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Oversimplified Javascript Terms

I’m finally coming around in my understanding of Javascript. Here are a few quick explanations to help you if you are new to it.

Javascript… 194 more words


Web Framework Wars: Django vs Ruby on Rails

A Brief Introduction

Django and Ruby on Rails are both excellent web frameworks. They are the source of power for many of the powerful websites like Github, Soundcloud, Bitbucket etc. 978 more words


Some Important Server Side Web Frameworks

Normally, the users see and interact directly with the front-end or user interface of web applications. But the front-end user experience delivered by a web application is driven by a variety of back-end activities and processes running on the web server. 1,473 more words

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5 Python web frameworks for 2017

And I am back this year after a longer pause. Again a co-authored article, now about Python web frameworks you should consider if you want to undertake a new project. 22 more words

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Attempting to Learn Flask, Part 1

I think this might be a series on how I learn Flask. I don’t know if I’ll succeed or fail yet at learning it. I’ll try and track my progress or the lack of it, and hope I don’t run out of steam. 1,078 more words

You got heart, kid.

A lifetime ago I used to be a developer. I started coding when I was in 9’th grade with GW-Basic on an IBM PC which ran an Intel 8086 processor with 256kb RAM. 1,084 more words


More Than a Hobby: Programming as a Job

(Previous: One Year Later: Some Thoughts)

I’ve been working in some capacity as a full-time software engineer for about five months now. I’ve noticed some significant differences between programming as a job and programming as a hobbyist: 526 more words

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