vision?

As a leading Magento Development company in Bangalore we offer a wide range of Magento Ecommerce Solutions to our clients. 85 more words

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SEO for e-commerce Website

SEO which is short for Search Engine Optimization is a most important aspect in your e-commerce business. SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website in search engines as it drives more traffic and potential customers by higher search engines rankings. 583 more words

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Does your website serve what customer needs?

Website services on the internet are devastating these days. When you know you want a website but you are in a dilemma how to select a right developer for you or any other criteria for all different services you can find online? 366 more words

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Web Development Reading List #162: Server Side React, Inclusive Design And The Web Worldwide

We shouldn’t let ourselves get distracted by people who work on different projects than we do. If a developer advocate works on a web-based QR code application, for example, their way of tackling things most certainly won’t fit your project. 128 more words


Web designing software that doesn’t require any expertise

This blog was originally posted by Creativedok. We are living in a digitally advance world where everything has become online. We shop online, we sell online, we publish news online, watch TV online, heck we can now even design webs online. 390 more words