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Troubled minor v Facebook, round two

You may recall the post I wrote on the case of HL (A Minor) v Facebook. That case, a ranting polemic filed by the father of an out-of-control minor in Northern Ireland, had the effect of setting forth a practical standard for why requiring all social media users to confirm their identity with a government ID – as some right-wing politicians have demanded as part of their usual grandstanding theatrics – simply will not work in practice. 665 more words

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Bye bye nanny: EU quashes David Cameron's ISP smut filter regime

There was some good news out of the EU single market debate on telecommunications last week. As Politico reported:

Despite the best efforts of U.K. Conservatives in the Parliament, the EU-wide regulation will put an end to Internet service provider-level filters for adult content, which will mean new U.K. 772 more words

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Here we go again: you have 24 hours to stop a "link tax" from entering European legislation

UPDATE 9 JULY, from Julia Reda: “Parliament today also rejected a renewed attempt from German conservative MEPs to pave the way for an ancillary copyright for press publishers… 647 more words

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Would you like some sanctimonious claptrap?

In my work researching, writing, and speaking about digital laws, I often come across quotes from politicians and legislators which make me want to cry. 105 more words

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Video: WordCamp Europe #WCEU presentation: European web law developments

I delivered this presentation on Friday 26 June at WordCamp Europe in Seville, Spain. 141 more words

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Why legislators are attacking the right to create links - and what you can do

A vote in the European Parliament on June 16 – that’s tomorrow – will determine whether Internet users like you and me can freely link to content and services of our choosing. 941 more words

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