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Caffeine in 3D with voxel.js

Since Caffeine is powered by SqueakJS, you can create mashups with any other JavaScript frameworks you like. Let’s take a simple look at 3D graphics using… 552 more words


Data Sharehouse?

This is yet another new term in our lexicon. The San Mateo, California-based startup Snowflake announced this week a new offering with this name, as a free add-on to the data warehouse it built for cloud computing. 453 more words

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AWS Quick Start by PluralSight

We are seeing more and more request to “virtualize” our servers and various resources. A strong push for integrated DEV/OPS [ Great read ] and while most of the talk is strictly for sales to have the keywords in their elevator pitches it translates to many hours of work for the dev and op teams. 62 more words

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This 26-Year-Old Chef Opened the First Plant-Based Dominican Food Biz in NYC

This month marks seven years since I’ve been vegetarian (pescetarian, more specifically; I still eat seafood). And before you ask: no, I didn’t opt out of meat consumption to protest the negligence of animal lives (though, if that’s your thing, more power to you—respectfully and truly), but because it was a health-related decision I had to make for myself. 922 more words

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Measures To Locate Productive Web Design Supplier

If you want to really have a site of your own, there are plenty of web design firms available in your area, city or state. Since there are plenty of them, confusion may arise about which one to choose. 395 more words

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Introducing Ontopia REST

It is with great joy that we announce a new addition to the Ontopia framework: Ontopia REST. This new module aims to provide a complete REST implementation for core Ontopia functionality.  286 more words

Guidelines On How Best To Choose The Best However Affordable Web Design Agency

Why is deciding on the best design essential? A good design is essential for a good website. It must be true and appealing to get the attention of consumers. 362 more words

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