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Telnet/Putty Preamble

16:22:52.174> s0 stat change to 0017
16:22:52.253> Hello to:
16:22:53.469> rsize=21: FFFB1F FFFB20 FFFB18 FFFB27 FFFD01 FFFB03 FFFD03
16:22:54.680> rsize=15: FFFE1F FFFE20 FFFE18 FFFE27 FFFC01…

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Installing Wordpress 4 on FreeBSD 10

WordPress on FreeBSD needs a working FAMP stack. Let start off the installation by setting up a FAMP stack first. Install the FAMP stack using this… 221 more words


How to add new Apps in Bitnami Stack Manager?

Bitnami Stack Manager custom for new application.

1. In Windows Server 2012, click start button, type Bitnami or the name of your apps and click the Bitnami Stack Manager of Redmine. 262 more words


How to migrate Bitnami Redmine into another server?

Migrating Bitnami Redmine into another server or host.

1. First of all backup your Redmine database  using mysql console or phpmyadmin.

*** Using mysql console *** 671 more words

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How to configure svn of Redmine using Basic Authentication?

Basic Authentication option of configuring Subversion in Bitnami Redmine for Repositories access control.

1. In Bitnami Redmine Stack, click the Manage Servers tab and choose Apache Web Server then click Configure button to continue. 87 more words

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How to use Active Directory of Windows Server in Redmine LDAP?

Activating LDAP synchronization of Redmine plugin to sync users from Active Directory to Redmine.

1.  I’m using Bitnami as a Server of my Redmine, click start button and click Use Bitnami Redmine Stack cmd. 322 more words

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Simple procedure for installing FAMP server using Pkg.

FAMP stands for “FreeBSD, Apache, MySQL and PHP. The following procedure shows how you can install FAMP server on FreeBSD 10.2 using ‘pkg’. 388 more words

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