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Configuring Backup of Special Folders to Amazon s3 Bucket

There are some folders on my web server that need to be backed up. I use Carrierwave to upload logos and then do some resizing and processing. 247 more words


Create a VPC, Subnets, Security Groups & Launch Web Server

 Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)

Using a VPC, we can create an AWS resource into a virtual network and a VPC can be created across more than one availability zones to get a high availability of the resources. 1,133 more words


Directory Traversal Attacks

Directory Traversal

Imagine being at a friend’s house, your friend says you can have any food in the house except for the ice cream. Your friend’s family keeps the ice cream in a locked freezer; but, your friend tells you they keep their keys in a drawer. 522 more words


What is the difference of a web server, a web container and application server?

Understanding these three components is very importance for every JEE developer.

Web Container or Servlet Container or Servlet Engine: Is used to manage the components like Servlets, JSP. 165 more words


PENETRATION TEST for Web Applications/Web Servers/Networks | Snovasys.com

Snovasys Penetration Testing Expertise ||PENETRATION is a method of testing in which the areas of weakness in the software systems in terms of security are put to test to determine, if ‘weak-point’ is indeed one, that can be broken into or not. 328 more words