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In software industry scrum become more and more popular framework for implementing agile. Do not get conduced as scrum and agile as the same thing, which is not. 756 more words

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React component, what, how and why!!

Hi Fellow Developers,

I’ve been working with react recently and trust me its an awesome library of JS. So today I’m going to posting this small article on backbone of React which is component. 365 more words

Protect your Personal Data from Black Hat Hackers on the Dark Web- Lets learn Some Basic Ways to keep your system safe..


Most of the Popular Countries are now suffering as victim because of the Black Hat Hackers who are anonymously hacking & stealing personal information, Government oriented important data, Economical issues & many more. 489 more words


Depth of the DarkNet & the Information Costs by Illegal businesses with Criminal Activities..


I have written in my previous blogs about the Anonymous Criminal Activities on the Dark Web. Now in this blog I am going to discuss about the most illustrated areas of Dark Web and those Black Hat Hacking & Illegal Hidden Cyber Crimes that are being operated from the Dark Net which is increasing day by day in most of the popular countries anonymously. 1,141 more words


Components and Templates

component controls a patch of screen called a view.

Angular creates, updates, and destroys components as the user moves through the application.

Template is a form of HTML that tells Angular how to render the component. 63 more words


Angular libraries

Angular ships as a collection of JavaScript modules. You can think of them as library modules.

Each Angular library name begins with the @angular prefix. 60 more words


Angular Bootstrapping

Launching an application happens by bootstrapping its root module. During development you’re likely to bootstrap the AppModule in a main.ts file like this one

Your Angular application can start off in many ways, but when you run on the browser you have a specific way of bootstrapping the application and that is defined in  51 more words