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C-Tel Infosystems

CTIS is an Indian based Information Technology company that realms various technologies and caters national and global markets.

Information Technology


C-Tel Infosystems is Integrating technologies, delivering solutions and providing services on a global basis and scale.

Integrating Technologies


CTIS is an Information Technology Company that harnesses the nascent realms of the various technology domains and caters to the National and the International Markets of the globe.

Information Technology

Why Category doesn’t work properly?

After initially install wordpress 4.2.2 on windows, you may find the category doesn’t work properly. you set your posts to the category, when you click on that category, your posts won’t show up. 22 more words

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Building Nonlinear Narratives for the Web

A very inspiring and helpful article for someone also working on a similar project:

The web operates in ways that can conflict with our traditional view of what a “story”—with a set start, middle, and end—is.

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How to make Phonegap Application

We can make PhoneGap application mainly by three methods

  • Manual Method
  • Cordova Command Line Method(CLI)
  • Using PhoneGap Build

Manual Method

Manual Method only support up to the PhoneGap 2.9.0. 1,173 more words

Mobile Application

Storing data from Checkboxes in a PHP Session

Hello everyone!

This is a simple example for storing values from a form in a PHP session and displaying the values stored in the session. 361 more words

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