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SharePoint Excel Services Loading Excel files from code

If you ever wondered how you might load an Excel Sheet from an Excel file dynamically from a webpart then this is your lucky day :). 440 more words


How to bypass /_layouts/15/start.aspx when jumping from one page to another

I have a Promoted links web part that loads another Promoted links web part. I noticed that the behavior of the page that has my first Promoted links web part goes like this: 123 more words


How To Make A SharePoint List System.String Column (Built From An BCS External Content Type List) Into A Clickable Hyperlink

So for this example I have a SQL database that I am pulling into an external content type called OfficeLocations. From this external content type I have created a SharePoint list that is referencing it. 296 more words


Display a List Web Part View Using a Query String Parameter

So what if you want to have a single “dashboard” page that displays a number of web parts, including a list web part? You’d like to provide multiple links to the page which will display slightly different views of the information. 148 more words


Convert A Links List To A DropDownList By A Web Part In SharePoint 2013 (C#)

So I have been enjoying the benefit of Mike Smith’s article for a while now (http://techtrainingnotes.blogspot.com/2010/12/sharepoint-convert-links-list-to.html). A client I did a project for was wanting to carry this functionality forward to 2013. 304 more words