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The Cloud Computing- Android Application Association

Understanding-the-association between-cloud computing and-android-applications

Today, more associations are embracing the Bring Your Own Device technique by offering them tablets or cell phones that keep running on different working frameworks like Android or iOS. 514 more words

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First blog post

Who am I? I am not somebody uncommon, I am from amongst all those who spend most of their time in front of screens. But I am different than all these other users, because I am amazed by technology, new apps, new google features, new apple products every time. 57 more words

Cons of Application Development

While each application development project accompanies its own particular difficulties, there are a couple that tend to surface over and over, paying little mind to the way of the undertaking itself. 899 more words

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Exploring Meteor

Meteor is used to build apps and websites by writing code that is entirely made up of JavaScript and this is an open source program so you can get code from other people and manipulate it for your own purposes. 112 more words

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CSS animation

The animations used by CSS uses keyframes which is different from other types of animation like transitions and transformation because keyframes need a lot more steps to work properly. 109 more words

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Dev Tools using Google Chrome

I mostly use Google Chrome that is why I will talk about my experience using the dev tools in Google Chrome because there is a difference between Chrome and Firefox. 125 more words

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Leading 5 internet Site Developer Mistakes

If marketing material is bad quality, nobody will certainly purchase. People usually buy based on feeling instead of factor baseding on many professionals. The most effective marketing has a clear psychological basis which is just developed as a technique by examining the way of thinking of feasible consumers. 562 more words

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