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How to make viral VR content

How to Create Viral Content for Your VR Application: A Lesson You Should Learn

The ideas of virtual reality implementation mature together with the technology. The future of enterprise mobile applications is inseparable from VR and AR technologies. 55 more words

Virtual Reality

What Is Internet Marketing?

The appeal of alleged web wealth is just the same old thing. At each twist and hand over a gauntlet of online masters, you’ll discover web advertisers hoping to build up this gathered dream of profiting on the web or gaining automated revenue while kicking up your feet and giving the money a chance to come in. 734 more words

Marketing On The Web

Why Does Your Business Need a Clearly Defined Web Marketing Strategy and Where to Start?

Does your company need a web marketing strategy? It’s not only important to have a strategy but also one that’s defined clearly. This will help to produce the best results in terms of various metrics. 500 more words

Web Marketing

Case Studies/Testimonials Page [Portfolio]

This was another fun page to write and develop. At the time I led the creation of this puppy, I was working with not only a magical front-end developer. 291 more words


Call-for-Content Page [Portfolio]

As part of my role as blog manager for CPI, I crafted the copy and led the development of this page. It persuades subject matter experts to guest blog for mutual advantage. 250 more words


Storytelling Sales Page [Portfolio]

Stories sell. I wrote this post to persuade prospects to sign up for the CPI Instructors’ Conference. Here’s what Copyblogger’s Sonia Simone tweeted about it: 110 more words


eBook Landing Page [Portfolio]

Below is a page that’s been a game changer in CPI’s content marketing. Visitors who search for “de-escalation tips” click my ad copy, land on the page you’ll see below, and grab CPI’s most popular eBook (also written by moi). 172 more words