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Facebook for Local Government. It's all been said hasn't it?


Just  like the article produced on Twitter here, this article on Facebook is not meant to be  a document which tells you all, or teaches you everything, about Facebook. 1,840 more words

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I said I wouldn't but, oh dear.

Socitm  are talking about the next Better Connected being ”top tasks” related.

I suppose telling us what is going to be measured next year is a step forward from past years. 1,610 more words

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Search Engine Optimisation for Local Government Web sites.

Why do we need to know about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Being in local government you may suppose SEO is of no interest to you. After all, your ‘clients’ are going to come to your site because in your area you are the monopoly provider of  many services; libraries, schools, social care, road repairs etc. 1,883 more words

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The 'How To' on social media

Dave Briggs is running an event in May.

If you don’t know about Dave Briggs… where have you been? Dave is a gifted speaker – I had the sinking feeling of following on from him once at conference in Birmingham – and general uber-geek on all things Social media. 44 more words

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Will Ned Ludd smash the looms of Social Media in Local Government?

There is an excellent article here… describing the use of social media tools internally.

Whilst at Lincolnshire County Council we sourced and developed an internal social media system nearly 2 years ago. 1,303 more words

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How big is your web presence

I’ve been doing a bit of research linked to my previous role as corporate web manager, on how many websites and separate domains the council uses to present and display information. 529 more words


“YOUR” web site! It makes you think doesn’t it?

Now that I’m no longer actively involved in managing a website for a Local Council I’m freed of the bonds of the daily arguments and angst. 729 more words

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