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React - Flux

Finally, I understood the flux concept and the code example. The architecture concept itself wasn’t difficult. (It was actually really easy and intuitive) Rather, it was the code that took me few days to get a firm grasp on what was going on. 390 more words

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React - Life Cycle

On my previous post regarding React.js, I explained the basic concept briefly. In this post, I will attempt to explain the functions related to components’ life cycle and other functions that affects components’ behaviors. 446 more words

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React - The Basic

It took me awhile, but I finally got my head around React.js. I’m not an expert at it yet, but I got to the point where I’m not intimidated by it. 993 more words

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Mobile-friendly? Your site better be, Google says

Today is April 22, 2015, and if your site is still not mobile-friendly, expect to be penalized in mobile search rankings in the coming days and weeks. 218 more words

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Sass: The CSS just hit puberty

Finally, I managed to finish the course on sass. I was rather looking forward for this because CSS wasn’t my strong point because I felt like I was just writing jargon. 543 more words

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Why I still build and test against IE

We are all thankful now that IE is on its last iteration. Spartan, from I have seen, renders a lot like FireFox.

However, most of the corporate environments I have seen still use IE, and are 2 to 4 versions behind the consumer market. 60 more words

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Web Development: Don't be picky

No one can deny that today’s society went through ‘technology boom’. Not only do we have access to the web, we have MANY devices that allow users to access the web. 644 more words

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