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GlassFish Ve Tomcat

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GlassFish ; Java EE platformu için Sun Microsystems tarafından geliştirilen açık kaynak kodlu uygulama sunucusudur.SUN tarafından 2005 yılında başlatılmıştır.2006’da ise Java EE 5’i destekleyen ilk sürümü ortaya çıkmıştır.Hızlı çalışması,güvenlikli olması,ürün kalitesiyle ön plana çıkmaktadır. 395 more words


Classic ASP on IIS 8.5: Setting the Configuration to See ASP Error Messages

Classic ASP is still a very good option to develop or prototype simple Web applications with. Sometimes you’ll need to transition a classic ASP application from an older Web server to a more modern one. 977 more words


Because someday you'll need that fantastic collection of stamps

I have a minor problem with the w5500-based servers. Sometimes you get a session established but when you check how many bytes of data have been sent the answer is zero. 245 more words


h5ai a modern HTTP web server index

h5ai is a modern file indexer for HTTP web servers with focus on your files. Directories are displayed in a appealing way and browsing them is enhanced by different views, a breadcrumb and a tree overview. 64 more words

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Building a web server using python

Instead of running Apache, nginx, etc server we can create our own simple web server with few lines of codes in python. Assuming you have python installed in your computer, following steps will create a simple server that will serve the content of a folder you need through a url. 369 more words


Nginx as HTTP Load Balancer

Load balancing distributes workload across multiple computers. It aims to optimize resource use, and maximize performance and throughput by avoiding overloading a single resource. Distribution of work across various resources can be done using various algorithms like round robin, least connected etc. 616 more words

Load Balancer