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Why I still build and test against IE

We are all thankful now that IE is on its last iteration. Spartan, from I have seen, renders a lot like FireFox.

However, most of the corporate environments I have seen still use IE, and are 2 to 4 versions behind the consumer market. 60 more words

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Web Development: Don't be picky

No one can deny that today’s society went through ‘technology boom’. Not only do we have access to the web, we have MANY devices that allow users to access the web. 644 more words

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HTML: The old and the new

For past few days, I have been going through HTML and CSS quickly and read upon the standards of HTML5 and CSS3. Although I am fine with CSS3, HTML5 was bit hazy. 777 more words

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Nginx as HTTP Load Balancer

Load balancing distributes workload across multiple computers. It aims to optimize resource use, and maximize performance and throughput by avoiding overloading a single resource. Distribution of work across various resources can be done using various algorithms like round robin, least connected etc. 616 more words

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Content Management System 7

Pseudo Code > Php & HTML

Part 6 : logout.php page

Start logout.php {

Start a session

Dispense the session

Load adminpage.php } end logout.php… 167 more words

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Content Management System 6

Pseudo Code > Php & HTML

Part 5 : Add.php page

Start add.php {

Start a session

Include all necessary Php files

If (Test to see the user is logged in) { 238 more words

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Content Management System 5

 Pseudo Code > Php & HTML

So for the next parts we were given the pseudo code and had to convert into php. 183 more words

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