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ASP .NET: Safely Escape Data from your Database to Display in HTML but Still Keep Line Breaks

In this short article I will show a simple example of how to secure data for presentation but still keep select formatting such as line breaks. 396 more words


First blog post

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My code school experience: Ground Control to Meltone - Part II of II

Coding bootcamps are everywhere, promising to take you from noob to ninja in no time. Typically they ask for your complete devotion and $10-20k over 3-6 months and promise a big salary if you can complete their program.  1,153 more words

The Negatives of Using CSS Pre-processors

After reading different opinions about the positives and negatives of using CSS Pre-processors, I find that positives sometimes could lead to negatives.

These are six key negatives abstracted from those critical articles. 78 more words

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The Positives of Using CSS Pre-processors

Keywords: Variables, Nesting, Mixins, Extends, Color Operations, If/Else Statements, Loops, Math, Imports

Followings are URLs of articles that I think may help you build up your thinkings about advantages of using CSS Pre-Processors. 92 more words

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A history of website development of sofobomo.com Part II

Note: Part I here

Part II : Setting up a development environment for sofobomo.com

The question is, as a one-person team of sofobmo.com (until 2016 – when Matt joined me … … 450 more words


Automating Art Direction With The Responsive Image Breakpoints Generator

Four years ago, Jason Grigsby asked a surprisingly difficult question: How do you pick responsive image breakpoints? A year later, he had an answer: Ideally, we’d set responsive image performance budgets to achieve “sensible jumps in file size.” 66 more words