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Introduction to Web

Welcome to my Blog.

Experience has taught me that Learning Comes in Stages. Novice to Beginner, Beginner to Intermediate and Finally Intermediate to Expert. Web itself is a sea of information, thus i would share some reference links which you can use to learn. 86 more words

Web Technologies
  • Shortcut to install:
Download $ lynx http://httpd.apache.org/download.cgi Extract $ gzip -d httpd-NN.tar.gz
$ tar xvf httpd-NN.tar
$ cd httpd-NN Configure… 151 more words

Cloud Components in a Azure Based Solution

Scenario: Implementing a highly scalable web application (web front end and the application logic) with background processing and database back end.


COOKIES – How is web tracking done?

Cookies are small files stored in the users computer. Cookies are used for session management, authentication of visitors.

Basic Information:

Standard cookies cannot be more than 255 characters and not more than 4k in disk space. 339 more words

Web Technologies

What happens when you type www.example.com - Intro to Web 101

We visit so many websites each day, there is a lot that happens under the hood just for us to reach the website and get a response. 181 more words

Web Technologies

Building Dumia

In this series of Blog posts, we will attempt to build a trivial e-commerce web site called Dumia (As a play on Jumia). The goal of this series of posts is to take you through the steps involved when building enterprise applications. 116 more words