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Today is an awesome day because I stumbled across something super awesome. To be honest, I didn’t even know how useful it was until now. Now that I started going over it and tried to understand it, I saw how it resembled the asset pipeline in rails. 2,162 more words

Web Technologies

Simple Port Scanner

Network security is an important chapter in current information world, where hackers try to grab information illegally. One of the techniques used by hackers is – … 738 more words

Web Technologies

Simple HTTP Server

World changed when the Internet came – people were talking about World-Wide-Web and were eager to search information around the world. Who catered their requests ? 945 more words

C Programming

Cronjob is a very integral part of Unix environment management and automation. Right cronjob at right time can save you from futile situations. This is a must know to every Unix Administrator. 514 more words

Web Technologies

In any e-business now a days, providing security and safeguarding customer data protection are of high values. As a result, many of the security or payment based applications are using SSL protection layer. 280 more words

Web Technologies

E-Commerce: Strategic Perspective

On February 21st, Adidas launched its brand new Adidas x Kayne West Yeezy 750 Boost. All New Yorkers were crazy for this shoes and wanted to be fully prepared to get one. 780 more words

Digital Marketing

Appletrees Dynamic Personal Website [Prototype]

Appletrees Dynamic Personal Website is a simple personal website design for publishing personal interest, articles, documentation, specialties in any kind of field such as technologies, designs, life styles, and many more. 306 more words

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