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Nginx Optimization.

Nginx Optimization.

  1. Worker Processes.
  2. Worker Connections.
  3. Timeouts.
  4. Buffer Size.
  5. Caching Static Contents.
  6. Disable Access Logs.

1. Worker Processes.

This depends on number of cores of the server. 315 more words


Run a simple http webserver on mac

1. cd to project folder : cd /projectname
2. python -m SimpleHTTPServer 7777

Mac OS X

WIZwiki-W7500 보드 활용 IoT 구현하기 - httpServer 구현하기


1. 개발 환경 구축

2. HTTP Server library 구성도

3. Web을 이용한 LED Control 예제

1. 개발 환경 구축

uVision 설치하기

mbed serial driver 설치하기 48 more words

WIZnet Academy

Understanding SAML protocol

If you’re doing research on protocols that enable single sign-on, a typical question is, “How does SAML work?” (credits: http://www.gluu.org/blog/how-does-saml-work-idps-sps/)

” SAML, or Security Assertion Markup Language, is the leading SSO protocol today and is a valuable standard to understand in order to fully comprehend how single sign-on works. 592 more words

Windows Server/Client

Cara Menginstall Wordpress Di Localhost (With XAMPP)

Assalamualaikum cantiksss ,,ehhhh wkwk :lol:. pada post sebelumnya gue udah sempat ngebahas Cara Menginstall & Mengoperasikan Program Xampp, Naahh di postingan kali ini kita akan masuk lebih jauh lagi dengan topik bahasan  362 more words


Web servers.....remoting in - taking control

A dumb title.  This is a reflective post for my brain.  I have a sense of some things that happened yesterday that are important in my overall support and nurturing of the web security camera system. 824 more words

Genetec Software - Security Cameras On The Web

phpMyAdmin "Cannot start session without errors"

Sometimes phpMyAdmin is inaccessible and gives the error message “Cannot start session without errors”. This can be due to either a client-sided issue with cookies, or a server-sided issue relating to permissions of the temporary directory where session files are stored. 340 more words