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Importing WSDL with Java and Maven

SOAP web services are often used in commercial software. If we plan to use existing SOAP web service, we should receive a WSDL file which defines the contract between the web service and its clients. 973 more words


Web Application

Web Application Design and Development has covered completely the whole internet market. Moreover, the web applications facilitate the business to simplify their procedure and smoothly run their business. 234 more words

Web Designing

Safeway Technologies offers world class interactive website design services to give your business a significant boost and help you forge ahead in a highly competitive world. 258 more words

New recipe: WebService Client Generation Error with JDK8

New recipe that tries to fix WebService client generation errors with JDK related to accessExternalSchema is available here.


Web Servers That You Need to Know About Application Performance Monitoring

It is a broadly known fact that 80% of functionality problems are an immediate result of the poor performance, like server configuration, resource contention. Assuming you’ve turned your servers and followed the recommendations for the database server, program server, and web server, the majority of your operation issues could be addressed by tuning the… 255 more words

Application Performance Monitoring

Benefits of Having a Responsive Web Design for Your Business

Today, website performance tutorials and rules invented for desktop web access have been revised for the smartphone using generation. You need to be an expert in the web design field to understand what goes on in this field. 483 more words


Advantages And Disadvantages of Responsive Web Design

We are living in a world where things move fast, business grow wide and technology improve things time by time. People start business, then invest more and more amount of money for maintaining the business effectively. 691 more words