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Introducing Web Forms: Native, Wufoo, Typeform and more

Visitors to your website can engage with you in different ways: they may want to provide their contact information, request the scheduling of a demo/meeting or simply ask you pre-sales questions… 298 more words

TeamWave CRM

Web Forms and Mobile Keyboards

Have you ever been on a mobile website, filling out a form, being asked for your email address, and much to your annoyance the keyboard being shown on your phone doesn’t have a “@” or a “.” on it? 219 more words


How to override Sitecore publish wizard Form

The Sitecore publishing form sometimes needs to be modified with some custom messages, warnings and other custom functionalities like sending emails of the selected options in the publish form. 830 more words


Sketch vs Layout

The sketches are most times just guidelines to plan where I want to put what.  However, sometimes changes are made when you start building it.

Personal Projects

More detail

Depending on the system – you can sometimes go a little busier with the layout.  This is a fun RPG system I designed.

Personal Projects

Simple is sometimes best

I’ve learned to keep layouts simple – is sometimes the best.  Especially for corporate – but it all depends on the system and environment.

Personal Projects

Planning and Sketches

One thing I love to do is to plan the layout first by doing sketches with a program called Wireframe Sketcher Studio

This one is a personal project I still would like to complete – for school websites.  13 more words

Personal Projects