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Subversion Edge CPU 100% (httpd.conf service)

The Scenario

I have Subversion Edge 1.8.15-4313.35 running on a Windows Server 2012 R2 server. It is configured to user Microsoft LDAP for user authentication. 180 more words


A Web Server in 5 Minutes with Scala + Jetty + SBT

Recently, I was tasked with developing a load generation tool on top of Twitter’s open source Iago project. I initially kept tabs on my progress by validating the request rates of the generator using a separate local Play! 680 more words


Open Source Project for IoT

There is a list of major open source software projects, focusing on open source tech for home and industrial automation.

The vast majority have components that can run on Linux hacker boards like the Raspberry Pi. 50 more words

Six Month Training



# 虚拟主机
NameVirtualHost *:80
Include conf/vhosts/[^.#]*

<VirtualHost *:80>
# 主机名 这个不用改动,如果是基于IP的虚拟主机,这里填你的IP#
ServerName localhost
# 主机别名 多个主机别名用空格隔开#
ServerAlias www.larkmoon.com
# 管理员邮件 #
ServerAdmin lcx165@gmail.com… 107 more words



# need file

This howto is old, it may not work. There are new versions of HotSaNIC and rrdtool available. You can use the newer versions and use this how as a guide, this howto is not 100% correct anymore. 511 more words

Web Server

How to list IE trusted sites list?

When trusted sites are managed by GPO we can’t even view what servers are trusted using IE menu Tools > Internet Options > Security > Servers because the UI is disabled and won’t let you scroll down: 33 more words

Windows Server/Client

Apache 2.4: Virtual Host not working in CentOS 7/RHEL 7

To create virtual host in Apache is very easy. In 2.4, it becomes easier because Apache will automatically process those and NameVirtualHost won’t have any effect. 26 more words

Web Server