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How to meet the EU's ADR and ODR compliance requirements

Over on my business site I’ve written a compliance briefing on the EU’s Alternative Dispute Resolution and Online Dispute Resolution e-commerce regulations.

This pair of regulations affects you if you are: 26 more words

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How the world thinks the web industry works

Burns – the poet, not me – said “O wad some Power the giftie gie us / To see oursels as ithers see us!” In other words, sometimes it’s good to pull your head out of your own backside and look at yourself from the perspective of how the world actually sees you. 800 more words

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UK web site slapped for using US advertising standards

In my work in digital law, the most common response to issues is “but that doesn’t affect me.” Many web professionals, quite understandably, don’t see why their work must comply with the laws of the countries where it will be accessed, not the country where it is made. 348 more words

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Take a stand: you have 24 hours to have your say on four annual tax returns for the self-employed

The House of Commons is obliged to hold a debate in response to the public petition on forcing the self-employed and microbusinesses to file four tax returns annually. 178 more words

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