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Custom XSL Web Part Error - Access Denied


I created a custom XSL style sheet for a library web part that would intermittently throw an error for everyone except the admin account (me). 666 more words

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JQuery Date Picker With Month and Year Selection

Greetings !!!

I am going to share the Date picker control to use in ASP.Net web forms and in SharePoint custom solutions.

Add the below reference and script in head section of your web page. 116 more words


Chart Web Part - SharePoint 2013

In SharePoint 2010, there was a Chart Web Part that you could connect to another web part on the same page, to a list anywhere in the site collection, to an external content type, or to data from an Excel workbook. 246 more words

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Edit Form Popup - Drag And Drop

By default, the edit form does not pop up when you drag and drop documents into a library. This piece of JavaScript will force an edit form to pop up for as many documents you drag and drop. 471 more words

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Library Paging - First Page Button

Adding a “First Page” button is a simple work around for getting back to the first page when paging through documents. This is especially handy if you use document sets. 76 more words

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Login failed for user 'NT Authority\IUSR'


This was the error I got while trying to directly connect to a SQL Server database, from within a SharePoint web part, using the option, Windows Authentication. 271 more words


Javascript to open SharePoint links list items in a new window

This is harder than it sounds, mostly because of the way SharePoint renders it pages and links within. If you are displaying a links list on a page and it is GROUPED using metadata, then you are going to have a bit of a tough time accessing those links using Javascript. 222 more words

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