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Audit Web Part Locations

Through PowerShell, you can export a csv list of all web parts and the URLs where they exist. This includes both app parts and web parts. 405 more words

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Remove select/de-select checkmark column, column headers, edit/new options, and border in SharePoint list view web parts

In a recent post, I discussed hyperlinking URL title text and adding tooltips. I used the above screenshot which also illustrates what we’ll accomplish in this post which is to remove the select/deselect checkmark column, column headers, toolbar edit/new options and chrome border. 456 more words


Creating hyperlinked titles with tooltips in SharePoint link lists using SharePoint Designer workflow

Let’s put those link lists to good use. I wanted one master or parent link list with a number of views. I would then use those views in different list view web parts across my site, removing the toolbar (view/edit/add options), column headers, chrome border and select/deselect checkmark column so that essentially I had a section of my page with a header/chrome title like “HR Forms” (removing default link to “parent” list) and then just a list of hyperlinked form titles with tooltips providing more info on each form as seen above. 280 more words


Filter Items By First Letter

Copy the following JavaScript into notepad and save it as a .txt file.


         function qs(paramName) {
                 var args = document.location.search.substring(1).split("&");
                 for(j = 0; j ' + filterValues[i] + ' 356 more words
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Show Files & Library Tabs


You want the Files and Library tabs to be visible when you browse to a page with multiple web parts.


JavaScript! Add this to a Script Editor web part on the same page. 70 more words

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Disable Drag And Drop

This handy piece of JavaScript will disable the drag and drop function for all library web parts on a single page. Other upload options will still work. 29 more words

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Including or excluding multiple property filters in SharePoint search results web part query

In one of my projects, we built a directory largely based on this article with content created by Stacy Deere-Strole of Focal Point Solutions. Something we ran into was wanting to include multiple departments in our base search query (not refiners, as that only narrows our results instead of expanding them). 293 more words