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I met AWS(Amazon Web Services)

I met AWS one week ago.
Where I work, it was starting a training on “Developing on AWS”, without my knowledge, and a participant weren’t at work for illness, so a manager came in my office and said: 36 more words


NServiceBus Transactional Boundaries and Web Service Integrations

Over a year ago, back when my team was working on a new system we’ve been building at work, we were still in the process of “discovering” the endpoints we needed to break out as we progressed through our use cases and added more and more features. 1,342 more words


How Accessible is Your Website?

A vast majority of Websites are either completely or partially inaccessible to people around the world. Americans with disabilities are constantly complaining about websites that are not taking their needs into account. 423 more words

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How Usability Affects A Website

There are a lot of elements involved in creating a website. While some elements are definitely more important than others, but you can’t ignore any for sure.When you are creating your business website, one of the biggest issues you are like to face is its usability. 354 more words

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Cheap SEO Services Provided by aslogtech.com

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very demanding approach of marketing websites or business online. It determines how much a website is visible to people on internet. 142 more words

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Getting The Right SEO Company For Your Work!

There are many misconceptions about SEO firms. From which one will prove the most beneficial for you to will it promise more lead generation, the questions are many. 442 more words

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Aslogtech is the Leading Software Development Company in Kolkata

Software development is the computer programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications and frameworks involved in a software release life cycle and resulting in a software product. 114 more words

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