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Hey! It worked!

I bodged together some code that established a session and issued a tweet! Nothing fancy like error checking but still, it worked! It’s using the technique in the arduino twitter library which uses sort of a twitter proxy at arduino-tweet.appspot.com. 567 more words


On Being a Web Client

It’s a bit counter-intuitive but being a web server is quite a bit easier than being a client.  The client is usually a pretty sophisticated browser running on a capable machine so a lot is expected of it.   937 more words


Difference between Application server and Web Server

apache, nginx, IIS are web servers
mongrel, webrick, phusion passenger are app servers

App server is something which works with particular programming language and parses and executes the code… 121 more words

Well, That Was Easy!

Very simple changes to the blinkenlights server and it worked the first time!  Most of the code for the W5100 wiznet chip had been included inline in the olduino server.   979 more words


Nope, Something Simpler for VCFMW

I want to put up a web server demo for the Midwest Vintage Computer Festival and I was going to extend the doughnuts server but I’ve decided to do something simpler. 34 more words


How to Create a Standalone #ESP8266 Web Server (Without Arduino)

#HowTo Create a Standalone #ESP8266 Web Server (Without Arduino)

Check out Complete Connection Diagram and Source on Hackster.io – ESP8266 Web Server (Without Arduino) – Hackster.io.


Nginx : Allow request only from your domain!

It’s very common these days to use Nginx as your web server. Recently, while setting up Nginx for one of my projects, I forgot to add some configuration which lead to serious problem(s) later. 229 more words