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My Thoughts on Story 041 - "Web of Fear"

A worthy story to follow one of the best. “Web of Fear” has plenty of humor, intelligence (quite Great, in fact), and action galore, doing a great job of foreshadowing the Third Doctor’s era. 340 more words

Second Doctor

Episode 197 - "Web of Fear" - Part 06

And so our story comes to an end.

As with the rest of the story, there’s much to enjoy here. There are some wonderful moments of tension, some great character building with the Brig, and some fun moments of the Doctor controlling a Yeti like it was a brainless Spock.   107 more words

Second Doctor

Episode 196 - "Web of Fear" - Part 05

The penultimate episode! More Brig! More subways! More Yetis! More of people pretending they look scary!

Despite the overall fantastic nature of the underground sets, I do have to say that this episode does have one of the rare instances of an actual wobbly set. 111 more words

Second Doctor

Episode 195 - "Web of Fear" - Part 04

Ah, nothing like an action-packed episode full of excitement, thrilling music, explosions, and waddling Yetis!

I found myself feeling quite sorry for Evans, the driver, throughout this episode. 111 more words

Second Doctor

Episode 194 - "Web of Fear" - Part 03

And so we have the money shot for this story!

Yes, the Brig has shown up, though at this point, he’s still a colonel. Still, hooray! 142 more words

Second Doctor

Episode 193 - "Web of Fear" - Part 02

Our adventures in the underground continue, and our heroes reunite with a friend!

That’s Professor Travers, and he turned up just a few episodes ago, when our heroes last met up with the Yetis and the Great Intelligence. 213 more words

Second Doctor

Episode 192 - "Web of Fear" - Part 01

We conclude the cliffhanger from last time, and move on to meet…the Yeti!

Now the Yeti first turned up in a story I skipped, but will double-back for, called “The Abominable Snowmen”, because of course it was. 153 more words

Second Doctor