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Ionic: The new web apps chemistry

Ionic? I have heard this term, oh during my chemistry classes… nostalgia. But what it has got to do with web technology? This ionic, what I am going to discuss today is not the chemistry based ionic bond, but its a simple, fast and powerful HTML5 SDK framework for hybrid mobile apps development. 165 more words

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Display multiple-line text in title attribute

When you need to display some┬árelatively lengthy text in the tooltip, it’d be better to break text into multiple lines for better readability.

We know that in JavaScript, we can use “\n\r” to break the line in the display message, e.g. 100 more words


Web Services: the way machines communicate over network

A web service is a way of communicating or interacting machine-to-machine over a network using Internet protocol to exchange data. HTTP and XML is the basis of web services. 161 more words

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Create a custom branded short URL with Bitly

If you are a regular content publisher or you’re looking to enhance your branded appearance online, it would make perfect sense for you to start using a custom branded short URL with… 422 more words

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