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Difference Between Web Server and App Server

Most of the times the terms web server and app server are used interchangeably, however there are key differences between them. Let’s understand them in the post. 1,003 more words


Linux Journal readers are "extremists"

NSA classifies Linux Journal readers, Tor and Tails Linux users as “extremists”

The NSA program marks and tracks the IP addresses of those who search for ‘tails’ or ‘Amnesiac Incognito Live System’ along with ‘Linux’, ‘ USB ‘,’ CD ‘, ‘secure desktop’, ‘ IRC ‘, ‘true-crypt’ or ‘ tor ‘. 196 more words


Creating SSL certificate for nginx

What Are SSL Certificates?

SSL Certificates, sometimes called digital certificates, are used to establish a secure encrypted connection between a browser (user’s computer) and a server (website). 283 more words

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Multiple if Conditions in Nginx

It it amazing that Nginx server configuration does NOT support multiple conditions natively. Like this.

if ($request_method = 'GET' && $arg_user){}

Which means if did not support AND and OR operations in common programming language. 223 more words

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MySQL Authentication problem solved

Recently I am unable it figure out the solution of using drizzle module in nginx.

The problem is when I use a user account with no password authentication it works file and return valid result. 98 more words

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Windows Server – Sockets, Logical Processors, Symmetric Multi Threading

Ref: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/matthts/2012/10/13/windows-server-sockets-logical-processors-symmetric-multi-threading/

With the release of each version of Windows Server, the maxima for supported number of sockets and logical processors have increased.

Whatever the numbers for the older OS releases, the best scalable platform for virtualization is Windows Server 2012 (and of course Hyper-V Server 2012), far exceeding VMware 5.1 and others. 53 more words

Windows Server/Client

Compiling latest #NGINX from source on #IBMi PASE (#AIX) and running #PHP through Nginx instead of Apache

Below is my guide to setup Nginx on IBM i PASE environment and have it work with PHP.  Let me know if you have any problems.   24 more words