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Uganda Electoral Commission under pressure over 20K "ghost voters"

A recent data analysis that found discrepancies in the Uganda Electoral Commission voter count has put some voters on high alert, and consequently increased the anxiety about the upcoming presidential elections. 930 more words


Web Design Book of Trends

The Book of Trends is explaining how design elements are changing to directly affect the user, there trends make it easier for the user to navigate their website. 119 more words

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Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Having a mobile Optimize Website has become essential after Google released an update that will prefer mobile friendly websites. Here are some reasons that why you should optimize your website for mobile devices also. 211 more words

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Namespace changes with Silverlight 8.1

Today I’m going to talk about the dreaded namespace changing (this also applies to project renaming). Most of the time, when you decide to change the project name and or namespaces in an application, there is almost always some hidden issue that pops up. 487 more words


New Web Technologies


We are here to learn more about the new web technologies that have been used recently in the web world. There are so much of these web technology that have been emerging that we need more than two class to learn most of it. 44 more words

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Why we need Web Redesign?

If you want to know why we need Web Redesign, you need to know Website redesign is not just a means to change the look and feel of the website. 372 more words

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Responsive Web Design Benefits

Responsive Web Design or RWD is a web designing technique devised to build sites to avail an unsurpassed website viewing experience with easy reading, navigation facility across an array of devices (from mobile phones to desktop monitors) 122 more words

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