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Ionic Framework

This week I decided to do something very cool! Do you like building android and ios apps, but only know web technologies? No worries, Ionic is here to help. 2,058 more words

Web Technologies

Certificate IV Progress

Undertaking a Certificate IV in Web Based Technologies I am becoming more adept at WordPress, Javascript, SQL, HTML and CSS. By further understanding these technologies I am able to further understand the technologies behind web design inspiring new web creations.

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Hidden Web Technologies

Hidden web technologies you might want to know, that’s if you’re a marketer, an online business owner, or if you just hate spyware tracking your every move online activity! 158 more words


Arduino Heaven

I believe coding is like giving a human superpowers. The possibilities of what you can create are endless. So yes being a coder is amazing and you get to do a lot of things, but we must never forget our hardware side! 1,088 more words

Web Technologies

Your Google Account profile image is just a great use of CSS border-radius

No border-radius:

10px border-radius:

20px border-radius:

30px border-radius:

20% border-radius:

50% border-radius:

There you have it!

Web Technologies

CLI Script - Generating HTML file from dynamic Shell Script

Command Line Interface is very popular amongst programmer geeks. But unfortunately you will find very less tutorials about it in web. You must have been familiar with shell script. 387 more words

Web Technologies


Databases are essentially the heart of tech. We all need them one way or another. Everything that is designed with the user’s experience in mind, will eventually need to be powered by a database. 1,088 more words

Web Technologies