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Benefits of Blogging for PR

As I sat here trying to write a blog post, I began to think about the significance of blogging. Curious if it was actually worth the effort, I embarked on a journey to discover why public relations uses blogging as a tool to communicate with the public. 1,074 more words

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Donate for our not-for-profit projects

We want to convert our critically acclaimed weblog shanthanubh’s Desk( previously Shanthanubh’s Weblog) & https://helpdeskwomensafety.wordpress.com to full fledged website with additional interactive features  So we think that awareness is necessary to eradicate these kind of crime against humanity. 57 more words

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Wonderful People Gave Me An Award #2


This is the second of two awards I mentioned recently in a recent post recently.

itsgoodtobecrazysometimes from My Crazy Life awarded me this award as part of the #CHAMPIONSAWARDS. 292 more words

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I'm Not A Blogger. Not Anymore. 

When I started Attempted Actuality my sole intentions for it were to provide some creative motivation to my unbecoming and pitiful state of mind. Thankfully, 12 months later, it has revealed to me a previously undiscovered love affair for all things written and set me on a path towards something a little more significant than a chronic lack of self-worth. 582 more words

Attempted Actuality

Wonderful People Gave Me An Award #1


While I wasn’t looking, this here web-log thing that you might be reading right now has been awarded/nominated-for (whatever the correct phrase is) TWO web-log awards in the space of one week. 1,277 more words

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