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HTTP / RESTful API Calls with Python Requests Library

The objective of this post is to give a brief introduction to HTTP and RESTful APIs.  Also develop an RESTful client in Python using the “ 1,320 more words

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Alternative to CSS floats

CSS floats are often used to position elements side-by-side; however, you can encounter problems with floats if you fail to clear them.

An alternative to floats is CSS display property: inline-block to position elements side-by-side.




Strategic Perspective

On February 21st, Adidas launched its brand new Adidas x Kayne West Yeezy 750 Boost. All New Yorkers were crazy for this shoes and wanted to be fully prepared to get one. 780 more words

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Are You Happy With Your Website?

With a few simple tweaks and updates, you can improve the ranking of your website and increase your traffic.
Follow the list below and watch your website! 557 more words

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live() & delegate() functions of jQuery

live() & delegate() are two unique functions of jQuery. These two function look & act much like bind() function of jQuery. However they have a very different purpose. 400 more words

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A peek below the deck

This week, we have talked about some web technologies and introduced how these technologies make the web sites work. To understand how these technologies power web site, I choose ZARA.com to study with. 378 more words

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FTP site stopped.. Error 10022

FTP site of IIS Server 7.5 was stopped. When I tried to start the FTP Site, I got this error “FTP sites cannot be started unless the Microsoft FTP Server (FTPSVC) is running. 43 more words

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